• Baby I love can't you see
    So many things are going on
    But don't you see-----
    That I can't set you free
    Your stuck with me for eternity
    Can't you see
    That I'm the only one for you
    Your bright blue eyes
    Your dark brown hair
    You smile like an angel
    There's one thing left that you need to know
    Your the only for me
    Your the one I see in my dreams
    You keep me going
    But you can't see
    Me through my own eyes
    You must believe me
    Your looking right through me
    Please, look at me
    And look at whats really there
    And not straight through me
    I don't care what you are
    I know you see me
    You may be a monster
    But that doesn't bother me
    Can't you see me