• Hi my names Hoshi. I live in this girls head her name Takiko. She doesn't know I'm on the computer. I'M MULTI-TASKING. I'M PLAYING AN RPG AND WRITING THIS AT THE SAME TIME. Okay so..............let me tell you about Takiko. She is the person whose head I live in.
    Shes a 16 year old girl whose best friends are Reiko and Hitomi. My friend Koyuki lives in Reiko's head. She is what you'd call eccentric or ummmmm..................odd. Anyway, she is one of my bestest friends ever!!
    My other friend is Tsuki. She lives in Hitomi's head. She can be extremely bipolar at times. Shes still one of my bestest friends ever!!!
    Uh-Oh. I gotta go! I don't think she'll be happy with me if I'm on the computer when shes thinking. BYE-BYE!!!