• {okay this is my 2nd story...**THIS MEANS THOUGHT OR POV** [THIS MEANS ACTIONS] <THIS MEANS SETTING> well here it is! hope you enjoy, comment&&rate high!!!

    Characters: Alyssa, Cole, Justin, Maddie, Pattie[justin's mom], Jane[riley's mom], chaz, riley, alexis, && ryan


    <Riley's house>

    RILEY- hey mom, im home.
    JANE- oh hey, how was the concert?
    RILEY- it was fun.
    JANE- did he remember you guys?
    RILEY- yeah, can i go out tonight?
    JANE- i dont know, maybe, but with who?
    RILEY- justin. please mom! he'll only be in town for the weekend!
    JANE- he invited you?
    RILEY- please please please! i miss hanging out with him so much!
    JANE- i guess...if you really wanna go that bad.
    RILEY- thanks mom! [hugs her]

    <with justin at his hotel>

    JUSTIN- hey mom can i go out with a friend tonight?
    PATTIE- what friend?
    JUSTIN- riley, remember her?
    PATTIE- yeah, i do. she's nice. go ahead
    JUSTIN- thanks
    PATTIE- just dont stay up too late
    JUSTIN- i wont...

    <7:00 @ RILEYS house>

    JUSTIN-[knocks on the door]
    RILEY-[opens it] oh hey
    JUSTIN-hey, ready to go?
    RILEY- yeah. where we goin'?
    JUSTIN- movies
    RILEY- what one?
    JUSTIN- is one missed call okay?
    RILEY- yeah! i really wanna see it!
    JUSTIN- hah, okay. lets go then.
    RILEY- yeah. lets go. [shouts behind her] bye mom!

    <in the theater during the movie>

    RILEY- this movie is awesome! thanks for taking me
    PERSON1- shhh!
    JUSTIN&&RILEY- sorry! [laugh]
    JUSTIN- wanna go to dinner or something after?
    RILEY- yeah sure
    JUSTIN- okay. where do ya wanna go?
    RILEY- ummm wanna go to Tasty Treat?
    JUSTIN- yeah! i haven't been there in forever!
    JUSTIN- sorry!
    RILEY- [giggles] you just cant keep your mouth shut can you?
    JUSTIN- haha you're soooo funny
    RILEY- thanks!

    <@ tasty treat>

    JUSTIN- sooo whatcha gonna get?
    RILEY- i dont know...
    JUSTIN- peanut-butter&hot fudge malt?
    RILEY- you remembered?
    JUSTIN- yeah...
    RILEY- funny. [orders&goes to pay]
    JUSTIN-[stops her] i'll pay
    RILEY- oh. thanks
    JUSTIN- [walks outside with RILEY after they get the ice cream]
    RILEY-[sits on the bench next to JUSTIN] its really pretty tonight
    JUSTIN- yeah...can i ask you somethin?
    RILEY- yeah. even though you kinda just did...
    JUSTIN- ummm do you like me?
    RILEY- yeah. youre an awesome friend, like one of the best.
    JUSTIN- **just friends?**

    ~~~~just friends??? will he tell her what he really meant? find out in chapter 3!!!~~~~~~~~~~