• The ancient voyager lifted slowly above the mud stained silhouettes of the rusted cityscape. The rocks and moss hugging it's curves falling prey to gravity, tumbling to the ground. It's sleek shape marred by long ago battles, and years of slumber in a turbulent world. it slowly turned, creaking as it did, a deep bass grinding thundered through it's hull. It protested it's movement, groaning about being awoken from such a deep sleep.

    A glow began to emanated from the stern, an aqua colour diffusing into the surrounding air. It fluctuated, whined, then pulsed, punching forward with a subsonic wave of energy, blowing debris in all directions. The vessel careened forward into the distance, compressed air streaming behind it. It became invisible within seconds.

    Silence fell upon the weary brown streets. The sparse plants listened for something, a simple sign that all was well. Metal against metal, somewhere a can skittered across the asphalt and hit the burnt out shell of vehicle. The creatures had come out into the open, remnants of us. An evolutionary adaptation to a sea of brown.

    They were small, pale, and had sparse hair on their frail bodies, and yet they retained our intellect, if not our knowledge. The mastery of simplistic tools, and those more complex yet to come. They crawled on all fours towards the now vacant crash site, a gaping wound in the weathered landscape.

    There was a stillness in the air. They felt it waft in. Something old, and it hummed of mystery and twilight, floating between the plains of reality. They felt this presence, and they knew fear, and awe. For they knew they were being looked upon by the Gods. And as they felt this, they also felt their kinship with us.

    Then they became glad and rejoiced, for they knew that they were one with us in spirit.