• Chapter #1

    "Ms. Shay....MS. SHAY!! Daydreaming out the window again I see." Ms. Bricks whacked her yard long ruler on her desk, and flared her pointed nose. The frown she managed to pucker out with her thin lips left deep wrinkles on her forehead. She is the only one in Naia's class who she harasses. And Naia is getting quite tired of being the class center of attention for no reason. "Pay attentions miss Shay. This is highly important information that will certainly appear on next week's test. This test will determine half of your grade."
    "Whatever...Ms. b***h." Naia muttered.
    "Oh nothing, miss Bricks. I must say, your hair bun is looking absolutely stunning today. Not at all like that hot mess from yesterday."
    Ms. Bricks left scratching chalk on black-board in front of unusually quiet classroom, to stand intimidating by Naia's desk with one of her tiny hands on her hips. "Ms. Naia Nicolas Shay. I must say, I will not and certainly not accept such unruly behave on such a glorious evening such as today. If there is I will be forced to send you to detention. Do I make myself clear?"
    Naia found it hilarious knowing her annoying teacher wore such uncomfortable and, tight ugly gray dresses to show off her boney frame. She suddenly remembered the first week of school-when she had a clean slate-Naia asked Ms. Bricks why she would where such things to class. "It helps me attracts the men. They like slim figures you know!"
    Naia caught a glance at miss Bricks face before she stomped off, clicking her high heel boots with every step. Moles and wrinkles. That'll get the guy attention for sure.
    The small girl sitting in front of Naia leaned her chair back. She was very popular with the boys in class because of her short pink hair and her ruby eyes. But her timid nature sends her running as soon as realizes she is being hitted on. "Nia!" She hissed. "You’re going to get yourself into some serious trouble!"
    "Relax, it's not like I haven't got myself into trouble before Mitsuki."
    "But as your friend, I still worry about you!"
    "...Now if you multiply these number times this square root..." Ms. Bricks continue her lessons.
    "I'm not going to get detention. I promised I'd help you, didn't I? Naia said.
    "You'd better not," Mitsuki pouted. "This really means a lot to me!"
    "-Yes miss Bricks!"
    "-So sorry to interrupt your lesson!"
    Ms. Brick make a final huff, before returning to scratch the blackboard once again.
    "The park. 6 p.m. sharp! Please don't forget."
    "I won't! I won't!"


    The park was already tinged with golden yellow by the time Naia came. "How am I late?! My house is right outside the park! I even distinctly set my watch for 5: 35!" Naia looked at her watch again. A quarter past 6. "Ah man! Mitsuki is gonna kill me!"
    She tried to cut through some shrubs but the branches kept getting caught in her long blue hair and her shoulder backpack she decided to bring along so, she just simply decide that the cobblestone path was less painful. After at least 6 minutes of running, Naia collapsed on the park bench. Gasping for air.
    Well here she was. Not exactly on time, but she at least promised to meet Mitsuki here. Speaking of which, where was she? Despite the schedule time, Mitsuki would always tried her utmost best to come earlier than planned.
    That was her alright. Always has been since they were kids. Always the top student at the High School. Always organized. Always pushing herself to work hard at her parent's hotel. Yet so timid and weak.
    It was always Naia who saved Mitsuki, from grade school bullies to persistent flirts. Thinking back, Mitsuki had always been the sister Naia never had. She could recall times where Mitsuki would follow her around like a little lost chick. Gripping her red sun dress with small fragile hands.
    They would play together in this very park. Making sand castles, swinging on the swings. Pretending to scale the highest mountain on the park's monkey bars. Many of these things Mitsuki was never able to do because of her small size. But even then, she was determined to keep up with Naia even if she wasn't physically capable too.
    It sadden Naia that despite how much older she was compared to her friend; she could never completely escape the actuality that Mitsuki was more mature and reliable than she was. Ready to accomplish new things and overcome hurdles before Naia could even get running start.
    The wooden bench creaked lightly as Naia leaned back and rested her right arm over her forehead, to protect her eyes from the sunset’s harsh glare. “Looks like I’m falling behind.” She murmured to herself.
    In fact, the whole point of Naia promising Mitsuki to meet her in the park was to help her confront a boy she liked. Who enjoys spending his time swinging and reading his mystery books, he checks-out at the local library, on the monkey bars in the evenings.
