• Crack!Snap!The tools Burned From overuse, when finally, the good Doctor Robotik Said with great joy,"Metal sonic!Metal Knuckles!Your Flight Type Partner is done!"
    "So?" said Metal Sonic."If he's any thing likeMiles Prower, He will be Useless!"
    "Do not be so-" CRAAASSHHH!The container For their flying
    partner Suddenly Exploded!A small, Red light Suddenly glowed."What is That?"Inquired Metal Knuckles."It's not....made of metal..."
    "Well,I figured a Badass Mecha version of a cute fox boy wouldn't go over so well....so, Sonic, Knuckles..Meet Tails Doll!!"Announced Robotnik with glee."now, I want you all To search for the Chaos Emeralds in thefollowing Areas, Metal Sonic, Resort Island,Metal Knuckles, Reactive Factory,Tails Doll-"
    "Radical City"the Doll Said with a hollow voice"I will make any who cross me feel my power!"
    All eyes were turned to the mechanized marionette,While The Good Doctor was Applauding.
    "Good Tails doll, now I have installed Communicators in your system.Good?Ok...Go my Creations!".Suddenly,A white light surrounded the base, and Tails Doll found itself at Radical City.
    "So, A Chaos Emerald is supposed to be-"
    A blue and red streak flew by and a Echidna Went up to it.
    "A DOLL?Wow, Eggman has REALLY outdid himself."
    "Well,it does sort of looks like me..."Said a Fox that Tails Doll presumed Was Tails.
    "I may have stitches in place of bolts, but heed my warning, I have come for the chaos emeralds, and as a show of power, I present a Gift."Suddenly, the strange crystal hanging from his head glowed.
    "Wait a minute, That Gem..RUN AWAY!!"The Echidna shouted.
    "what is it??"The Hedgehog asked.
    "Thats a Destruction Ruby!"The Red Echidna said."A WHAT?"The Hedgehog asked.
    "A Destruction Ruby is a Gem of absolute power,None can escape it,If you get caught in it's beam,you'll be destroyed!"The Echidna Explained.
    "Destruction Ruby or not, Your Not gonna get the Chaos Emerald!Now prepare yourself,Doll,For Sonic The Hedgehog!"
    Tails Doll Said nothing.It just stared at them,Then Tails Let loose ahorrific Scream.
    "WHAT?"Sonic shouted.Tails lay before them,covered in blood.
    "He has felt the Sunshine,and now will you."Tails doll said.
    "Uhh...Actually,"Can you feel the Sunshine" is The song from Resort Island,Where Metal Sonic is, So how can you get that reference?" The Echidna Asked.
    "Don't argue with the logic,it's just a story dumbass."Tails Doll said plainly.
    So there They were, Hedgehog, Echidna, And Puppet.
    Sonic Suddenly Aimed a Spin Dash for Tails Doll's Head, but a lazy movement of the head avoided the attack.Then the Echidna appeared From underground,apparently trying a sneak attack.Tails Doll was sent back a few yards, but quickly recovered.Then Something no ordinary doll could do happened, Long Claws appeared from the stitched hands.Tails Doll meant it to be over in a Flash, literally.He dashed and the Claws dug deep into the Echidna's Flesh.
    "AARGGHH!!"He shouted, and crumpled to the cold ground.Then something out of the ordinary occurred.Suddenly, Sonic had gone from a Electric Blue to a Deathly Black.
    "Knuckles....Tails...." He Moaned with greivance in his voice.
    "Are you ready to admit your weakness, Sonic?"The Doll inquired.
    "You B ASTARD!!!"
    "What is this new power?"Tails Doll asked, it's Hollow eyes fixed on the Dark Hedgehog.
    "You will pay for what you've done!"Dark Sonic Shouted.If Tails Doll had a mouth, it would be smiling.
    "Well, I guess it's time to be serious then.Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, it's time for the fusion"
    "No, y-you can't do that, that's impossible!"
    Suddenly, Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles appeared.They already acquired the Chaos Emeralds.And in unison, they all said "CHAOS UNIFICATION!"
    A dark light appeared, swallowing Radical city.Then, The mechanical Monster appeared.
