• A long time ago, there was a place where people once lived in peace and harmony. There were people but not humans. I never said they were humans did I? This happened a long time before humans ever existed. In a place of peace and harmony, there is always darkness and destruction. Where there is light there is darkness and that darkness will lead you to your demise. Light will bring peace. Enough of that already.
    The people who lived in peace and harmony were innocent, unknowledgeable. They knew not of the darkness that they had made. Jealousy, anger, hatred, selfishness, unending darkness grew in one they raised. The people blindly let the one grow. The darkness grew and grew. It grew into a large ball of fury, destruction and demise. It destroyed the place. Its home. The people’s home. The people hadn’t known what had happened. Some said that it was a warning that something worse is going to happen. Some said that they had done something wrong and now their God has come to punish them. They blamed themselves. Neither of them knew that this was their end.
    They sat and watched as the darkness ate the light turning every edge pitch black. Their precious home. Their small precious world. In the darkness they sang their holy song. The song blending in with the sound of destruction. They had hoped to soothe the God’s heart. It all ended with that. A quiet end with no screams for mercy and weeping as they accepted their fate happily, accepting what they thought was the God’s punishment. Leaving the only signs of life , their ashes, sounds or their voices and thoughts asking themselves what had they done wrong echoing throughout the chilly night as the new era of humans began….