• Akira: The Trapped pt 23
    -Akira’s View, In the Hotel Room-
    Nijix was giving me CPR since I didn’t wake up, but my eyes were wide open and I kissed him. He stopped.

    “Thank god! I thought you were dead!” He closed me in a tight embrace. I hugged him back, since I was partly dead inside. Thinking about Tiyo I loosened my grip on Nijix. This seemed so wrong to Tiyo, and myself. I got up walked to the bathroom slamming the door and locking it behind me.

    I purposely started the shower just to cover any sounds or words I would make that Nijix could hear. I made a glass shattering wail and punched the wall.
    “I’m stuck! I’m ******** stuck! I can’t choose! I’m trapped in this all!!I can’t love, I can’t hate! What am I suppose to do!!!”I yelled at myself and smashed a glass vase on the floor that was resting on the sink. I’m so angry with myself, I should of just let the prince take advantage of me and lived a life of a servant. I wouldn’t be in all this mess.
    “But I would have been weak if I stayed.” I would of let go of myself. I would of thought of myself as nothing. Just a maid, and a slave. I would of forgotten about Tiyo. I would of killed myself.
    “Maybe…just maybe…It is better that I am stuck in this mess. Maybe this was meant to be. This was all for the better…”

    -Nijix’s View-
    I heard Akira yell in anger and smash things in the bathroom. Hoping she wasn’t hurt I went outside to get some air. I don’t know what she is feeling right now but whatever happened after she fell out has to be the reason. Didn’t she say the name Tiyo? Maybe I should check the records of any Tiyo’s.

    Walking out of the hotel and into the market, my mind was focused on figuring out who the hell is this Tiyo person. I spotted the history shrine. It was like a shrine but, full of books about the past, magic, and curses. A thousand times I looked at my curse in that place, and there was no cure.

    I sat down with the biggest book you could of ever seen and it had the title of “ The Regretful Tiyo” I kept asking everyone what it said but they all said.
    “It’s a nursery rhyme.” I guess only I could see the real title and writing.

    -The Regretful Tiyo-
    The regretful Tiyo is myself. For whoever is reading this book, beware. My past is dark and lonely and heartbreaking. Things you may read here…I wish I never wrote or spoke about. My curse…is my own. I died young with my first lover, her name was Trinity. She was a milk maid while I was a samurai in training. I was regretful on my death bed, very regretful. I regretted everything I had done. And sold my soul to a red demon, just to make everything right but instead of coming alive…I died. I died and later on I was reborn into the same face and body. Every single time I died, I was reborn into the same body.

    My second lover, her name was Aria. We had a child by the time I was 28, I was so happy but I left our home one morning. And never came back to the same house. It burned to the ground, along with my wife and son. I was yet again even more regretful for leaving, I could of died with them. I would have been happier. I guess, being regretful kills happiness.

    -Nijix’s View Again-
    I kept reading and reading. But then finally, a new page was suddenly being written. Was this person still alive? Or dead? I dropped the book, but it kept writing.

    -The New Page In The Book-
    Hello Nijix, I see you are reading my book. Your eyes must be very ancient to be reading this. I’m going to see you and Akira very soon. But please don’t worry, I’m not a bad guy at all. I want Akira to be happy, so I will protect you and her. Yes, I am dead right now but I have the power to control my death, well my realm where I shall rest. I need a new body to protect Akira, Nijix.. right now you’re the best thing for her. I love Akira so deeply that I am willing to let you have her. But once I get a new body..Nijix I’m going to try to mend her heart. I’m counting on you to protect Akira. Please. I know your curse, and I can try to find a cure in my realm. Protect my little Akira. With your life.

    -Nijix’s View-
    The book slammed itself shut, I slowly opened it again and a sketch of a boy with gray hair and a little girl with black hair hugging in a meadow. The little girl must be Akira, did he know her? I guess I’ll find out soon enough.
    -Back At the Hotel, Akira’s View-
    I soaked in a bubble bath and sighed.
    “This is so relaxing, I have to do this more often!” I giggled to myself. Splashing the water with my feet I heard that door open and Nijix peeked inside.

    “ECK! COVER YOUR EYES!!”I screamed at him. He laid one hand on his eyes and walked in the bathroom and sat on the toilet top.
    “Do you know…Tiyo The Regretful?” He blurted out, he did not smile at all.
    “Nope, nothing at all.” I lied.
    “Akira don’t lie to me, really do you know Tiyo The Regretful?!!” Nijix voice raised a bit higher, he was angry.

    “Yes, yes I know him. He died when I was about to be sold into slavery. I guess he is part of your curse. Now get out of my bath time.” I calmly told Nijix, I didn’t feel like talking about this. I mean this has got me all stressed out. Nijix took a deep breath, his nose twitched.

    “Thank you for being truthful. Now if I was in my pervy mood I would of jumped in the tub with you and act like nothing happened, but instead I’m just going to sit here and smirk like a pervert.” He laughed, I guess his mood shifted slightly. Wanting to laugh I put half of my face under the water. So that was part of the day gone, and it was just me and Nijix sitting by each other in a tub and on a toilet.