• The Great Idea
    By Tarantula Seniar
    3rd book of the "Jj & Rhino" Series

    Chapter 1: The Alien!

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go in space? To see all the beautiful stars up close? To see the moon? To STAND on the moon? Well, if you have, let me ask you one more question... Are you ready to rock the earth? In the darkest side of space, theres a black hole that leads to a planet so small, that it fits between two of the smallest planets squished together. And that name is, Planet Existence. If you don't believe in life on any planets, then you better wipe that crud outta your eyes and come on up to the most believable planet in space, Planet Existence. Planet Existence is one of the most Alienated planet in space. In fact, it's the ONLY Alienated planet in space!Read this story about 13 year old Roxandra Doodle, who believed in life in space. One lonely Wednesday night in Nashville,Tennessee, little Roxandra decided to go outside and observe the sky in her telescope. Roxandra observed the sky every night and sometimes early in the morning, before school. Roxandra looked up at the sky in her telescope, and saw something she had never seen before. She saw an alien come out of nowhere! Roxandra was so surprised, that she went to her parents and told them to look through her telescope and see the alien. Once her parents got outside and looked through the telescope, they didn't see anything except the moon & stars. Roxandra did not understand, but then she looked through it again and saw the alien again. While her parents were walking inside, she called them back and told them to look through it again. Once again, they did not see anything except the moon & stars. Roxandra's parents just stood there looking at her, then Roxandra looked through it really quick and saw that alien again. She thought and thought for a second, then whispered to herself "Maybe aliens can only be seen by kids... Hmm..." Then Roxandra's mother went inside & her father said "It's time for bed, so get this picked up and come in to bed, Do i make myself clear... Roxandra?!" "Yes, Sir." Grouched Roxandra. So Roxandra picked up her telescope and went inside with her father, then headed to her room. While Roxandra was in her room, she wrote notes about the alien. They said "Alien life forms DO exist in space. They can only be seen through the eyes of a child. Or maybe a 13 year old, i don't know, but i can test it with my friend, Jennifer, after school tomorrow, because she's 12 years old. Ah - Ha! That's it! I shall do as i wrote, and test it with my friend! Perfect! I shall do so tomorrow!, but right now, i must sleep." So Roxandra put her notes in her book bag, then went to sleep.

    Chapter 2: Roxandra's GREAT Idea!

    The next morning came, and Roxandra got up at 6:52 A.M. just to see the alien again. The first thing she did was, got up and got dressed, then she ate 2 waffles with maple syrup for breakfast, and finally, she went outside with her telescope and observed the sky again, to see if the alien was out. She searched the sky for 20 minutes, but still no alien. Once her parents finally got up, it was 7:23 A.M. and the bus came for Roxandra. Roxandra heard the bus, then put her telescope inside the house & grabbed her book bag and lunch, then ran outside to the bus. Roxandra's mother yelled to Roxandra "Are you forgetting something? You said to remind you in case you forget something, so are you?" Then Roxandra yelled back and said "Oh right!" Then Roxandra ran back to her mom and dad really fast, then said "I love you, bye" Then hugged em' both, and ran back to the bus. Once she got on the bus, her friend Jennifer said "Hey, Roxane! HEY! Over here! I saved you a seat, come on!" Roxandra walked over to Jennifer then sat down in the seat she saved for Roxandra. Roxandra & Jennifer both gave each other nicknames. Roxandra's was, as you know, Roxane, and Jennifer's was Jenny. Roxandra said hi to Jennifer, then asked her if she wanted to come to her house after school. Jennifer said yes and then asked Roxandra if she was ready. Then Roxandra asked "Ready for what?" Jennifer then said "Oh, don't tell me you forgot already! The permission slips were sent out weeks ago! You know?!?" Roxandra was confused, then figured it out and said "OH NO! I SO FORGOT ABOUT OUR FIELD TRIP TODAY! Oh well, um my parents must of signed the permission slip and put it in my book bag. ~giggles~" Roxandra checked in her book bag, but she couldn't find it. Then Jennifer said "Uh oh! What are you gonna do?!?" Roxandra thought and thought, then she said "I have an idea, just follow my lead with the teachers, okay?" "Um, okay, but will we get into trouble?" Jennifer said. Roxandra then said "Oh yeah, but only if we get caught." Jennifer then said "I'm in! This will be fun..." Then she whispered to herself "...I hope..." Roxandra & Jennifer heard a big "CHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Then