• I woak up in my regular bed. Got up and did the same regular things.
    Siging under my breath i said..."I wish more thing would happen awrond here!''
    slightly turning my head to look owt the window and see the bright sun light shining though my window into my eyes. "I hate mornings. I wonder how it would be if it was night every second of every day."
    I walked down the stairs looking at all the leftover photoes i had in my walet after the acsident. I was remembering how i would of had a little sister if they haddent died. As far as i knew i was a only chiled. I was 13 when my parents passed away. Ive been staying at a abandoned house ever sence.
    I had refused to go to another house; with another family. Ive herd all the stories about thoes people who get kids only for the money."So its been a year hu?" I go to a part time job; ya know so i can get food for the week. Everything in the house workes fine exsept for the lights; and heater.
    Ive gotten used to being alone. I walked over to the chair and sat down. "Well not realy alone" I said it without even realizing it. I turned my head tosee a picture of me and three little kids. Ill sometimes go into town to see the kids and play with them. Oklahoma isint realy crowded so there isint realy many kids my age there; so i play wiith the little ones. BANG! BANG! I got up and went to the door.It was one of the kids from town. "Aunty caitlyn aunty caitlyn! The town everyones dead!'' the little boy yelled.
    My eyes got wide. We an into town; and everything was on fire. Everyone was dead or dieing. I ran over to one of the men lying on the floor. "What happened?" i asked. " They were not like us; they went into the woods." he said. He died right in my hands. I know i didnt know him; but something in me just snaped! I genty put him down on the floor. I stood up; and fellt a little tug on my finger. "Aunty caitlyn what are we going to do?" The little boy said. "look I want you to stay here. Ill be back i promise." I said. He let go of my finger and ran over to a lady who was helping people out of a burning building. I cocked my head to the side and smiled. i turned awrond and started walking into the woods. " im sorry but i dont know if i can keep that promise." I said under my breth.
    I felt stupid; I was walking into the woods looking for people who ruined a whole town. And i diddnt even have any shoes on; and ontop of that i diddnt even know where i was going! Filled with anger i yelled "Where are you?" My voice ecoed through the trees; and i herd some sounds behind me.I turned awrond to see a tall man standing before me. "Your pritty brave to be chaseing after us." He said. A large gust of wind pushed me down; looking up i saw two more men one standing on each side of the other man.