• Fanfiction # 1 Part 3 – The Encounter
    In Trinity, the gang was up to go visit Trinity Museum when Seph came running in screaming, “You guys Jessamine Longbranch still wants to takeover the wizard council!”

    “How is she going to that?” Owen asked.

    “I don’t know, but she is now Anaweir (ungifted), so she can’t cause any magical damage.” Seph said.

    “She can have an accomplice.” Harkness said

    “It can’t possibly be Geoffrey Wylie. He doesn’t have powers either.” Seph explained.

    “We’re going to find out who his accomplice is and intercept them. Besides, who knows who her accomplice is.” Hastings said.

    That afternoon, the gang were all at Trinity College visiting Becka Swift. She was showing the Swift family tree when a bolt of light came shooting through the study. Jessamine Longbranch came in.

    “Jessamine you’re not supposed to have power!” Hastings said.

    “Well, if must know, I don’t have powers. I’m Anaweir because of the Madison Moss! I have an accomplice though.” Jessamine said.

    “Then, who is your accomplice?” Seph asked

    Jessamine just pointed to the door. A kid with a mask over his head came through.

    “You guys might know him.” Jessamine said.

    “He does look awfully familiar.” Jason said

    Nobody could point him out until the kid said, “I’m Warren Barber you idiots!”

    “Warren, I thought we killed you on Booker Mountain?” Seph asked.

    “Obviously, you guys didn’t do a very good job.” Edward pointed out.

    “Just curious, what is with you sparkling?” Warren asked Edward.

    “I’m a vampire.” Edward said hesitantly.

    There was silence for a moment. Then Warren Barber broke out laughing.

    “A sparkly vampire! Are you for real?” Warren said with a chuckle following.

    All Edward did was ignore him. Edward hated to be laughed at because he sparkled. At times even Jacob would laugh, but they were enemies.

    “Why are you alive? YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ALIVE! Seph exclaimed.

    “At Booker Mountain, Madison did hit me and I did fall. I woke up in a puddle of water because it had rained; I saw Jessamine Longbranch and I cut a deal with her, if I became her accomplice I could also takeover with her. You know I want to takeover that bloody wizard council.” Warren explained

    “I hate that Covenant right now, I hate being bloody Anaweir!” Jessamine exclaimed. “I need to find Madison Moss, do you guys know where she is?”

    “Why do you need to find her?” Seph asked defensively.

    “You know why!” Jessamine said.

    “Is it because she took your power away because you began a battle and ruined city?” Jacob asked.

    “Yes, okay, being Anaweir is so boring!” Jessamine said. “Geoffrey Wylie doesn’t have a problem with it because he thinks he’s lost being a wizard forever.”

    “Just to be clear, you’re taking over the wizard council with him (pointing to Warren Barber), a kid messed up face?” Owen asked.

    “I kind of agree with Owen.” Gwen said, “What is so important in the wizard council, that you want to take it over?”

    “We want to be in charge of all wizards and later takeover the U.S. and be above the president.” Jessamine explained.

    “Why do you want to be above the president?” Hastings asked

    “This bloody country is just corrupt, I can barely afford anything.” Jessamine explained.

    “You’re a weird one aren’t you?” Owen asked. “We should send her through the rift.”

    “Yeah, I agree she’s really crazy.” Harkness said.
    “What in bloody hell is a “rift”? Jessamine asked with air quotes.

    “Something that we’re not going to tell you.” Harkness said defensively.

    “Why can’t we tell her?” Gwen whispered.

    “She can use the rift to her advantage, she could takeover Torchwood and the world for heaven’s sake!” Harkness said.

    “Jessamine, can you tell me again why you want to takeover this bloody country?” Owen asked.

    “I’m not telling you again Owen, you think you’re better than me anyway.” Jessamine said.

    “OF COURSE I’m better than you, I’m a bloody dead man for heaven’s sake!” Owen yelled.

    “You’re making him mad mow, since he’s king of the weavles, they can come and attack her.” Gwen said.

    “That can be a good thing.” Jacob concluded.