    Kito Honda. He also goes to the same school with Naia and Mitsuki. He lives on the Plywatch Farm with his mother and his two sisters. He seems kind of homosexual to Naia if you asked her. On occasions, Naia often catches him gazing dreamily at the other good-looking men in the class. Never had she seen him give the same kind of attention to any other girls. And if you pay real close attention to the books Kito reads, you’d have realized that he doesn’t always read mystery novels. But BL books as well! That’s right, Kito Honda reads boy love books. And Naia seriously doubted he reads them out of shear boredom.
    Even to this day, Naia still found it hard to believe that her friend never say the signs. Naia could easily tell Mitsuki that she’s making a mistake into confessing her feeling for this boy. Yeah…but she probably wouldn’t believe me. Would think perhaps I’m jealous of her admirer and see me as a rival or some sort. She concluded. It wasn’t exactly what Mitsuki would do but who knows? Teenagers do the weirdest things when they’re in love.
    She’s all ready to confess and the thought of me getting a boyfriend myself never crossed my mind before. Naia didn’t really consider having a boyfriend at this day and age. There were too many recent cheatings. Too many bitter-sweet memories. Too many suicides. The thought of it all send shivers up her spine.
    Come on now, Naia! Don’t think as relationships as the end of the world! There are a lot of good points too like…
    The park grounds had cooled down to a faded indigo color when the sounds of shoes tapping against the cobbled stone path grew louder before Mitsuki appeared. Probably ran for a minute or two, and she were already out of breath. Poor girl. Gym was never one of her majors.
    Mitsuki was certainly surprised to see Naia awaiting her on the park bench. Yet Naia saw this as an opportunity to gloat.
    “Why are you so late? I thought you wanted to see your Romeo?” With much closer exceptions, Naia discovered that her friend was wearing the same black dress from earlier. “Don’t tell me you lost track of time looking for better clothes to wear?! And you still ended up coming here with your school uniform on. Jeez Mitsuki, if you wanna hook it up between you and Kito then you’re going to have to wear prettier things than that!”
    “Say what?”
    After Mitsuki caught her breath she quickly explained. “I was cleaning the hallways back at my family’s hotel, like my parents instructed me to do, when I realized that it was already past 6. Before I could get my shoes on, dad warned me that if I’m going out I’d better come straight home because today is day-lights’ saving hour! Most of the clocks got set forward an hour ahead!”
    “What?!” Naia stared down at her watch. 6:55 p.m. She then stood up from the bench and frantically stared around for the clock post. Suddenly the street lights’ came on. And an unusual panic started to befall Mitsuki.
    “What if the officers catch us?” She spoke in soft hushed voice. “I don’t want to be beaten.”
    “Don’t be stupid. They’re going to ask us questions before taking us, the Police Station and calling our folks.”
    “…This happened to you before…hasn’t it?”
    “Mmm. Maybe once or twice. Well, see ya tomorrow! Maybe we'll see Kito again.” Naia didn’t think it made much sense sitting around and waiting for the cops to come and put another unneeded bad mark on her record. She was already in it bad with her folks back home. No need stir up more trouble with her emotionally damaged aunt and relaxed uncle.
    Naia soon heard some sudden movement in the bushes she had only hours before went through and, seen Kito being tackled to the ground by three police officers. Kito struggled under the massive force but was quickly apprehended.
    "Hey! Lay off man, I didn't do anything! Why are you slamming down the cuffs on my arm for?!"
    The officer who was lifting Kito off the ground spoke. "You kids know well enough the town's curfews are before 7 o' clock. Get-up! We're taking you down to the station. You've got a lot of explaining to do."
    "About what!? I was picking up groceries before you and your goons knocked my bag out of my own hands! its ridiculous actions like these are why people are afraid to come out of their houses!"
    "Shut-up! I don't need to get lectured by a kid." Just then the officers noticed Naia and Mitsuki watching from the bench. "Hey! You kids aren't supposed to be out after curfew either!"
    Kito threw of the other officer who was holding on to him, facing Naia. "This is getting out of hand! Run while you still can! Go!"
    "Quiet!!" The head officer turned around and punched the lad in his abdomen. Kito then fell to the ground and with limp in the other officer’s grip.
    Mitsuki trembling hands met Naia's. "Nai, I'm scared. I've never seen the police get this violent before! What are we going to do?!"
    Without warning Naia tightened her grip and ran full speed out of the southeast wing. "Get them!" Shouted a command. But Naia was in too much of a panic to hear. Only Kito's last few words rang in her ears. 'Run while you still can!'
    But where are we supposed to run to?!?