• *Temptations*

    Josiah leaned over, his free hand held his broken one.
    "Noah you okay?" he asked, grimacing.
    "Are you kidding me Josiah-kun?" she snapped. "I should be the one asking YOU that!"
    "Whatever 'Noah-chan'," he said with a painful smile.
    Noah ignored him and brushed herself off, her thoughts jumbled and racing around her mind. She turned to see Josiah turn his arm up followed by a sharp
    "Holy crap Josiah! That is absolutely revolting!" she blurted, putting a hand over her mouth.
    "It's necessary to do that Noah." his eyes concealing the pain from her.
    "Josiah! Don't play games now!" she cried out plainly. "your such a lying turd!"
    "hunny," he snickered, as he zipped to her side and gave her a heartfelt
    kiss. "I'm fine I swear!"
    Noah whipped around and planted one right on his nose. "Allright darling,"
    Josiah grasped her hands, a sly smile spread across his face. "Let's innaugurate my return with a little 'fun time'!"
    Noah scoffed. It was just like Josiah to suggest something as perverted as that.
    "Anyone could barge in any minute!"she laughed, watching his sly smile being replaced by a disappointing frown.
    "Oh c'mon Noah!"he protested. "It's been ages since we had a little 'fun'!"
    Noah felt him slowly snake his arms around her, leaning in meeting his lips with hers. She swore her head spun and lighten as he deepened his embrace.
    Josiah stroked her waist and pulled her closer.
    "Changed your mind yet....?"