    "I am Mecha Sonaikles!" He shouted.DarkSonic could only say"You Monster.You took The Chaos Emeralds, Tails, And Knuckles....." Suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds grew black.Everything was dark, then, after a long silence,a new Hedgehog came out. he was Full black with spikes.He said"You took my friends.you destroyed my life.I am no longer your Enemy, I am your Death!"
    Darkspine Sonic had been born!Sonic Immediately Dashed the back of Sonaikles, but it deftly dodged.Then, he Dashed in a circle around him at nearly the speed of sound."Darn," Sonaikles thought."How can something move this fast?Fine, I guess I'll end this now.""CHAOS-!""Oh no you don't!" Sonic yelled, and he rammed into It, dealing little effect."What?!" He shouted, and then, a look appeared in his eye,"What is that?Has he.....found something?"The mechanical monstrosity thought."Grr...I have to end this now."And then it shouted "CHAOS CONTROL!!!
    Sonic was lifted at least 4 Miles into the air, and then, came hurtling back down to Mobius a 8 Times the speed he went up, causing him to near the verge of death.This had poor effect, as he stood back up, but only fell back to the cold ground as a Sharp Blade crossed his chest."You're a fool, Sonic the Hedgehog.Do you see now? all of your efforts are futile.Everything you love, everything you care for will be destroyed, and you will now cease to live.Goodbye Soni-!"Suddenly, a green sphere of energy met It's back."What?!Who-?"it sputtered as it wheeled around to see a battered and bloody Tails."You!How is it possible?!"
    "Right before you attacked me, I put up a mental Energy Field,"He explained"And now, I'll Destroy You!"
    "Tails!"Sonic moaned."Go...for the..weak spot...the Gem....on it's....forehead....Tails....I believe in you.....T...a.....i..l...s..."And then, Sonic slipped away into the cold arms of Darkness.
    For a long time, there seemed to be no sound or presence."No....S-Sonic...c-can't be dead...he just....can't be..."Tails thought, but then he remembered something that Sonic had told him long ago.
    "Tails, remember.Every creature big or small, has power.But it's using it that's the hard part.So Tails, when you're scared or alone, just try to use that power, and you'll be ok."
    Something awoke inside of him.Suddenly, the Tears of sadness that had swelled in Tails' eyes turned into tears of Anger, And opened his eyes fiercely, and said "You...you've caused all of this.....YOU SON OF A B ITCH!I'LL KILL YOU!!!"And Rushed him.Sonaikles believed that this would be the simplest battle of all.He was wrong.Tails slammed him, pushing him back, and then fired a massive shot of energy at His Jewel.It missed by only inches.
    "Not possible!" The mechanical monstrosity thought, "He's even more powerful than Sonic!".Sonaikles used His power of Chaos to create duplicates of itself, hoping to confuse the young kitsune.Tails was startled for a moment, but then preformed something he had seen Sonic do only once before.He unlocked the Negative energy stored into the Chaos Emeralds, and With a Dark light that covered The Whole Track, emerged as Dark Tails.
    "How...did you do that?"Sonaikles asked, with a small quiver in his voice.
    "Humph!Like I'd tell you!"Replied the fox, and in breaking speed, Sonaikles was suddenly on the ground, battered andpleading,
    "Please...don't...kill me!Please..."
    "I guess the life of a Robot really is a short one.."Tails said softly.And then, with a glint of sympathy in his eye, crushed Sonaikles' head with His boot.
    It has been six Years since the Grand Prix ended, and Sonic and Friends were relaxing comfortably on the shore of South Island, with seven Chaos Emeralds in tow, and Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles were having a nice Conversation While Amy and Cream were at the other end of the beach, Treasure Hunting.
    "So Tails, how Did you Beat Sonaikles?"Sonic asked.
    "Yeah, tell us!I wasn't even conscience to see Sonic's Fight!" Knuckles commanded.
    "Well...I did what Sonic told me, back before we met you, Knuckles.I unleashed my inner power,...well, plus some power from the Chaos Emeralds."
    "What happened?"Sonic inquired again.
    "Well, I Tra-"
    "Hey Guys!Check out what me and Cream Found!" Came a call from Amy, who was coming closer with Cream, with something in herhand.It looked like a Ruby that was eminating.....a strange aura.

    So, How is it?