• It was a dark stormy night, and I was alone. I was huddled in a corner, knowing he was coming for me. He told me so himself the night before. I didn't find out he wasn't human until last night.
    The house was empty, everyone was gone away, they didn't take me, and they were going to wish they had. Lightning struck outside the window, thunder booming only a few seconds after. The rain picked up, pounding on the roof above me. It leaked through in some spots, it got annoying, hearing the drip, drip, splat. But I was too scared to move.
    I heard something, coming from the oppisite side of the room, and I instinctively held my breath, and strained my ears to catch any other noise. Nothing came, but I suddenly had a feeling I wasn't in the room alone anymore. I knew he could see me, I could feel it in my gut. And I knew he could hear my pounding heart, and my quiet breathing. I did my best to stay still, pretending I wasn't there, pretending that if I stayed absolutely still he'd go away, thinking I wasn't here. But of course he could smell my blood, my fear, and I began trembling.
    I heard a ghostly chuckle coming from a different spot than I heard the last noise. Lightning struck again, lighting the room, and there he was, standing not four feet from me. I heard a click, and a dim lamp was turned on. I could see now. He chuckled again as he grabbed me.
    "I'm decided I won't kill you... tonight. But instead your mine, forever." He tied my hands together, and he pressed me against the wall. Every part of him touched me. His nose glided around my jawline, down my neck, his hands touching me everywhere.
    "Stop... please..." It came out in a whisper, my voice shaking. His only response was chuckling, and pressing up against me harder.
    A few moments passed and he stopped. He blind folded me, and gaged me, he pushed me, and I knew we were leaving, but I didn't know where to.
    "You walk to slow." He grunted, and I could her the annoyance in his voice as he picked me and ran. In seconds he had me in the car and speeding away. It was at least an hour and half before I fell asleep.
    The car came to stop and I woke up. I heard him open the door and get out and slammed it, and I knew he was coming for me. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself, but of course it did't work. My door opened, and the wind blew, making me shiver. His fingers brushed my cheek, down my neck, down my arm to my finger tips. And I shivered again, but not from being cold this time, and he knew that too, because he laughed. He picked me up again, and suddenly we were inside. He took off my blind fold, but left my hands tied together. It was starting to hurt, the rope- or whatever it was- cutting my wrists.
    He left me there, going back to the front door, he locked several locks with several different keys, all the windows had bars on them. There was no escaping. I was too intrigued with looking around that I didn't hear him come up behind me. His hands wrapped around me, his face nestled in my neck.
    "I told you I'd love you." He said sarcastically. I struggled to free from his grasp, which hurt me more than him, and he led me upstairs.
    "I'll be wearing what I give you." He said, pushing me down on the bed. He grabbed a pair of raggedy clothes. He stripped me from my clothes, and before he put the others on he hands came over me. I cried out and winced. He let go and put the other clothes on.
    "I'd cut off all your hair, but would I be able to grab on to?" He asked, whispering in my ear. Instead he took out a hairband, a head band, and a ribbon. He pulled my hair in to a bun, tieing the ribbon, and then putting on the headband. He went over to his dresser and took out a pad.
    "You are to finish these chores by tomorrow night." He said handing it me. I looked at it, from what I could see there was a lot. He untied my hands, but put on shackles instead. "You need to work, but not escape." He said. He gave me a pair of slippers and sent me down stairs.
    First on the list was cleaning the floors, so I searched for a bucket, a sponge and soap. I found all the supplies in a cupboard in the kitchen. I started there and worked my way around. It was tiring, but I made sure to do my best. After that I found a dish rag and dusted everything. Before I knew it was about midday, and I wasn't even a quarter of the way done. I'd been working all night and all day. I found food in the kitchen, and ate quickly, getting on with more work. I went outside, the whole things was fenced off, it was a good two acre lot. I got started in the garden. I had finished with that and moved on to clipping the trees when it became dark. I headed in to wash up, and I was done putting the supplies away I ran to my new master.
    "Sorry." I mumbled. With my head low I started walking, but he grabbed me.
    "No, I actually wanted to see you in my room." He smiled. Oh, God, please no. I thought helplessly. He pulled me along with him, going up the stairs. He closed the door behing us and led me to the bathroom. He turned on the water and stripped- for the second time I was there. "We need to get you washed up." Like I didn't know what he was going to do. I let him push me, taking the shackles off my hands. Why wasn't I surprised? He even had a lock on the inside of the shower. The warm water felt nice, but his hand didn't. He washed my hair, and conditioned it, it was kind of relaxing, until he washed my body. He was gentle about that in the least. He shut off the water and dragged me out by my hair and dried me off. He an through my hair a few times, I guess he was making sure it wasn't dripping anymore. He led me out of the bathroom and to the bed... It was coming.