• It was after Connor had FIRST kissed my cheek. The one I was telling you about a little while ago. I went inside my house, positively glowing and fell into my regular evening activities. Watching TV while on my laptop and texting my friends and Connor. Then it was time for bed. And that’s when everything changed. I can’t really remember exactly how it happened. I was half asleep when I felt myself being dragged out of bed and I felt a needle being poked in my arm and I fell asleep again. I’m sure it was hours before I finally came to consciousness and I woke up in a bed. Light was streaming in through the window behind me. I sat up and panicked, not knowing where I was. I screamed. A man came running into the door. He saw me sitting in bed and glared at me with those cold, black eyes. The eyes of my murderer. He smiled at me with a wicked toothy grin that gave me the shivers. I had no idea who this man was, but I knew he was not a good person. He had taken me from my home in the middle of the night against my will and I ended up here. I still have no idea if he did anything to me while I was in that bed that night.
    “Good morning sunshine,” he said. He had a deep, scratchy voice that frightened me to no end.
    “Who are you? What am I doing here?” I asked, not able to keep the fear from creeping into my voice.
    “That’s not important. Just get up. Follow me,” he said.
    Since I was terrified, I obeyed. I got up and followed him out of the bedroom and into a small, narrow hallway. There were no pictures or mirrors anywhere I could find. He led me into a living room and pushed me down onto the couch.
    “Now. I’m going to let you go. But, you can’t tell ANYBODY what I look like or who I am. Got it?” he snarled.
    I should have said yes. Then I would probably still be alive. Or I should have just lied. But I didn’t. I said no. And he beat me. He beat me till I was dead. I felt the pain explode through my body and I was crying. The pain got more intense and intense and it was unbearable. Then, it stopped. I found myself among the clouds, standing in front of a golden gate that said HEAVEN. Tears pooled in my eyes as I read that word. Then, I knew I was dead. And I would never be able to talk to my friends and family again. But what made me cry the most was the thought that I would never be able to talk to Connor again.