• I slide across the snow on my stomach watching for any other signs of movement.A flash of light gray catches my attention and I go after it.A rabbit.It will be delicious.I increase my speed and then leap high into the air.Down ontop of the rabbit.I flatten it and pick it up in my mouth carefully.It's time to go back home.I'll go hunting later after I feed Aubi.She and her soon to come kits come before everything else.
    I hear a howl of a wolf pack nearby my cave and pick up the pace.The stench of blood fills my nose and as I get to the cave I see a horrible sight ahead of me.I drop the rabbit and run over to Aubi.Tears freezing on my face.
    "She's going to die you know."a voice behind me growls,"Just leave her here."
    I swirl around to see a wolf with touches of blood on his muzzel.
    "She didn't do anything wrong!Why did you do this?"I choke
    "We don't need more cats on this land.Now we take our leave."
    The other wolves left and I was left around with my dearest.
    "A-Aubi?Can you talk,my love?"I purr
    Aubi's eyes were glazed over,but her mouth opened and she spoke softly.
    "The others would've been beautiful."
    "The others?Aubi?What do you mean my dearest?Aubi!!!!!"
    The love of my life had departed from this time.I look at her body and then at the mouth of the cave where the rabbit for her lay.I shouldn't let that go to waste.I padded over my paws dragging along the stone floor and I grasp then stiff prey in my jaws.
    I look around.
    I hurry to the back of the cave where Aubi's nest was.A small bundle of fluff with spotted fur and golden eyes was mewing at the new smells its nose found.
    "Aubi...you had a daughter...how wonderful..."I sigh happily lying next to her kit.
    *I'll need to move on from Aubi's death.So I can take care of her final wish.*