• Prologue

    I was listening to the music coming from the waterfall and the chirping of the birds when I heard something snap from behind me. Nobody was supposed to be able to get in here let alone know where I was, so I sprang to my feet in alarm. I carefully, but swiftfully, drew my knife from my belt of my dress and waited.
    A deer slowly came out of the bushes and I let out the breath I had been holding and laughed at myself for being foolish.
    There was no way they could have followed me to this place. It was secret. Even to the King. The only other person who knew of this place besides me had died ten years ago.
    I was putting my knife away when I heard footsteps behind me. I was done playing with the wildlife for today so I turned to shoo the deer away and I encountered a man. He was a head taller than was with dark brown hair and really deep blue eyes, bit on the muscular side too. There were three men behind him that advanced and then he flicked his wrist so I was guessing he was in charge.
    This is so not the palace guard. I was thinking as they came forward.
    I was lifting my arm to defend myself against these men but someone grabbed my wrist from behind. I then tried to step on his foot but soon found out that he was standing with his feet apart and could not get to either one.
    Just my luck. I thought to myself as I struggled against his hold.

    Then everything went black.

    chapter 1

    I woke up with a pounding headache in a dark room with only a single candle for light on the far wall.
    My hair was matted to my face when I tried to move out of the awkward position I was in I found I couldn't. My wrists were bound tightly behind my back. Of what I could tell, the room was small and really stunk. There was grime on the walls and there was water dripping somewhere so I assumed I was in some sort of dungeon.
    After a few minutes my stomach started to complain and I cursed myself for not grabbing something to eat that morning when I left. Or at least I thought it was the same day.
    When I heard footsteps outside the door I waited to see what they would do. Of course when they captured me they took my knife, I couldn't even feel its sheath at my hip. So all I could do was waiting. Then I heard the sound of jingling keys and a lock clicking. I knew it was too much too hope that he would let me go but I did anyway.
    When they opened the door I was momentarily blinded by the much brighter light from outside. It took me a minute to see that it was a big man in the doorway.
    "Hey you got anything to eat?" when he just stood there and didn't reply I
    Continued. "No how about this then, can you at least help me sit up? Because right now I am really uncomfortable" I smiled up at him as best I could.
    Huh guess he can't talk. I thought as I looked up at the burly man.
    Then suddenly the burly man started towards me and roughly grabbed my arm in his big hand....