• {okay this is my first story...**THIS MEANS THOUGHT OR POV** [THIS MEANS ACTIONS] <THIS MEANS SETTING> well here it is! hope you enjoy, comment&&rate high!!!

    Characters: Alyssa, Cole, Justin, Maddie, Pattie[justin's mom], Jane[riley's mom], chaz, riley, alexis, && ryan


    ALYSSA--i can't believe you got tickets to JUSTIN BIEBER's concert!!!! he is AWESOME!!!

    RILEY-- calm down, he's justa person.

    ALYSSA-- but he is an AWESOME one!

    RILEY-- yeahh i guess he is...

    ALYSSA-- i cant believe you've actually messaged him though!

    RILEY-- hah, yeah me either...

    ALYSSA-- well RI, what did he say?!

    RILEY-- when....

    ALYSSA-- when you told him you got backstage passes to his concert!

    RILEY-- oh that, he said he couldn't wait to see us.

    ALYSSA-- i can't believe he's coming back!!!!

    RILEY-- yeah, but he probably doesn't remember us, well when i was emailing him he acted like he didn't...

    ALYSSA-- when he sees us he'll remember.

    RILEY- im just sorta wondering why you're so excited to see justin's concert. hes just an old friend...

    ALYSSA-- but hes famous now!

    RILEY-- soooooo....[looks at the time] oh damn! we gotta go!

    ALYSSA-- oh yeah! cant be late! [they leave]


    JUSTIN-- [singing "baby"]

    ALYSSA-- oh my gosh! i love this song!i love all of the new ones!

    RILEY-- yeah me too


    RILEY-- hey

    JUSTIN--[turns around&&recognizes her] riley?

    RILEY-- so you remembered me?

    JUSTIN-- yeah... [smiles] **wow, she's here! i have liked her for so long!**

    RILEY-- remember alyssa?

    JUSTIN-- of course! [hugs them] i've missed everyone so much! so hows it been goin up here?

    RILEY-- awesome...hows the popstar life been treatin ya?

    JUSTIN-- its been great, so much fun! are you guys doing anything tonight?

    RILEY-- i dont thinks so...

    ALYSSA-- i have a party to go to...

    JUSTIN-- oh thats cool, so then riley, you wanna hang out tonight?

    RILEY-- sure. that'd be cool. **did he just ask me out?**

    JUSTIN-- cool, i'll um pick you up at 7:30 okay? still live at the same house?

    RILEY-- yeah. see ya


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~okay so i know this was super boring but they WILL get better!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~