• You Are My Love

    Alice sat on the stairs of the school hallways, looking down at her book. She sighed and stood up, collecting her things, knowing the bell was about to ring soon. She took this as an advantage to get up and leave quickly before they appeared. Alice knew very well that this stairwell belonged to the most popular boys in school. Usually they would hang out here after school. Why? Alice just assumed because they were idiots with no lives.

    As Alice climbed her way down the stairs, she felt herself bump against someone. She lifted her head to see a boy with messy auburn hair and tan skin. He wore the school uniform which was a black jacket with a white undershirt and green plaid shorts with a green plaid tie. His green emerald eyes pierced through Alice's skin. Ethan Calabri, the most popular jock in their school.

    “Um, may I help you?” Alice whimpered, unsure of what to say.

    “I think you're on our stairs,” Ethan harshly said.

    “I-I'm sorry! I'll move right away,” Alice said. She quickly tried to make her way around Ethan.

    Ethan grabbed Alice's elbow and pulled her back. Alice winced at the tight grip Ethan had on her. She turned to look at Ethan, pleading in her eyes that he would let her go.

    “You also bumped into me. Nobody does that unless they wanna commit suicide,” Ethan growled. He cracked his knuckles.

    Was this boy serious? Was he seriously going to punch her in the face? Someone as delicate and innocent like Alice; was he crazy? Alice squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the incoming impact. She could hear Ethan's groupie cheering Ethan on, encouraging him to to put a sock in Alice's face.

    Nothing happened. No punch. But Ethan's crew was still encouraging him to punch her. Alice slowly popped open an eye to see Ethan's fist wavering over her. He then sighed and put his fist down.

    “I just can't do this,” Ethan mumbled.

    Alice took this as a chance to run as fast as she could away from that psycho creep. Her pace quickened when she reached the exit. She hurried out of the school and made her way towards home, breathing heavily. Never in her life was she going to go near those stairs ever again.

    “Ethan, why did you back down like that?” one of Ethan's buddies groaned.

    “I just can't do it. She's...so delicate,” Ethan said softly. A light blush appeared on his face.

    He could just remember how she looked like. She had such long silky black hair that fell down her back like a waterfall. Her skin was a pale ivory color and she had big red fawn-like eyes which made her look so young. She had such a thin frame and a petite body that she looked like a collector's doll.

    “So? I thought we only hit on the most popular girls and the hottest ones too,” another voice piped up.

    Ethan's face turned red with anger. He turned to his crew and glared at them. The group of guys slowly inched backwards away from Ethan.

    “She is popular for your info,” one of the guys said to the other guy who said the last comment. “Not to mention smoking hot!”

    “Really? Then how come we encouraged Ethan to punch her?” the other voice said.

    “Because she is one of the least popular girls. But for sure she is slowly rising to the top,” the guy said.

    “Shut up!” Ethan roared.

    The two boys who were talking immediately shut up, zipping their mouths closed. Ethan sat on one of the steps, burying his face in his hands. He slowly raised his head again.

    “That was Alice Rosalinda Stone. She isn't so popular, but she is one of the most beautiful girls,” Ethan breathed.

    “You know that chick?” a boy said.

    Ethan glared at the boy who said that. “No. I have just heard of her. I didn't realize it was actually her until she ran away,” Ethan muttered. “Man, I've heard rumors she was hot. But not this hot! I feel like an idiot...”

    “Because you are one!” one of Ethan's friends remarked.

    “Dude, do you want to be killed?” another voice asked the other voice.

    “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” Ethan groaned.

    Alice was sitting in her room on her black and red bed. She stared up at the ceiling, scared as heck. She could have been punched and came home with bruises. Luckily Ethan backed down from doing that.

    “Alice, time for dinner!” Alice's mother called from downstairs.

    “I'm coming,” Alice inaudibly said.

    She slipped off her bed and turned to look at her room. The walls were painted a light cherry red. Her bed sat in the corner of her room, covered in black and red sheets. Her nightstand was next to it. There was a computer desk on the front wall of her room and a bookcase with a TV built in it along with a WII and some books. On the right side of her room was a walk-in closet. The carpet was a velvet white.

    After examining her room to see if anything was missing, walked out of her room and downstairs to the marble kitchen. She sat at the table in her kitchen and waited for her food to be served to her.

    “How was your day today?” Alice's mother asked.

    “Terrifying,” Alice muttered. She picked at her food that was placed in front of her.

    “How so?” Alice's mother wondered aloud.

    “It's nothing, Mother. Please pay no mind to it at all,” Alice beseech.

    Alice's mother frowned. Alice always kept to herself. She would never let anyone else. It was as if Alice was enclosed in a shell where nobody could penetrate through. It hurt Alice's mother that her daughter was like this. Ever since Alice lost her father, she became emotionally pained and pushed others away.

    Alice kept staring down at her food as if it was an unknown object to her. She stood up and walked away from the dinner table. “I am not hungry. Good night.”

    Alice trudged up the stairs back into her room. She collapsed onto her bed, burying her face in her comforter. Tears welled up in her eyes and flowed down her cheeks. Why was her life like this? She never had the will to be happy or live anymore. It hurt her terribly. She didn't want to live this way anymore.

    The petite curled herself into a small ball, trying to make herself invisible. She just wished someone would save her from these dark waters that drowned her into a world of loneliness and depression.