• Chapter 2
    “WOOO!!!!!!!” Snoop screams as she runs towards where Momo and I were hanging out next to the water fountain at the local middle school. Momo and I step aside and watch as she crashes into the wall. “That’s gonna leave a mark.”

    We laugh and shake our heads as we help her up, and I ask, “Why are you my best friend again?”

    “Because I am amazing.” She struts like a supermodel and we’re left cracking up again.

    I’ve been in this group since about 4th grade. Momo, Snoop and I were the original little group of friends, and one day we decided to form a group. Snoop invited her cousin, Taylor, and Jay overheard so we had to invite him, and he invited his crush at the time, Pen, and Pen invited her older brother‘s girlfriend, Fear, and Fear invited these two girls she knew who were best friends, Ino and Rina, and Ino and Rina invited their friend who’s American but just moved from Japan, Blue, and Blue invited this skater girl she met at the skate park, Catie.

    So, yeah, that’s the random group.

    “Pixie Stix, anyone?” Pen offers as she walks forward. Her odd hair is tied back in a very complex braid, and Fear keeps using it to swat people as they walk by. I grab a purple Pixie Stick but the other two refuse.

    “That’s s**t.” Catie announces as she skates towards us. The vice principal is screaming at her to ‘get off the skateboard, it’s against school rules!’. But, being Catie, she ignores the b*****d.

    Pen and I look down at the colored sugar and then pour it out and drop the remains on the ground.

    “You say everything’s s**t!” Blue replies with an annoyed expression on her face.

    “Yo face is s**t!” Jay smirks as he shows up behind Fear, and she swats him with Pen’s hair.

    “Yo Mama’s s**t!” Momo replies to Jay.

    “Dude, we have the same mom.”

    “……Oh yeah…..”

    We all laugh at Momo’s dumb mistake and I say, “Jay, stop trying to be Momo, and Momo, stop trying to be a gangster.”

    “BUT I AM A GANGSTA YO!!!!!” Snoop yells as she runs out of the bathroom, wearing the same items with her own addition of baggy pants and un-matched Converse.

    The bell rings and we all make our way to our classrooms. Pen and Jay to the sixth grade hall, Blue, Catie, Fear and Momo to the eighth grade hall, and Ino, Rina, Snoop and I to the seventh grade hall.

    “Sorry I’m late!” Taylor rushes into the classroom when the period only has ten minutes left to it. The girls and I muffle our laughter as Tay gets handed a detention slip and then she slides into the seat next to me, pouting.

    “What took you so long?” I whisper, turning from the book I was reading called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    “My stupid younger brother ate the waistband of one of his pairs of boxers.”

    Ino, Rina, Snoop and I sit there, staring in silence.

    “Told you!” Rina says as she points at Ino. “Now hand over my fifty bucks.”

    “Dammit….” Ino frowns as she reaches her hand in her pocket and hands the money over to Rina.

    “You guys bet on why I was late?” Tay asks.

    “Yup, pretty much.” Rina grins as Ino turns back to her own book, muttering something about how the American government is noobish. Or maybe it was that she liked the dirt in Russia, I really don’t know.

    “Why do you carry 50 bucks around in your pocket?” A boy with light brown hair and ears that stick out from his head leans forward and asks Ino.

    “AHHHHH! STALKER!!!!!!!” Snoop screams as she hits the guy on the head with her book.

    The room is silent for a moment and then fills with laughter and the guy screaming ‘OW!!’

    Snoop is handed a detention slip and I turn to the boy. He has always wanted to be in the group, but we rejected him because of his sarcastic attitude. Hey, we already have Catie.

    “What up, Will?”

    “Why do you always call me that!?”

    “’Cause your ears make you look like Will Smith.”

    We all laugh as the bell rings and then go off to 2nd period, leaving the boy, Kyle, sitting there, staring after the girls in the group he longed to be in.

    Soon enough it was lunch time, and all of us in the group were lucky enough to be put in the same lunch period.

    “So, what are we talkin’ ‘bout?” I ask as I sit down with my plate of tacos.

    “HOBOS!!!!!” Taylor grins.

    “I thought we were talking about my new skirt.” Fear replies, gesturing to her new 45 dollar designer skirt.

    “I thought we were talkin’ ‘bout sheep.”

    “TACOS!!!!!!” Snoop shouts as she throws one of her own tacos in my face.

    “s**t in a shell.” We all turn to glare at Catie. “Hey, it’s just my honest opinion!”

    We all end up laughing as I wipe the broken taco off my face.

    “Wanna-be gangster.” Kyle points at the back of Momo’s head as he shouts from across the lunch room. His friends echo his laughter and Momo pouts.

    “Momo, what did I tell you?” I say, annoyed he didn’t follow my instructions.

    “Sorry Miss Alice…”

    I sigh and shake my head as my phone buzzes. I take a glance around and then look.

    ‘GRT EZMU RJWY DIBBI?!?’ the text was from Kyle and I’m left staring at it with a blank expression.

    Snoop leans over to look at the text, then grabs my phone and holds it in the air while shouting, ‘EPIC TYPE FAIL!!!!!’

    I laugh and shake my head as Blue takes a seat across from me. “So, Alice.”

    “So, ninja.”

    “WANNA-BE NINJA!” Kyle’s voice shouts.

    “SHUT THE HELL UP s**t HEAD!!!!!!” Fear screams back. The teachers just lean back in their chairs, not paying any attention or taking any interest in us at all.

    Blue rolls her eyes and continues, “Exams are next month, so we better get training.”

    “AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I groan.


    “I thought it was our destiny.” Ino says. We all look at each other and then end up laughing again.

    “Screw toast.” Fear growls as she pokes the black thing in front of her.

    “I thought that was a dead possum….” Pen replies.

    “I’LL EAT IT!!!!”

    Kyle appears out of nowhere and eats the toast, and Snoop screams, “LEAVE US ALONE, STALKER!!!!!”

    “SON OF A BISCUIT!!!!!!” Taylor screams. We all turn to look at her slowly and she just says, “Don’t ask.”