fell forward a bit. It was the bus stopping at the Christian School For Girls. Roxandra told Jennifer to make a dummy of Roxandra, since Mrs. Blinder is half blind, and put it in her seat so Mrs. Blinder wouldn't notice her being gone. Then she told Jennifer to say "HERE" whenever Mrs. Blinder called Roxandra's name. And finally, whenever she asked for permission slips to the field trip, Jennifer would make a copy of the permission slip in the copier, but instead, she would sign it in Roxandra's Mom & Dad's name, and she would hand that in. I mean sure, Roxandra could have done the plan an easier way, but she needed time to think of how she's gonna explain everything to her parents and the teacher, if she got caught. Roxandra waited till everyone was off the bus, then hid under the bus seats. The bus driver then drove the bus to the back of the school & waited for the kids to come outta the school and come in the bus for the field trip. After 15 minutes, it was 8:52 A.M. and the bus driver was asleep, and Roxandra saw the kids coming outta the school. So Roxandra snook out the back door of the bus, and waited till everyone got in the bus, then got in the side door of the bus really quick. Roxandra went to Jennifer and sat down by her then said "See, i told you my idea would work!" Then she smiled and said "So did your part of the plan work?" Jennifer then said "Yup! It was a full proof plan!" Then she smiled and looked out the window.

    Chapter 3: HOLY BULL!

    Roxandra and her school were going on a field trip to a farm. It took 30 minutes to get to the farm. The bus had to go up a road in the mountains and through a tunnel by the subway downtown. But after all that, they still had a bit of traffic. Once they finally got there, all the kids got off the bus and saw a huge farm right in front of them. A man on a horse came over to the girls really fast and said "Hey girls! Come on! Follow me into the farm!" Roxandra & Jeniffer both looked at each other, then followed the man into the farm. It was huge in the farm, everything smelled funny too. The man showed the girls the chickens, chicks, pigs, horses and the farm guard dog, Spike. The man also showed them cows outside in the back of the farm. The man then told the girls to follow him again, and so they did. Once he stopped, he was at a big metal gate with a sign on it that said "KEEP OUT! DANGEROUS!" Roxandra & Jennifer both stood in place while the other girls backed up in fear. Roxandra & Jennifer looked behind them and saw all of the class backed up by Mrs. Blinder. Roxandra then said "Oh come on girls, it not like it's some big animal that could possibly kill you! I mean, come on!" Then the man said "You might wanna step back a bit..." Then Roxandra said "No thanks, i'm not scared..." Then the man opened the gates and a huge bull came outta the cage! Roxandra & Jennifer were so terrified, they backed up behind everyone else. "It's alright, she's real friendly. And her names Jenny. Anyone here named Jenny?" Said the farmer man. Then Jennifer said "Um, my nicknames Jenny." "Well good! Then you and Jenny here will be some great friends!" Said the farmer man. Then Roxandra & Jennifer both came back up to the front of the class, and slowly came closer and closer to the bull. The bull didn't move a bit, it just stood there looking at Jennifer. Roxandra stopped walking toward it, and then backed up some. Jennifer kept on walking closer and closer to it. Once she finally got to it, she whispered to herself "Wow... she is beautiful..." Then the bull came forward a bit and sniffed Jennifer. Jennifer then laughed and said "You are right! She is friendly, just like me!" Then Jennifer smiled real big and started petting Jenny. "Hey there girl, you know you are very friendly and nice, just like me!" Said Jennifer. Finally, it was 2:00 P.M., and it was time to get back to the school and get ready to go home. Then everyone heard a horn from the bus, and they all saw the bus. So all the girls ran to the bus really fast, then sat down and waited for Mrs. Blinder to come. Every one of the girls opened there windows and said good-bye to the farmer man. It was hard for Jennifer to say bye to the bull and farmer, but she had to, so she did. The bus driver told everyone to hold on tight and to stay calm, because he wanted to get back to the school faster than they got to the farm. That didn't work out so well, because the bus got 2 flat tires from going to fast and not paying attention to objects on the road. Apparently, the bus driver ran over pointy and broken glass on the road. So they got to the school in an hour and 12 minutes. Once they got to the school, it was 3:32 P.M. and parents were very angry and worried about their daughters. Roxandra's parents were at the school too and worried about Roxandra. Roxandra got outta the bus and ran to her parents and said "MOM! DAD!" Then her, Jennifer and her parents went back to their house.

