• tab Back into the forest were horses and men, the same men from Mills that were chasing Allester who was riding on Kilne, the giant black panther.
    tab “They’re so loud!” a man shouts, covering his ears. He was right. The dozen horses that fell into the deep hole were whining. All of them stood on their hind legs trying to get out. All the men that fell in the same hole already got out with no injury. Now there are only five men. The others ran back scared to Mills.
    tab “Should we just leave them?” another asks worriedly. Everyone knew what he meant by it. The sun was replaced by the moon and shadows. Monsters could be on them any moment now. “Are the horses that important? We could come get them tomorrow morning”
    tab “Yea, when they’re all dead” a voice says, not coming from the five men. They backed away from the direction they thought the voice came from. A figure emerged from behind them and said coolly, “Behind you, fools”
    tab The men screamed, stumbled forward, and turned around to face whatever lurked in the darkness. To their surprise, it was a man, not a monster. But the person right before them might as well be a monster. “Seifern” they said in unison, teeth clenched. Fear was replaced by anger and disgust.
    tab Seifern laughed. He was leaning against a tree, his black hair blending in with the night; except for a red streak on the right side of his bangs. “Why is it that everyone gives me that reaction every time they see me?” he crossed his arms and smiled mockingly.
    tab The bravest man spoke, “What do you want?”
    tab His smile broadened. “Is that how you welcome me?”
    tab “That’s how we welcome all slayers” he replied quickly. It was true. Everyone despised slayers. Slayers are just ruthless killers, but killers out for monsters blood. They don’t care for humans, they treat them like dirt.
    tab “Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m only here to help you” and then he said before the others could speak, “Get out of here, unless you want to get killed by them” on cue, a large growl echoed through the forest, scaring birds away from the trees.
    tab Monsters, the five thought. Their fingers twitched a bit, eyes scanning, sweat dripping, and breathing heavily. And they would’ve scattered back to Mills but the one that spoke stood his ground, refusing to look like a weakling towards a slayer.
    tab Seifern narrowed his eyes and said, “Or else I’ll be the one to kill you” his tone was sharp and emotionless.
    tab The man was doubtful for a moment, but then another monstrous growl made his choice for him. The five men turned tailed and ran as if they were already being chased by flesh eating beasts. Once Seifern couldn’t see them anymore, he quickly grabbed a pocket knife out of his pocket, flung it open, and hurled it towards a faraway tree. It pierced the trunk so powerfuly that only the hilt showed. There was an animal-like figure behind that tree, its eyes glowed, one red and one silver.
    tab “You again?” Seifern chuckled, half amused, half taunting.
    tab You will agree. I am not giving up until you’re mine” the shadowy creature leaped out in front of him. Its head was level to Seifern’s, but its bulky twelve foot long body was enough to tell it was a monster. Black, silky fur covered the skin and dark claws jutted from its paw, from her paw. It was Kilne, the black panther. “Be my user” she showed her razer fangs.
    tab His smile faded. “I’ve told you so many times now. No. Now leave before I really kill you—you know what?” he says, his smile returning, “I’ll kill you right now

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