• Akira: The Darkness
    ~As we left off~
    “Nijix if anything is bothering you just tell me.” I told Nijix as a friend. Man I am really losing my edge, I better cover that up. “Never mind you don’t have to say nothing since I don’t care.” I added quickly.
    Nijix brushed away from long silver hair out of his face and ignored me. Just like Nijix ignoring people 24/7.
    “Oh shush, I don’t feel like dealing with your hatred talk. I’m trying to figure something out in my head. So keep walking Akira.” Nijix sounded annoyed. I don’t really blame him; he just met his brother who he hates. And to top it off he just got reminded of a girl he once loved, who is now dead. The wind started to pick up even more than before. Like it was warning us of something, but I don’t know what. Nijix sensed it to and looked at the sky; it was gray and seemed to twirl into a mini tornado. Wait…it is a tornado!! Nijix threw me into a ditch by the side of the road and shielded me with his body.
    “You’re going to get killed!!” I yelled at him. But he clapped his hand over my mouth. What the nerve he has!
    “Shut up, this is not an ordinary tornado; it is Kino’s Search Magic. He is looking for you!” Nijix quickly stated to me. I looked at him like he was lying dead to my face, maybe he wasn’t lying. But I didn’t want to find out so I closed my eyes and trusted Nijix with his word.

    Nijix stood still for a whole hour, it seemed like he never even took a breath. The tornado passed, and he took a deep breath and got off of me.
    “He is doing it again…he really wants my life to be hell.” Nijix told himself. I don’t know if he was going crazy or just angry. Maybe both if I’m right but who cares, he just will solve it now or later. Nijix started to look uneasy but he continued to walk towards the village.
    “How far is it now? I mean the village.” I asked him. Nijix just stared at me and held up two graceful yet sturdy fingers from his hand. I think he didn’t feel like talking, or was just caught up in wanting to kill his brother. I continued to walk and look at our surrounding just in case I got lost or Nijix deserted me. From my experience, they leave out of the blue on purpose. Maybe it was cause I never knew my dad long enough, or it was cause I never got a chance to decide what I wanted to do. I started having flashbacks.
    ~ Flashback From When I Was Eight~
    I held on to another slave who befriended me on the journey to the new home that I would call hell soon.
    “ I’m scared, will we be Ok Tiyo-san?” I asked scared, he was a boy who was kidnapped from Dark Sky Village. His hair was metallic gray and his eyes were so deep they seemed entirely black. But despite his looks he was very nice and gentle.
    “… No, I’m afraid not little kira. We will be separated soon, and may never see each other again if we are unlucky. “ Tiyo told me and gently squeezed my hand.
    “ You sure, maybe someone will just like us both and we can live together?” I said happily. Tiyo face turned grim as I said that, his face turned pale. Two guards pointed towards us, and came over to inspect us, I clung to Tiyo for dear life my head buried in his shirt. One of the guards, held my chin and forced me to look up at him.
    “ A lady in waiting or a maid, your highness? “ The man asked the other guard who I now guessed was a king or prince.
    “ Maid for my son, maybe a bed witch when she is older. You can set the boy free or kill him, since he seems a bit scrawny.” The king lied about Tiyo! He was just jealous, the guard nodded and took out his sword, and pointed it at Tiyo’s neck. I clung on to Tiyo even harder, he was my only friend in the world. He could not die, I wouldn’t let it happen.
    “ Please, don’t kill Tiyo-san. He is my only friend!” I sobbed, a tear fell from Tiyo’s eye and landed on my cheek, he hugged me and pushed me away.
    “ Search for your home little Akira. “ And with that, they decapitate him. The blood squirted onto my slave clothes, I watched in horror as his blood spilled all of the ground. I fell to my knees and sobbed. The guards dragged me away from my only friend’s body.
    ~End of Flashback~
    I stood still for a moment and a tear slipped down my cheek, I wiped it off and stared at it for a few seconds.
    “ Tiyo-san.” I breathed, but it was caught in the wind.
    “ Tiyo-san.” The wind echoed in the trees.