• My name is Rose Foster. I am 13 years old, and I live in Parker, Colorado. It's always cold here. I live with my older sister, Stacy. My parents past away 3 years ago, since then I've been living here. One cold day, I saw one girl and one boy, walking in the snow. I had the ability to read people's lips. When I saw the girl talk, I couldn't read what she was saying. Almost as if it was a different language. My mother was a professior at a College near by, she taught world cultures. So she taught me other cultures and languages. We finally crossed each other's path. The second I walked past the girl, I heard say to me, directly " Never cross the path of a black cat." I thought, what? Why not? I never believed in superstition. I always thought it was a joke. All of the kids in my class, when I was younger, always said," Hey make sure you don't cross a black cat's path, or you will have bad luck!"

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