• before i start yes i am the author of the black walker that's on fanfiction. 4everbroken that's me. Danny walker aka Mr. Hotness, he was tall and lean with muscles rippling through his shirt. I stared –along with every other girl in the class- as he took his seat in the back next to me. He ran his fingers through his jet black hair as he settled into his seat. I could feel my face reddening…what was it about Danny that made me act like a little school girl?
    “Danny?” Ms. Russo asked the answer to a question I hadn’t even heard
    “If I were paying attention I’d know the answer” Danny said grinning as he removed his headphones
    I giggled -complete 5 year old giggle- as the class laughed
    The bell rung…
    Ms. Russo shook her head “don’t forget to read” she called out
    In my rush to gather my things I dropped my books. And there he was Mr. Hotness picked up my things!! My heart was racing as I reached for them
    “Thanks “I flushed
    He just nodded then left.
    Tall and mysterious Danny, dangerous and sexy Danny. Danny had a reputation and not a good one either, he smokes, he drinks, he rides a motorcycle, and he has a criminal record. Ok so maybe half of those were rumors but Danny doesn’t deny it…
    There were other rumors though those were just plain fictional … Mr. Hotness was... a vampire. It is weird though how pale he is and is abnormally beautiful, though who am I to judge I put a boy in a coma! I was in eighth grade and the boy had been checking me out, I was flattered and let him continue from my legs to my upper body then he smiled. I looked over then he just sat there staring into my eyes my golden-silver eyes… he seemed so infatuated then he just fainted… I’ve been wearing contacts ever since…
    I snapped out of my trance to find Danny staring at me his wise dark eyes seemed endless, and the weirdest thing happened he smiled...at me! I smiled back and was about to wave maybe even go over when he got up and left …
    I never thought it would never happen, but Danny began dating Beth aka head slutkerteer- you know don’t ******** only one ******** them all-. It just didn’t seem right Danny always kept to himself; he didn’t seem like the jack a** type he struck me more as an artistic mellow type.
    “Hey freak eyes on your own man, oh that’s right you don’t have one” she sneered
    Her and her fellow slutkerteers laughed and walked away Danny turned back around and stared at me. If only this was twilight then I’d know we would have ended up together immortal and in love- after facing death multiple times of course-
    “This project is 90% of your grade. Choose your partners wisely” Mr.Ayala droned on
    Oh great I’m going to fail advanced English because no one wants to be partners with a freak. I sighed and plugged the headphones into my ear; I pulled on my hood and scrolled through my playlist till I found ‘Muse’. ‘Uprising’ started to play I drowned myself into the song, dissecting the lyrics as it slid through my mind. My eyes flashed open as the headphones were ripped out of my ears. Danny was leaning over my desk his perfect lips inches from mines.
    “You’re my partner deal with it” he breathed
    A smile stretched across my lips. Oh I could deal with that … I could deal with it just fine…
    Danny’s POV
    “You waste time up here with idiotic mortals while you could be learning how to rule your future kingdom.” My father popped in. He examined Luna as she slept soundly
    I stood “She’s mine”
    “I do not see your mark on her so she’s up for my taking.” He dug his sharp nail into her flesh. Luna groaned, “Unless you wish to compete with me son?” he brought the nail to his mouth tasting her blood “Hmm, delicious… Rosaluna interesting name; interesting girl”
    “Lucifer” a female voice growled “get away from her!”
    “Or what?! I remember how great you used to be Celeste, but then you gave up your power…your life’s work… and for what?!”
    “I did it so you wouldn’t have any more interest in me and look.. It worked… now get away from my daughter you a**!!” Celeste hissed
    “She’s waking” I chimed in
    “Then it’s time for us to say goodbye. It’s been a pleasure Celeste.” …
    Luna’s POV
    “Eh, thanks for the lift mom” I got out of the car
    “Rosa?” my mom called
    “Yes?” I sighed
    “Be careful and always keep the necklace on”
    “I know. Bye!” I half-ran into the school
    I can’t ******** believe this the head slutkerteer is talking about me and it’s not like I’m across the room, no!!! I’m standing across from the b***h!!!
    “You cannot work with her!! She’s a freak!! Have mr.what’s-his-name change your partner!!” she whined
    “Save it Beth” Danny flipped his hair out of his eyes
    It wasn’t one of those look-at-me-I’m-cool flips, he doesn’t do it every five seconds like Robert Pattinson running his fingers through his hair not even every five seconds but every second!
    “You’re really starting to get annoying. Luna let’s go” he grabbed my hand and dragged me away
    “Did he just say that to you” one of the slutkerteers asked
    “I’m sure he didn’t mean it or anything” Beth tried to cover it up
    “I can’t believe you’d even date someone like her” I croaked using all the courage I could muster
    He stopped and turned to face me completely with this impish smirk on his face “The porcelain doll speaks!”
    His eyes narrowed
    “I’m a selective mute slash emo”
    He raised a brow “ok...we’re late for class”
    Oh good job Rose just great keep talking and he’ll really think you’re a freak.
    “So what play are we choosing?” I turned to Danny who was once again listening to music.
    I repeated my question
    “Oh… how about… the black walker?” he smiled
    “Never heard of it” I sat up
    “Not a lot of people have. It’s about the devil’s son”
    “Ooh you have my attention” I leaned close
    “He comes to earth to find a queen but the girl that he does eventually fall for his father wants”
    “Why?” I was completely wrapped up in the story unaware of my surroundings
    “Lucifer wants her power”
    “She isn’t human?”
    “Not at all, she’s part witch but the story doesn’t mention...Let’s call it her other half.”
    “How does it end?”
    “Nobody knows the author died before finishing”
    “And they still made it into a play?!”
    “It was her death wish”
    “That’s very interesting”
    “It’s a good watch, why don’t you come over to my house…to start the project”
    “Yea...sure” I squealed in delight -in my head of course-