• Finally breaking the silence Raven said “Well since you are ok I would like to take you to that thing that I was talking about.” Rile looked up and asked what thing. It was just a glance but I thought I saw jealousy in his eyes. Raven answered him with, “That is for me to know and you not too.” With that he took my hand and led me out of the office. “So where are we really going?” I asked. But he did not say anything. After fifteen minutes he finally spoke up, “You do know I am a Immortal right?” “Yes I just don’t know what kind.” I replied back. Smiling he said, “Well I am a fallen angel, and please don’t ask me why.” I answered by nodding ok. After fifty minutes of walking we came to a stop in front of a door that said Plant Kingdom. Opening the door it looked as if we had walked out into a forest, but when I looked up there was a huge window. After we turned a few times we came to some double doors. “Welcome my dear to,” He opens the door, “Kingdom Café” Looking in I saw a place that had sofas, tables, fireplace, and a TV. The kitchen was in plain sight so that you could see them cook. Raven then asked, “Are you going to come in or just stand there with your mouth open?” Blushing I walked in and sat down on the sofa. Out of nowhere the fireplace turned on and I could feel the warmth on me. A girl then came over to us and asked what we wanted. Taking in her looks she seemed like a Girly girl in her dress but I could sense the hatred of wearing it. On top of that she had fox ears and tail. Finally I answered, “Well I would like two egg rolls with soy sauce and some green tea with a cherry blossom on top.” Taking down our order she walked away. Looking at a Raven I asked, “Umm who was that?” He smiled and said, “Oh that is Fern, and don’t worry about that aura she has around her she just hates dresses.” Smiling I just got an evil idea. By the time she came back with our food I had enough courage to ask it. “Fern I just love that dress where did you get it from?” I asked. She looked at me and then said, “Oh well you see it is just something I had in the back of my closet.” “Well you have good taste in clothes. I must say it is so pretty and cute.” I replied. Even though she was smiling I could see the killing intent behind her eyes. Someone is going to get killed tonight for what I just did. I guess I did my part in this world today. Looking at me Raven had that 'I know what you did' look. Putting on a innocent face I said. “What did I do? I was just telling her that she looked good.” He shook his head and chuckled. After eating he paid for the food then we left. He walked me all the way to my dorm. The whole way there we were silent but not the bad kind. When we got there he kissed me on the cheek then left. Going in I changed into my PJs then went to bed.
    A week later
    I woke up to the feeling of cold water being poured on me. Slowly opening my eyes I saw Lee Ann smirking with a bucket in her hand. “Come on Ash Ash you need to get up it is such a beautiful day and we are going to be late for school.” Looking at her I hold sadness in my eyes knowing that today would be the day that our life would change but made it disappear as a fast as it came. Getting up I went into my closet and took out black pants, green "I am a tree hugger" shirt, a long black jacket, and black comeback boots. Going into the bathroom I took a shower. Before the water got to cold I got out, dried off and put on my clothes. I looked in the mirror and put on clear lip gloss and light green eye shadow. Blow drying my hair I then combed and brushed it. Walking into the kitchen Little sis was putting pancakes and bacon on the table. Looking up she smiled and said, “Wow you look great! It seems that having a boyfriend has really changed you.” Blushing I sat down and ate. Getting up I got my keys and walked out the door. Standing outside was Raven and Rile. Raven had a big smile on his face and Rile as always showed no emotions. Raven took my hand and we all walked to school. The day seem to take longer then usual but I guess that was just me thinking it was. It was finally the last period. Walking in I sat down right by Raven. He seemed very happy there most be something about today that he likes. Thinking about it I gasped it could be that he is happy about the hunt. I didn’t want to believe it so I pushed it to the back of my mind. Pro. Kish then walks in and stands at his desk. “Now everyone we are now going to head toward the auditorium” He said going to the door. With that said we got up and walked to the auditorium. When we got there I saw Lee Ann jumping up and down trying to get our attention. Going over there I sat right down by her while raven sat at the end looking as if he was trapping us in. Right then that thought came back into my head, but I shook it out. “Now everyone today is the day that we tell who is a forbidden human.” said the Alex the headmaster. Everyone cheered even Raven. It seems that what I thought was true. Turning around I looked at Lee Ann. She looked as if someone just stabbed her right in the stomach. Looking at me she said, “I guess I see why you didn’t want to get up today.” “Now it seems that we only have one out of ninety that was tested positive. That person is Lee Ann.” said the headmaster. Everyone started to whisper. Even Little sis was surprised and she said, “How could this be true. We are both sisters don’t we have the same blood."