• Chapter 1:
    "You had best move it," A bulky man sneered at me. I growled back, and he pushed me forward with just enough force to make me stumble. He watched as I tried to catch myself, obviously enjoying my humiliation. Hate vibes shot up my spine. If my hands weren't bound behind my back, I would have been kicking his butt right about now. But instead, I was shoved into a room, and into a chair in front of a huge desk. The man who brought me in undind the bindings, and walked out. I looked at the chair behind the desk. The back was towards me, but a guy who looked like he would be in charge whirled his chair around to face me.
    "Name?" He said tightly. After a silent moment, he glared into my violet irises. "Naaame?" He repeated impatiently, stretching the word.
    "Aya," I replied blunty, holding back the desire to hiss or spit the word.
    "FULL name!" He demanded. I blinked in surprise.
    "Uh, Aya Oliver," I stammered. At least, that's the name they had given me. I made my eyes big and round, feigning curiosity. "And who are you?" I asked.
    "That is not your concern," the man at the desk said gruffly. I raised my chin indignantly.
    "That's not fair!" I said. "I told you, so I should get an answer."
    "Life's not fair," He said. "And you don't have a choice but to answer.Age?"
    "Fourteen," I sighed. Of course, none of us were supposed to know anything. I decided to give up, for now, and answered the rest of his questions.
    "What are you?" He asked. As in, what animal was fused with my human DNA. The whole reason I was in this hell-hole. I silently cursed every scientist that had anything to do with that experiment.
    "Gray. Wolf," I said through clenched teeth. "Can I go now?" My ears twitched in aggravation. I fingered the sapphire crystal that dangled around my neck. No answer.
    "Can I go home now?" I raised my voice, trying to make myself sound scared and pitiful. Again, Mr. Bossdude looked into my eyes, but his gaze didn't hold the hate that it had earlier.
    "Aya," He actually addressed me by name. No one had ever done that. "Aya, you must have realized by now that you can't ever leave here." I don't know how much time had passed-- seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days?-- before I spoke again.
    "What!" I shouted, and tried to jump up from the chair. But a guard-- where had he come from?-- caught me by my shoulder and forced me back down. What a turd monkey.
    "Your kind," Bossdude made it sound as if we, the DNA kids, weren't at all human. "your kind is too dangerous to run loose."
    "Uh, I'm not the one with big machine guns, thank you very much." I said pointedly.
    "All the same," He said with an air of finality. "You will stay here."
    "What!" I shouted again. I threw a glare to the guard, daring him to touch me again.
    "You are an incredibly bold girl," Bossdude noted.
    "And you are an incredibly big a*****e!" I shouted back at him.
    He put something into his desk-- files? Bills? His blueprints for world domination?-- and stood up. Even when I stood, he was a good two, two and a half feet taller than me. Maybe more. He exited the room, and I was more or less forced to follow him. He finally told me that he was Mr. Tiam. He never mentioned his first name.
    He stopped at a door, all big and boring, marked with the number 17 painted in bold black print. Earlier, I had been given a leather collar with the same number engraved into the tag. After being shoved into the room, Mr. Tiam held out his hand.
    "Your necklace," He said. I clutched my sapphire.
    "Hell will freeze over before I give this up," I snarled. Mr. Tiam's hand dropped to his side, in an I-give-up fashion.
    "Welcome to the Facility, subject 17," He said, and left me alone, locked in the room.