    Chapter 4: Our Visit to Planet Existence!

    Once they got to their house, Jennifer & Roxandra went outside with her telescope and observed the sky again. Jennifer looked through the telescope after Roxandra, and saw the alien. "Whoa! Theres like, a tiny green booger on the side of the moon. It's like picking up space rock things. Wow, you were right, this is weird!" Said Jennifer. Then Roxandra looked through the telescope and saw the alien too then said "Thats the alien Jenny!" Then she told Jennifer to look through the telescope again. Jennifer looked through the telescope again and saw the alien again, but instead, she didn't see him picking up space rocks, she saw him with a strange small device. The alien pointed the device right at us and then out of nowhere, Jennifer and Roxandra start floating in the air, and then zoom into space really fast. Jennifer and Roxandra both held hands and started screaming. Once they got in space, they tried to hold their breath, but they couldn't hold their breath for very long. Jennifer accidentally let go of her breath and said "Whoa, how can i speak or even breath in space?!? WOW! MAH! MUAH! MOO-AHH! ~Giggles~ Cool! Let go of your breath, Roxane!" Then Roxane let go of her breath and said "Whoa! Cool!..." All of a sudden, the alien froze them in mid-air with a FMA device. A Froze in Mid-Air Device, where they can speak but they can't move anything else on their body. The reason why Roxandra and Jennifer could breath when they got in space, is because the alien had a powerful power that could let any human or animal breath in a non-breathing place. Anyway, Roxandra then said "...NO! NO! NOT COOL! NOT COOL!" Even though the alien was small, he had a device that could pick bigger things then him, up. Roxandra and Jennifer weren't afraid of the alien until he brought them into space and froze them with the FMA device. The other cool thing about the FMA device, is that that you can move the device around, and the thing/person that's frozen will move with it. The alien brought Jennifer & Roxandra to the black hole to Planet Existence. The alien brought Jennifer and Roxandra to a huge cage, well the cage was small for Roxandra & Jennifer, but huge for the aliens on Planet Existence. Every one of the aliens stared at Jennifer & Roxandra while they were in the cage. The cage was big enough for Roxandra & Jennifer to stand up next to each other, but to small for them to even move one step. The cage was a laser cage, where the bars are made of supersonic lasers that could burn whatever they touch, off. Jennifer accidentally stepped sideways and hit her arm on the lasers. She got burnt really badly, but she wasn't bleeding. The aliens were speaking some sorta alien language to each other. Jennifer whispered to Roxandra and said "What do you think the aliens are saying?" Roxandra then said to Jennifer "Maybe they're saying get rid of those pesky humans, then we shall have our planet to our selves again! Muahahahaha! IT'S TERRIFYING! AHHH!" Jennifer then slapped Roxandra across the cheek and yelled to her "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF WOMAN! YOU'RE LOOSING IT! I mean, whats the worst that could happen?" Roxandra thought for a second and then said "Hmmm, uh maybe they could uh, well, I don't know, maybe...KILL US WITH THEIR GUN THINGYS, OR SOMETHING!" Roxandra then deeply breathed in and out for a while, then screamed. Jennifer just stared at Roxandra with a straight face, the whole time she was doing that, then shouted to her "OH MY GOSH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Roxandra then looked at Jennifer with a weird face, and yelled "I'M CLAUSTROPHOBIC, OKAY! GOSH!" Jennifer then said to Roxandra "I'm not speaking to you for a while, and I would walk away if we weren't trapped in this cage. And why are we trapped in this cage, Oh! Now I remember, SOMEONE wanted to spy on an alien in space!" Jennifer then did a big huff, and looked away from Roxandra. "Well fine! Don't talk to me again, but let me just point out that you're the one that looked into the telescope too! Geez!" Roxandra said to Jennifer. Jennifer ignored Roxandra the while entire time she was talking. Then an alien with a tall crown on it's head, rode on it's hover ship over to the cage Jennifer and Roxandra were in. That alien stared at Jennifer and Roxandra, then spoke English to them, saying "Are you spies from the planet E-arth?" Roxandra opened her mouth, about to say something, but then the alien with a tall crown upon it's head, said "I don't wanna hear it! You and you're human excuses! It just seems so dreadful to me! Huh, well, take them to the E.M.A.P.E." Jennifer and Roxandra looked at each other, then looked at the alien with a tall crown on its head. