• The day dragged on slowly, but as I had every single class with Ren, I suppose it wasn't too bad. Of course, Aleras arranged it that way so that we could keep an eye on our human everywhere they went. Since not everyone has a Gaurdian, the ratio of humans to Guardians in one class is usually about 3:1.
    I happen to sit directly in front of Ren in our last class of the day; English. He talks a lot, and says funny things. I try hard not to laugh. I try to concentrate on my assignment, but my mind drifts off. The work is too easy for me, as I have already been through all twelve grades and three years of college with my previous human; a rather chunky boy named Zac. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I am enjoying life with Ren.
    The bell rings, and we are dissmissed. I quickly hid myself from view in the bathroom across the hall after hastily shoving my belongings in my locker. There I change into my other form and drift out, heading towards Ren's locker.
    I see him slamming his locker closed and fly over to him, invisible to the world.
    His girlfriend suddenly pops up next to him.
    "Hi Ren," she said, batting her lashes and taking his pale hand.
    He grinned down at her, "Hey Lexi."
    Lexi tugged his hand playfully, pulling him down and planting a swift kiss on his lips. A hot surge of fury rose in me and I had the momentary urge to slap her across her idiotic face. But I resisted. If this is what made my Ren happy, then I must not interfere. Ren tightened his grip on her hand and led her down the hall and down the stairs. I followed.
    We came out the front door, Lexi and Ren blinking rapidly in the sudden brightness.
    "Ugh, it's so effing hot out here!" she moaned, fanning herself with her free hand.
    "Sorry," said Ren.
    Lexi giggled. They walked over to Ren's car. A green Mustang. It was attracting many jealous looks. They clambered in, me following along in their wake. Putting his seatbelt on, Ren started the car and sped off.
    Lexi reached over and touched Ren's right hand, which was clasped firmly on the steering wheel, along with his left. He released his right hand and grasped her hand instead. Smiling slightly, she began to play with his long slender fingers. I was immensely jealous.
    All in all, I was quite relieved when we reached her house. They kissed, and she climbed out. With a final wave and a smile, Lexi went inside. I leaned back in the leather seat, and sighed as Ren drove off again. We drove in silence for a bit, but suddenly he pulled over.
    "Who are you?" he asked quietly. I sat there, bewildered.
    He turned around to face me. "Who are you!?" he snarled, "What are you doing in my car?!"
    "I-I-I," I stammered. How did he know I was here?! I'm in my true form! He should not be able to see me!
    "Well?" he demanded agressively. He lunged for me, and I instinctively threw my arms over my face. He went right through me. Ren sat there, his hands going straight through my arms, touching the leather behind me. He stared at me, mouth agape. I looked up and steeled myself. I had to tell him.
    "Ren," I said, "I am Lisidia. Your Guardian Angel."