• I was practicing my ballet when it was 12:28 and I heard a my favorite song on. I suddenly changed my dance to hip hop dance. The door bell rang. I stopped dancing and opened it. It was my mom and dad. They brought in the groceries and kissed me on the cheek. "Guess what sweetie?" my mom said to me. I groaned and said politely, "What's going on mom?".
    "You are going to be a star!" my dad said with no doubt. "We found a company that wants a star." my mom said. I stood quietly for 5 seconds and asked when is the audition. "It's in two days so practice and pack up. It's in Las Vegas." my dad said. I hugged them both and ran to practice. "Well, I'm going to practice." I said fast and ran.
    I practiced my ballet and my songs I'm going to sing and perform. My mom knocked on my door and I opened it. " You know you can only show four songs." she said. "Really? Can you help me pick them?" I said. "Sure!" she said back smiling. We searched through my playlist on my laptop. We picked, "Defying Gravity" By Glee, "The String Ballet" By The Strings Band, " Santa Bring My Solider Home" By The Stunners, and "Dream On" The Golly Girls. "They all have your attitude and personality. You finally can move out of the house! Ha ha ha." she laughed heading out my bedroom door.
    The next day I focused on my dances and the lyrics I needed to remember. "Santa have you seen my soldier? Let him know..." I sung until my boyfriend Mark, barged in. He is a musician, well he wants to be. Him and our friends are joining the competition with me. They will be playing some instruments. We are like a band. "Are you singing that song for me?" He said chuckling. "Yes I am." I said laughing then he kissed me for two seconds. "Let's get started." We all said. Sara started by playing the piano.
    Santa have you seen my soldier?
    "The one who wears my heart
    We're so far apart, ohhhh
    Santa have you seen my soldier?
    I'm bravin through the lonely nights
    Just getting by
    Livin prayer to prayer

    It's so hard to be apart this time of year
    The ones you love should be near
    Material things lose all their value
    Cuz all I want is you

    Santa have you seen my soldier?
    Let him know that I miss him and love him so
    Santa bring my soldier home
    I need him here in my arms
    Cuz love's worth fighting for
    Santa bring him home

    Santa bring him home
    Oh oh oh ohhh"

    I sung then we stopped. "Wow Tiffany. That was actually beautiful." Shane said. I smacked him. Me and Mark kissed for ten seconds and then they left.

    TO BE CONTINUED! Part Two Coming Soon! (Seriously! Soon. I'm just tired.)