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute, whats the E.M.A.P.E.?" Jennifer then said "Maybe it means Everyone Must Add Pie... and the last E is silent." Jennifer then smiled at all the aliens of Planet Existence, then turned to Roxandra and smiled at her. Roxandra then looked at Jennifer with Look#3, the Are you serious? look. Jennifer then stopped smiling and looked at the alien with a tall crown upon its head, and said "I mean uh, ~Clears throat~, Roxandra... uh... knows... what to say, so um, take it away Roxane!...~Looks at Roxandra with Look#5, the Please! look~" Roxandra looked at Jennifer, then did a small huff, and said "What, Jennifer meant to say was...uh...~looks all around Planet Existence, then looks at the aliens crown on its head~ Oh great and powerful alien of Planet Existence! Please forgive us, Mr.... Uh..." "Anyellia Existence, and yes, I am what you humans call, a Gie-erl ." Said the alien with a crown upon its head. Roxandra then said "Oh! Right, well, um, Nice to meet you... Anyellia, and by the way, It's Girl, and I'm one to, along with my friend here, Jennifer." "I'm still your friend, Awesome! Oh and uh, Ms. Aneealien thing, we live on Earth, not E-arth." Jennifer said. Then Anyellia comes a little closer to the cage, and yells at Jennifer and Roxandra loudly, saying "YOU DARE QUESTION MY HUMAN KNOWLEDGE OF E-ARTH?!?" Roxandra then said "Excuse me, but, E-ARTH is actually called EARTH, and GIE-ERLS are actually called GIRLS, JUST SAYING!" Anyellia then got out her Human handbook, that one of the best observatory aliens on Planet Existence made a while back, and searched for Girl and Earth . Once she found them, she said "Oh! Curses! You're right! Huh! Well, it was a very alienated time speaking Human to you! ~Tells one of the other aliens to bring Roxandra and Jennifer to the E.M.A.P.E. (Exterminator Machine At Planet Existence) in Alien language~ "And now you must go! Farewell to you humans!" Jennifer and Roxandra smiled, then Jennifer said "Oooh! Cool, you're letting us go?" Anyellia then said "Uh, yeah, sure!" One of the other aliens spoke in Alien language, and told 9 other aliens to help him lift the cage to the E.M.A.P.E. Roxandra stopped smiling and then said "Hey, wait a minute, where EXACTLY are you taking us?" Jennifer stopped smiling, then said "Oh, um, Yeah, what she said!" "Do not worry humans, you are going to be safe!" Said Anyellia. Then Jennifer said "Feeew!" And wiped her forehead. Roxandra then said "Oh good... Hey wait! By SAFE, do you mean back on our home planet safe, or a DIFFERENT safe?" Anyellia then said "Well, you know, what do humans call it, Dee-add, i think?" "You mean, DEAD?!?" Said Roxandra. Then Anyellia said "Exactly! Dead! Toot-a-loo!" Jennifer and Roxandra both yelled at the same time saying "WHAT!" Then they looked at each other with a blank look, then looked back at Anyellia. "Couldn't you just make us do something that's NOT involving us being, oh I don't know, DEAD!?!" Said Roxandra. Then Anyellia said "Oh, alright, fine, you must promise me that you shall never spy on us again! Got it?" Jennifer then said "Um, actually we weren't spying on you, we were- ~Roxandra elbows Jennifer in the stomach~ OOF!" "Thank you so much Anyellia, we will not ever spy on you aliens again!" Said Roxandra. Anyellia then told the 10 aliens to not take them to the E.M.A.P.E., but to transport them back to Earth, in Alien language. Anyellia then said "Well, see you humans, um... never again, I guess! Farewell!" One of the aliens opened the cage Roxandra and Jennifer were in, then transported them back to Earth in a Transporter Machine.

