• I was totally bored so i thought i might tell about this story me and my friend were working on. Its a pretty confusing world so let me explain it.
    Okay we didn't steal Naruto, just stole some of it. And some Yugioh characters too, but thats it. So let me just say right now before i get sued that we stole some ideas from Naruto and Yugioh (BTW those animes rock!).
    Alright, now on with the story introduction. Once upon a time... Nah. Lemme just explain everything. It might get boring so grab some coffee for it. But without me telling you about the world ud be so confused! Our story is a small world of land just like earth. The thing is its got Angels and Demons, and evil people called Yamis, and Shadows. Demons are from the Underworld. And NO Demons are not dead people. Demons can die just like human beings. Its confusing but im not explaining it and letting you fall asleep on your laptop. So Demons are from the Underworld, ruled by by no other than the Devil himself. The Devil is suposed to have 3 kids. Wen those kids are 17 they need to fight. Whoever wins this battle, The Devil Battle, is the family Devil and rules the underworld. The 2 losers lose their powers and live on a normal life. Currently The Devil is a mean twisted and cruel father to Akako, Ike, and Arik Lee. Akako and Ike are twins. Before they were born theyre mother was cursed by two Yamis (I'll get into them later) and one baby was put blind. Ike was the blind one. Since Ike was blind his father made him get the harder training, and the more vile ponishments. Wen Ike and Akako were three Arik Lee was born and theyre mother died. The Devil even more angry toke out his anger on Arik. (pronounced Ah-reek Lee) At 5 Akako was sent on a big training exersise since so far, she was the best. Yes Akakos a GIRL. Ike is a BOY. And Arik is a BOY. Get it? Ok enough on Demons. To the Shadows! Shadows are these emotionless... shadow things? Idk that much about them. To the Angels! Theyre like real Angels. They dont have a ruler like the Underworld, and they live in Heaven. Theyre all nice and helpful and Angelike.... Of course. Yamis are the most intresting. But ill let you figure that throughout the story and not bore you to death telling u everything about it. Theres a bunch of normal things in it like a real world, except humans are called Ninjas. Ninjas are like normal humans with no special power except they fight. We stole that idea from Naruto.
    Comment if u have any questions! sweatdrop