• ..........The moon was barely seen through the thick ruff of the woods. Animals called from everywhere in the forest, except for the sleeping birds and such who slept through the night. Yumi looked ill-heartedly at her father. He glanced up at her, but stared down at the leaves and dirt at first sight. "Please...Let's go back. I'm sure you and mom will make up and everything will be better again!" Yumi said, trying to ease the awkwardness and sadness that surrounded them. "No Yumi, it's better this way." Slouched over his shoulder, Yumi's eyes filled up with tears and she started beating his back. "No! It's can't be over! It can't!" She shouted, tears dripping on his back. "What did you expect to happen when you ran away?" Her father snapped back. "We'd be back together? Everything would be better? Yumi we're nothing without you! You were the only thing our marriage even survived on." Yumi felt as if she had failed them, failed herself. "I thought you loved her!" Yumi screamed. Her father looked at her. His deep brown eyes read , "I do love your mother, I do." Yumi frowned and looked up. The moon's light shined on her face for one second and the next it was gone. Her father was moving at a pretty fast pace. Questions zipped along her mind. How will they divorce? When will the divorce? Why is he taking me? Where are we? What's on his mind? What's on Mom's mind? The questions seemed endless.
    .........."Can you put me down?" Yumi grouched after a short while. "Only if you promise that you won't run off." "No promises." Her father set her down anyway and they started walking. "So where are we headed?" Yumi asked, wiping her eyes. She trusted her father and never wanted to leave him. Of course she wanted to go home, but it'd be best to go with the flow for now. Her clueless father shrugged. Yumi glared at him. "How could you not know?!" Yumi screamed. Her father shrugged, ignoring her question. He was busy with his own mind.
    ..........They continued walking in the forest until Yumi squealed. "What's wrong?" Her father shouted, turning around glancing at her. "I think I stepped in...something..." Yumi mumbled, giving a disgusting look. Before the family matters, the two would of died laughing, but they were too heartbroken to laugh. The father motioned his hand for her to follow and Yumi, dragging her foot along the forest floor.