• We were completely alone.
    The only light was coming from a small window covered with red curtains.
    A small draft of air caused the curtains to move. The red glow surrounding me seemed to pulse in intensity.l
    Then i noticed "him".
    His shirt was off and his skin shimmered in the ruby light. His eyes were darkened by his jet-black hair, and he was HOT.
    Mmmm... completely alone in the dark room with the hottest guy on earth who just happened to have his shirt off. I'm gonna have fun wih this...
    "Yumi..." He purred.
    "Yes...?" I looked up into Kai's eyes, and if it weren't for my great control, i would have tackled him right then and there.
    "Yumi..." He repeated
    "Kai..." I teased back and hugged him.
    Hey... you can't exacly blame me. He was HOT and he had his shirt off. I couldn't help myself.
    "I want you Yumi..." His voice was velvet as he wrapped his arms around me.
    "Then take me, Kai."
    I know, I know! Crazy, right?
    He cupped my chin and pulled it up to his lips.
    His kiss was light but filled with fire. It deepened as he pushed me against the wall.
    I gasped in delight.
    kai tugged at my shirt, and i helped him take it off...

    My eyes opened. I found myself on a bed covered in black sheets.
    The room was dark except for a crimson light mixed with the silver of the moon.
    I stretched lightly, and my hand brushed up against bare skin.
    I glanced to my left.
    There lay Kai.
    His eyes fluttered open.
    "Yumi..." the word was 'naught but a whisper upon his lips.
    "Kai... I..." He blinked away the fog of sleep.
    "You're not Yumi!" He shouted. "What did you do to her?"
    "Nothing... Kai"
    "Who are you? What-"
    "Kai! Shut up, and let me explain!" He shut his mouth with an audible snap. "Kai, my name si Riku. We were together last night. Though, now that i think of it, you did seem drunk."
    "You're... You're... gay?" He looked close to hyperventilation.
    "Well, you don't have to put it so bluntly!" I got up and got my clothes on while he was jabbering away with questions. I silently left the room.
    "Wait!" Kai grabbed the back of my shirt.
    "What, Kai? I thought this situation grossed you out?"
    "Um... well... yes,but... Did i atleast enjoy it?"
    I was shocked. "Yes, Kai. I believe you did." I strided down the hallway leaving him stranded there. Naked.
    Sigh... Too bad I'll never get something that yummy again...