    Chapter 5: The Truth Comes Out!

    Jennifer and Roxandra were instantly on Earth again, in Roxandras backyard, at 6:33 P.M. Roxandras Mom came outside and said "Oh, their you girls are, I was looking for you everywhere! Anyway, I made Apple Pie for everyone, and I have a surprise for both of you inside the house! Come on!" Roxandra and Jennifer looked at each other, then followed Roxandras Mom into her house. Roxandras Mom told Roxandra and Jennifer to close their eyes, and hold her hand, while walking. Roxandras Moms name was Sharon, and her Dads name was George. Sharon brought Jennifer and Roxandra inside the house, then said "Okay girls, open your eyes!" Jennifer and Roxandra both opened their eyes, then saw all of their neighbors from their neighborhoods, and their teacher Mrs. Blinder, yelling "SURPRISE!" Jennifer then said "Oh My Gosh! Hi Mr. Linderman, Ms. Jay, Mrs. Bird, and... HUH! M-M-Mrs. B-Blinder!?!?..." Roxandra wasn't paying attention to Jennifer saying Hello to her neighbors, she was to busy talking to her own neighbors. "Oh, um, Hi everyone! Hello Mr. Borackis, Ms. Lily pad, and..." Said Roxandra. Jennifer pulled Roxandra over to Mrs. Blinder, and said "And Mrs. Blinder!!!" Roxandra then said "Ah, yes, and Mrs. Bli- Wait! What?!? Um... Excuse me for one moment please! ~Smiles~" Roxandra then pulled Jennifer and Sharon to the kitchen, and said to them "What is Mrs. Blinder- I mean... Uh, What are ALL of those people doing here?!?" Jennifer then said "Don't ask me, I'm wondering the same exact thing!" Sharon looked at both of Jennifer and Roxandra, then said "Girls, I thought you would be happy to get together with your friends!?!" Roxandra then said "Mrs. Blinder is my half blind teacher, not my friend ! And I mean sure, I understand why my neighbors are here, but Mrs. Blinder Mom, MY TEACHER!?! WHY!?!" "Honey, I brought her here to talk about your grades, then she told me you were doing a wonderful job in school, but I don't know how she could possibly know that, since YOU told me she was half blind! And besides that, she also said that you were wonderful on the field trip today! How could you have possibly been on that field trip with NO permission slip!?! And you know what i found today, while I was cleaning the house, to throw this get-together! YOUR PERMISSION SLIP TO THAT FIELD TRIP!" Yelled Sharon. Then Roxandra yelled back at her Mom and said "I forgot okay! I forgot the stupid permission slip, so we copied another unsigned permission slip, then signed it with your name, I didn't think it would matter, since Mrs. Blinder is half blind, and we actually had fun on the field trip!!!" Every one of Jennifer's and Roxandras neighbors heard Roxandra and Sharon yelling at each other, including Mrs. Blinder. They started to walk to the kitchen, and stare at Roxandra and Sharon fighting. Sharon then said "Wait, wait, wait! We?!? What do you mean by, We?!?" Jennifer looked at both of Sharon and Roxandra, then said "Well... Hmm... I, uh... I'm just gonna go...over here, and uh, Yeah, um, ~Clears throat~ later..." Jennifer then started walking backwards to the other people watching Sharon and Roxandra fight, then also watched Sharon and Roxandra fight. Roxandra and her Mom were to busy fighting, to even notice any one of their neighbors, friends, and Roxandras teacher, watching them fight and argue. "Start explaining young lady! You and who planned all this out?" Said Sharon. Roxandra then said "Huh! Me and...and... Myself and I... I'm sorry Mom! I said We cause, well, I don't know, I'm sorry! Whats my punishment?" "Oh, honey! It's okay, just never ever