• "I wonder what it's like at night," Cen-Cen muttered to herself as she gazed upon the solitude lighthouse. Cats-Eye Lighthouse is what it was called, and she had only ever heard of it before now. It was tall and wide and blue, and the light at the top appeared to look like, well, a cat's eye.

    It was quite a sight to behold, but she gave a careless grin before making the mistake of looking over the cliff side. "Ah! That's a long way down!" she gasped, scrambling back, forcing herself to forget the very sight of the waves crashing against the steep cliff. Maybe I shouldn't have ditched Star Warrior training for this, she thought, a sheepish smile stretching her lips as she scratched the back of her head.

    Then, something caught her attention and she blinked her blue eyes as she moved closer to the lighthouse. It was small and white, and when she got closer, she found it was a piece of sushi. Despite the fact that it was on the ground and she had no idea just how old it was, Cen-Cen promptly picked it up, smiling slightly. "Bon appetit!" she exclaimed.

    But, the smell of the old sushi promptly made her change her mind and her face twisted in disgust. "Oh, ew," she muttered, tossing the thing over her shoulder and into the water way below. It was just then that she decided that she had better head back. She'd take her time, though. Anything, really, to put off getting chewed out by Meta Knight himself. Rizu and Josuke must be sick and tired of covering for her all the time too, so she probably had a lecture from even them to look forward to.

    She took one step forward before yelling out in surprise as an explosion was set off behind her. Head over heels, she flew forward a good few meters and mentally thanked the grass for being so soft as she slammed into the ground. "Ow," she murmured, holding her head as she slowly pushed herself up. Just what was that? she thought as she forced herself to quickly turn to face her attacker…

    …And was already lunging to the side to avoid getting fried by a lightning bolt.

    Her eyes quickly locked on the attacker and she blinked in confusion. "Sushi?" she questioned. It was indeed the sushi she had only just moments ago thrown over the cliff side, but it was bigger and a kraken-like monster. And it had six fat, stretchy tentacles that made her want to throw up a little. "Oh! A giant Squishy," she corrected herself. Maybe he's mad that I didn't eat him, she thought absent-mindedly.

    Her train of thought was quickly derailed as Squishy whipped a tentacle at her, knocking her to the ground again. She didn't waste a moment to get onto her feet and start moving. As she dodged between extending tentacles and bolts of lightning, she promptly pulled a pair of large, metal boxing gloves off from around her waist.

    "You're going to have to do better than that!" she growled, jumping off one of Squishy's tentacles. She was just about to deliver a punch, she was knocked aside into, again, the ground. "Fail," she murmured, spitting dirt and grass from her mouth as she rubbed at her nose.

    Squishy attacked again, this time throwing both a tentacle and a wave of electricity at her. Cen-Cen quickly jumped back and to the side, keeping note of her surroundings. A cliff side wasn't exactly an ideal place to fight a giant piece of sushi. Her mind was racing as she weighed her boxing gloves on her hands. She knew that if she put a good amount of power behind each hit, he'd be down in just a few punches. But the trick, she thought, is actually getting those hits in.

    "Alright, let's go!" She jumped forward at Squishy, zig-zagging to avoid the tentacles as she ran at him. Again, she used one of his tentacles to get some air, and blocked an oncoming one as she landed a heavy punch to the top of Squishy's head. "Nyah-ha!" she laughed, as she landed behind him.

    She watched as he shook off the dizziness and attempted to pull the same maneuver as her ego got the best of her. This time though, he shot electricity at her, forcing Cen-Cen to pull back, grinding her teeth together. Just a couple more hits! she told herself. She looked between the lighthouse and Squishy, then a grin appeared on her face. "Better keep your ugly, yellow eyes on me, you giant squid! Or you're definitely going down!"

    Cen-Cen didn't hesitate to run straight at Cats-Eye Lighthouse as Squishy attempted to stop her with tentacles and lighting. She gave a laugh as she gained just enough speed to run up the lighthouse, though she was panting heavily. "Take…this!" She pushed off the lighthouse with her strong legs, flipping back before promptly landing another punch to Squishy's mushroom-like head.

    As her feet touched the ground, she was grinning quite victoriously despite her heavy breathing. One more hit would just be enough, she knew, but there was going to have to be an even greater amount of power behind it than the first two. She gazed back at the cliff side and then back to Squishy. He let out a frustrated roar and brought another tentacle down upon her.

    Cen-Cen gave a little "meep" before promptly moving away, but not before the energy of the blow had her rolling. She shook her head, pushed herself to her hands and knees, and realized just how close she was to the edge of the cliff. "Meep," she squeaked again, staring down at the treacherous waters. Then she pulled her gaze away to look at Squishy, who seemed--in her mind--to be even bigger than he was before.

    Before she realized it, fear had gotten the best of her and she was almost frozen in place. "A-ah, no!" she shouted at herself, the sound of her own, frantic voice being enough to pull her to her feet as the adrenaline kicked in. "Al-alright, you're going down!"

    Squishy's yellow eyes flashed with anger and he instantly started to shoot electricity at her again. Cen-Cen, though, was already jumping up and in the air. "Blast Kick!" she exclaimed, spinning in a full circle as she focused energy on her attack. Then, she landed an exceptionally heavy kick into Squishy's face.

    He let out another roar as he tumbled back as Cen-Cen hit the ground, smirking victoriously. She watched as he twisted in rage and defeat.

    Suddenly, without warning, he exploded, forcing Cen-Cen to tumble back into the lighthouse with a grunt. She shook her head and looked back up to find that it was now raining sushi. She blinked and gazed around, her eyebrows furrowing together. She didn't contemplate the strange occurrence for long though.

    Soon, a sushi dropped onto her head and then into her boxing gloves. She blinked again, and gazed at it for a moment before shrugging and popping the bit of food into her mouth. "Mm-mmm," she sighed. "That's gooood eatin'!"