• She said they would come without my knowledge. She was right.

    I saw it before it saw me. It was surrounded with golden treasure and sparkling gems. Entwined between its bony fingers is what it sold it soul for so very long ago, desire blinding its eyes and binding its heart. All that glitters and shines is its only true want, the only comfort it has. Its possessions are its food, the expense it’s drink. It holds on to what it has and never let’s go. No light has been able to reach its heart, only that of its riches. No satisfaction does it have except when it has taken from those in need and gives only to itself, it’s poison and addiction. With each new prize, it’s hunger grows, never able to be satisfied. I never saw it’s face, it only looked at what has taken its life, desire to take more a bottomless pit. I watched without the ability to rescue it as it sank further and further into its self-created prison, a Hell created with jewels and gold.