REALLY forge my signature onto something, and don't ever just write my signature onto something, either, just cause someones kinda blind! And your punishment is being grounded for 3 weeks." Said Sharon. Then Roxandra yelled "But wait, why 3 weeks?!? Why not 1 week?!?" "Because, I counted them on what you did, 1 week for Writing my signature on a copied field trip permission slip, instead of telling your teacher that you forgot yours at home, and calling me. 2 weeks for lieing to your teacher ABOUT the permission slip, and 3 weeks for planning this whole, supposedly full proof plan! You either get 3 weeks of no T.V., no friends, no computer, no allowance, and no going outside. Or, you get 3 weeks of doing choirs, without getting allowance, and going to your room right when you get home from school, then doing your H.W., then doing your choirs til dinner. But on the weekends, you go to church on Sundays, then you go straight to your room, without any T.V. or computer, after church. Then, on Saturdays, you'll get up at 7:00 A.M., an hour after the time that I get up on Saturday mornings, then you will do the whole entire list of stuff that I will make, when I get up, but first you will get to eat breakfast. Whenever it will be time for lunch and dinner, you will stop what you're doing, eat your meal I make you, then start working again. So which one do you want, and by the way, the Sunday and Saturday things are the same for both options." Yelled Sharon. Then Roxandra had a guilty look on her face, then said quietly "I pick the first one, where I get no friends, no allowance, no T.V., no going outside, and no computer, for 3 weeks. I'll be in my room." As soon as Roxandra was about to go to her room, her teacher, Mrs. Blinder said "Ah,Ah,Ah! Nope, not yet, come here!" Roxandra then walked misrably to Mrs. Blinder, and looked at her. Mrs. Blinder then cleared her throat, and said "I had no idea what you did, until you two both explained it to each other, just now. So now I know that you lied to me and Sharon. So guess what... I got a few words for you, Detention for those 3 weeks, that you're grounded. You'll have detention for 1 hour right after school, doing sentences. And in case you don't know what sentences are, they're where you write the same thing over and over again, until I tell you to stop. You'll write I will not lie to my teacher or parents ever again. You will write them for that whole hour that you are at detention, then after detention, you will get to go home and do what your Mother told you. I'm sorry Roxandra, but this is how it is whenever you lie to your teachers and parents." "Okay, I guess thats fair. And hey, speaking of parents, wheres Dad?" Asked Roxandra. Sharon then looked at Roxandra and said "Oh, he's at-" Everyone heard a door open and close, then they turned around and saw Roxandras Dad, George. "Hey everyone, what I miss?" Asked George. Then George walked into the kitchen and asked "Whats everyone doing?" Then Sharon finished her sentence and said "-work, huh, well, I guess he's back! Hey honey, we were just having a little Jennifer and Roxandra get-together. Okay everyone, fun's over! Time for you to go! See you later, and thanks for coming!" Then everyone did a big Awwww at Sharon, because they were having to much fun watching and hearing a dramatic Mother,Daughter conversation. Once everyone was gone, except Jennifer, Sharon called Jennifer's mother to come and pick Jennifer up. Sharon told Jennifer that she could stay in the living room, and watch T.V. until her Mother came to pick her up. Sharon then pulled George into her bedroom, closed