• I spoke weakly to my maid, limping. My wings were damaged and would not be able to fly for some time. My maid had not cared though. She gave me a simple small nod and said "Yes ur majesty" gently and softly. I somehow made the way to my bed. I needed to sleep. I haven't slept after hunting down those Jaboos. They are a smaller version of Jabberwockies. I rested my eyes and fell asleep within a second. Of course my mind took a course of its own. I walked down the forest another time. The flowers were blooming which is most unusual. The smell in the air was blood and flesh. And image of a more advanced and red Jaboo showed. "The war is starting.." it said in a deep growl. Then from behind, I felt a sudden pain. I fell down and my eyes closed. "Sleep Ariana..Sleep. And never wake up," The voice pierced my ears. I opened my eyes and looked up. I never got out of the forest. I was laying there on the rocks with a knife in me. I was starting to lose my consciousness.

    <<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>

    (now wait until I figure out what i write next..)