• Little Anna and her boyfriend Blake were madly in love.Blake was the 11-year old peewee football quarterback of the team and Anna was the most popular 10-year old in the school.One night,Blake heard of another death near St. Phillips motel and asked Anne "Do you think it was her... Mrs.Maryon" in a weird voice.Anna replied with a "Its all rumors,the ghost of Mrs.Maryon is fake,Grown-ups tell s that story so we do not go around there because it is old and abandoned which means snakes and spiders there...i hate spiders" and shuddered at the sound of the word spiders.Blake ws trying to impress her and said "Then why don't we go into the motel then...room 1905...where she died" obnoxiously."I will...tonight...meet you there at 9pm...when the hauntings happen the most" said Anna.

    At 8:30 they met up and entered 1905."It's quiet around here" said Blake.He asked Anna want to know the story of how she died?" and had an evil grin on his face."Yes" replied Anna in a shaking voice.He started of with a deep scary voice"Heres how it happened".

    "At this very room,Old lady Mrs.Maryon died 5 years ago.People say she died of heart attack and accidently stabbed herself,but it was the murderer who was known as Freakshow.They called him this because of what he looked like and what he did to them.His face was a gothic white color and he had black eyes.All of his teeth were gole or silver because he had no teeth.He usually bleeds at night because he cries blood when he is angry.And what he did to his victims were worse.He would undress his victims and wrap them like a mummy.After he wrapped them,he would cut a square of the wrapping out and cut into his victims.He would take out the organs and people say he sold them to mafia men to make a quick 50 dollars on each organ.He would leave the bodies to rot.People would call the victims Freakshow's mummies and Dr.Cutter's Patients.And after they died,he would kiss their cheek and burry them."

    "Wierd" said Anna."Its 9 and nothing has happened" said Blake.All of a sudden,the mirror started shaking and a shrilled voice screamed and then,silence.Anna freaked out so she backed Blake up at a corned and was trying to be comforted in his arms."It's ok Anna,its just thee wind" said Blake.Anna listrened and it was the wind."Hehe,silly me" and kissed him.A reflection of an old bloody lady appeared in the mirro and the mrror broke."Now that was her" said Blake and held on to Anna tight.

    A figure appeared at the other corned across the room.It looked like an old lady with a square hole in her stomach and slightly wrapped in gauze.Anna freaked and ran outside.Blake ran after her and they went into the kitchen.After they did,A female Chef was holding a knife at them and said "You are...served and threw the knife at Blake and disappeared along with the knife.It was Mrs.Maryon's sister who died three month's in her kitchen because of freakshow.They both ran into the abandoned car in the parking lot.Voices of dead people were surroundng the car saying "Freakshow mummy" and "Little chikdren will be dead soon...hope you dnt have an appointment with Dr.Cutter" and then it was hushed silence.A growl entered the air and a man with gold and silver teeth broke the windsheild and grabbed Anna.Blake ran after freakshow into 1905.He looked around the room but found nothing but gauze and knives.He searched the bathroom but the rusty water bubbled up and blood was running down the shower faucet,bathtub,and toilet-seat.In the rusty water,Freakshow appeared and grabbed Blake and rook him underwater.He awoke next to Anna in the hospital the next day.

    He was shocked and asked how they got here.His dad said "An old lady was outside the emergency room and and carried you.She was bleeding in her stomach so somebody grabbed a wheelchair but before they could get to her,she disappeared and left a message that said Mrs.Maryon has freakshow in 19055's shower,dead".They found him exactly in the shower wrapped in gauze and bloody from head to toe.A voice entered the room and said n"Take care of him and the children and when they turned around a mist went up into the sky."

    Blake replied with "She's in heaven".So instead of Mrs.Maryon killing the people,It was actually freakshow doing it.

    Each year Blake and Anna go with their parents to room 1905 and bring food,gifts,and cards to her.After 5 years of silence.At age 16 for Anna and 17 for Blake.They go in alne and give her many things and 1-hundred note and cards.They even left a 100-dollar bill to say that's how much she is worth to them...100% valuable.Before they left the room,A voice of a sweet old lady said "I love you kids,Take care" and a mist entered the room and they felt a kiss on eaches cheek and the mist went away.