and locked her door, then started to tell George everything about what Roxandra did today. Jennifer heard yelling, then she turned the T.V. down a bit, then walked over to Roxandras parents room door, and listened very carefully to what they were saying. All Jennifer heard was "Roxandra...Field Trip...Permission Slip...Signature...Grounded...Mrs. Blinder...Detention...Sentences..." Jennifer thought that Sharon said all that, then she listened again and heard "What...Roxandra...Talk...Be right back..." Jennifer thought that George was the one talking that time, then she heard and saw the door knob move a little bit. Jennifer ran back to the couch in the living room, turned up the T.V. with the remote, and acted like she didn't hear a thing. George then came outta his bedroom, along with Sharon following him and saying "Oh honey, just wait, shes already being punished enough, why don't you just let it go!" "No,no,no! I'm talking to her, and bringing her where I should've brought her a few months ago, when she broke my baseball trophy, and I grounded her for 1 month, from her allowance!" Said George. Sharon then said "Honey, it was an accident that she broke your trophy!" "No it wasn't! She was mad at me because I wouldn't let her go to a party with 8th and 9th graders. Remember?!? I told her she was only in the 6th grade, and she couldn't hang out with 8th and 9th graders, cause they were way to old for her. So she asked if she could ask you, but then I told her that you were still on your business trip in New York, so I let her call you on the house phone, and you didn't pick up, so she called 3 more times, and you still didn't pick up, so I told her to just forget about it, and have fun at home. Then, after I told Roxandra it was time for bed, she went to her room, then I went to mine, and lied down on my bed, then after a while, I heard a huge crash, then I got up really fast, and got a baseball bat from the closet, then I went out in the living room and turned on a light. Then I saw Roxandra banging my baseball trophy on the ground, with the broom, so I grounded her from her allowance for a month. REMEMBER!?! And once you got back from your trip, I told you all about it, like I'm doing right now." Said George. "Oh...Well, then I must of forgotten about that. Huh, well fine, show her what you're gonna show her, but don't be so mean to her, shes had a rough day with all the yelling!" Said Sharon. Then George said "Oh, alright Sharon! I won't be so mean to her! I'll be back tomorrow, with Roxandra, Okay?!?" "Okay, good, cause tomorrows a Jewish holiday, and her school celebrates all of them, so it's a day off of school, for her. But, she's grounded, so it better not be fun!" Said Sharon. Then George said "Oh don't worry, it won't be fun for her or me. I'll see you tomorrow, love you honey!" Sharon then said "I love you too! And tell Roxandra that I love her too!" Then George went into Roxandras room and said "Get your coat, it's time to go!" Then Roxandra got up and got her coat, then said "Where are we going, I thought I was grounded?" "You are, this is another part to your punishment! So come on lets go!" Said George. Roxandra then said "But wait! It's 7:10 P.M., which means it's 10 minutes past my bad time, so I should get to sleep!"Alright that's it..." Said George. George picked Roxandra up, and put her over his shoulder, then carried her outside to his car, then he said "...You're coming with me to a place where you will just wanna kill yourself! So get ready, get set, and get your hands ready to plug your ears! Lets go!"

    Chapter 6: Lily's Lollipop Land Of Fun!

    Then George buckled Roxandra up in the car, then closed the car door. George then went to his seat in the front, buckled up, closed his door, then started the car and drove off. "Where are we going!?!" Asked Roxandra. Then George just kept on driving, and didn't say anything for the whole drive. Roxandra fell asleep, because it took 2 hours to get to, well, just keep reading! Once they finally got to, like I wrote, keep reading, George woke Roxandra up, then told her to close her eyes, hold his hand, and keep walking with him. Once Roxandra and George finally got inside the building, George picked Roxandra up, and said "Don't open your eyes yet!" George heard music, and a tiny buzzing sound, next to his ear. It was a fly, following George and Roxandra. George tried to smack it, but he just made it fly away, or he thought. The fly was still following them, but it flying behind him and Roxandra. Roxandra then said "Okay, but I hear that old song from that old place I used to go to when I was a kid. I loved it, then I started to hate it, cause it got so-" Roxandra thought for a sec., then said "Oh no, were not where I think we are, ARE WE?!?" Then George stopped walking, and said "Oh yeah, Lily's Lollipop Land Of Fun!" Then George dropped Roxandra in the ball pit they had there, then yelled to every other kid in LLLOF (Lily's Lollipop Land Of Fun) and said "HEY KIDS, WANNA WIN A GUMBALL FOR EACH OF YA?!? JUMP IN THIS BALL PIN AND FIND MY DAUGHTER, ROXANDRA! OH, AND HERES THE SWITCH, ROXANDRA HAS THE GUMBALLS!" Roxandra then screamed, and hid under some of the plastic balls, in the ball pit. All the kids in LLLOF, all came running to the ball pit, then jumped in it and started to look for Roxandra. Roxandra figured she would at least TRY to run, because they're were to many kids. Roxandra jumped outta the ball pit, stuck her tongue out at the kids, then ran to the jungle jim. All the kids then ran after Roxandra. Roxandra got to the top of the jungle jim, then slipped on a loose rope, and got her foot stuck. All those screaming and craving to chew gum, kids, all got to the top of the jungle jim, and started looking through Roxandras pockets. Roxandra then yelled to her Dad and said "Okay, I get it, THIS is why I will not ever lie to you again, or my teachers, or Mom." "Yup! Well, see ya! KEEP LOOKING KIDS, SHES GOT IT!" Said George. Roxandras jaw dropped, then she screamed and said "DAD! AH!" George waited and waited, then saw Roxandra slip through the jungle jim, with her foot still caught on that rope. But since it was a kids jungle jim, Roxandra could reach the ground, once she slipped through the jungle jim. Roxandra got a pocket knife from her sock (Luckily, none of the kids looked there!) and started to cut the rope off her foot. Roxandra eventually got outta that rope, but then she had another problem, the jungle might of had a way to get out at the bottom, but the other kids were guarding that way out! The kids were also guarding the little cracks in the jungle jim that Roxandra could fit through to get out. All those kids might of been little, but they were smart! Those kids let each other go into the jungle jim, with 3 at a time, and the others guarded the rest of the ways to get out. This went on for 3 hours, and George watched some football on the T.V. they had in LLLOF. Apparently, those kids REALLY wanted those gumballs! So yes, that was "The Visit, And The Horror!" Oh, and if you're wondering what happened to Roxandra, it was eventually closing time at LLLOF, and those kids had to leave, same with Roxandra and George. Roxandras close were torn. George turned the T.V. off and then brought Roxandra home. Once they got back home, it was 3:26 AM, and Roxandra fell asleep again, in the car, so George carried her inside the house, to her room, and left a note saying I'm so sorry that those kids broke your arm. Please forgive me by staying home, and resting your arm, in bed. Please just forget about your detention with Mrs. Blinder, and your punishment with your Mom. Lots of Love, Your very very VERY sorry Dad. In case you're wondering, Roxandra didn't brake her arm, she just lied to her parents AGAIN, just to get outta school with Mrs. Blinder, in detention, but once she wakes up again, shes gonna figure out that she doesn't have any punishment either. She didn't know that she wasn't gonna have any punishment anymore, but she kinda figured that she wouldn't have any school. Roxandra will be one lieing, yet happy, Girl. The rest of the story is just about Roxandra being caught spying on the aliens again, by an alien, and then taken up into space, and dissected, then Earth was taken over by aliens... JUST KIDDING! But Roxandra did spy on the aliens again, after those 3 weeks of her NOT punishment, and she was caught by one of the aliens, and was taken to space again, but she got out eventually... Or DID she?!?And Who Am I? You ask, well, that's a WHOLE other story to read. Just think of me as, the Fly in Your Ear, Cause I'm always there.

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