• Chapter 8- From Arrogant to Simply Annoying
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    Why am I here again? I asked myself for the, who knows how many times now. I wasn’t really planning on ditching this class but, I had my chance. I can skip this class but no, Kazu said that it would be interesting. It’s been 45 minutes now, and I’m still waiting for the interesting part. I sighed as I looked at the window for something interesting, maybe I’ll find it in there instead of in here.
    “Ok class,” Ms. Hiroshi called. Then she continued to blab about our current book report to be passed on who knows when. I really didn’t care about it right now, I’m still irritated about things.
    “Come on Fuka, it will be all right. Class will be fun,” he said for the nth time, trying to convince me.
    “Fine fine, just shut up ok?” I walked on ahead, tyring to escape from him. I really have a bad feeling about this.
    I continued to walk ahead of him, wishing he would just ignore me. I know I really shouldn’t feel irritated to him but, after feeling all concerned about him, he just shrugged my concern like it was just like that.
    “Hey Fuka wait-“
    And before I realized it, I felt an impact on my head.
    “Are you all right?”
    I just stared at him and then at the steel bucket that hit my head. I’m inside the school for crying out loud so how could a steel come out of nowhere just happened to hit my head in the right spot. I mean, how can that be.
    “Yeah yeah, let’s go.” I continued to walk
    “Do you want to get some ice for that?”
    “Wait, I’ll be back.” He said and then entered the clinic.
    I sighed, “He’s so stubborn,” and I leaned into the nearest wall that was at my back.
    After a few minutes he came out, “Here’s the ice.” Then he looked at me, trying to compose himself from what?
    “What?” I asked in irritation, but the only respond that I got from him was his finger pointing at something above my head. I slowly looked at it and saw a sign that says “WET PAINT.”
    “Don’t say a word.” I said as I grabbed his wrist. I knew that he'll eventually laugh at my stupidity, so I might as well warn him now.
    “Here,” he said as he tossed a piece of cloth at me.
    “What’s this?”
    “A jacket.”
    “I know what this it but what about it?” I asked, annoyed.
    “Use that to cover the paint on your clothes for the meantime. You should clean yourself first.”
    “No, this is enough already. Let’s head for class now.”
    “You should.”
    “You know you should.”
    “I know I wouldn’t.”
    “Fine, suit yourself.” He finally gave up.
    End of Flashback
    “Hey,” someone called from behind. I just shrugged and ignored it, the part that it was half his fault why I’m in this mess irritated me again. Then from calling, it was converted into tapping my shoulder. He continued doing that until my patience string inside my head snapped.
    His face was smug as always but then I realized that everyone was looking at me. What just happened?
    “I hate you,” I muttered and quickly turned around to apologize to Ms. Hiroshi. “I’m really sorry miss. I didn’t mean too.”
    "It's ok Youshi. Take your seat now."
    “Miss,” oh no.
    “Yes Akasu?
    “I’m sorry, but it was mostly my fault why Youshi acted like that.” What exactly does he mean act like that. “I was merely asking her to be my partner in the book report but then I haven’t realized that I disrupted her from her day dream.” Everybody laughed after he had said that. I swore, that I’m going to find a way to kill this guy before this semester ends.
    “Well, if that’s the case, it’s all right. And Youshi, you would be partnered to Akasu. You’ll be doing it on Hamlet.”
    Hamlet. I don’t even know much about it, except that it’s entitled as Hamlet.
    I sat down and buried my face in the jacket’s sleeves. These are one of the times where I wish I could just melt or dissolved into the air. This really isn’t my day. I just hope it couldn’t get any worse.
    The day passed quickly enough, to my advantage. Everyone was busy about the book report, especially my friends, that they didn’t even bother to wreak havoc at the school today. I’m glad, I can finally go home now. Kazu is really getting into my nerves, he was so serious at first then he was suddenly Mr. annoying. What happened? Is it a sign of the apocalypse?
    “Hey partner, you going home now?”
    “Yes, and please stop bothering me. We will talk about the report on some other day.” I finally closed my locker and then walked quickly.
    But he caught up with me, “Ok, I’m sorry about the day dreaming. But it was true and-“
    “I don’t care if it was true, I’m not mad about anything, ok? Happy now?” I continued to walk
    “No, let me continue first. I’m sorry, that was rude, and I was trying to enlighten your mood but I didn’t want you to get mad at me.”
    I didn’t answer him after that, then I just continued to walk home now. But then remembered that I have to buy some dinner because I don’t feel like fixing myself a meal. I’m trying to lessen my exposure with anything dangerous like the stove. I was happy when I realized that Kazu was not following me anymore. Good, he must have gone tired and went home.
    “I’m still here you know,” Ok, so maybe I’m wrong about that.
    “Just go, go and annoy somebody else.”
    “After saving you from getting lost into the woods and taking you in for the night, this is what I get?” he said mockingly
    “Stop making me feel guilty.”
    “You can’t feel guilty if you’d forgive me.”
    I hate it when he’s always right like that. “Fine, fine. I’ve forgiven you now, can you please just go home now.”
    “No, I don’t feel like going home just yet.” A smirk forming in his lips now
    “Ok, fine, we’re doing it your way. Anyway, have you read Hamlet already?”
    “Yea, it’s nice but learning about it over and over again isn’t nice.” Over and over again? What did he mean by that.
    “Oh,” His from Italy, I bet their school there is so advance in English literature that he finds all these easy as pie.
    “Have you read about it then?” he asked
    “Yea, it’s pretty nice but long. When do we start doing the report?”
    “Next week, I’m busy this week.”
    “Ok, then.” I stopped myself from asking anymore questions to him like this morning, and decided to change the topic. “Are you going home now?”
    “I don’t know,”
    What? What does he mean ‘I don’t know?’ “You’re hopeless,” and then I sighed. Since this was going to be quite a long walk, I might as well take advantage of this and start asking questions about him. “Why’d you choose me as your partner?”
    He didn’t answer.
    “Could it be because you’re afraid of what you’re fun club would do if any of them would be your partner? But there’s Jin’s group and Isamu’s group.”
    “Hn,” was all he said
    “So?” I ask in a questioning tone.
    “I’m still waiting for your answer.” This guy really has to expand his vocabulary.
    “Blood…” he muttered all of a sudden, I looked at him to see his dark red eyes staring straight into the streets.
    “What?” Did he just say blood?
    “I smell blood…”
    “What was that?!”
    “Fuka, stay he-“ I didn’t get the rest because I was already running towards the place where the scream came from.
    No way, the last time I heard a scream like that was when someone was killed by those animals. I can’t let this happen, I have to help them; these are the thoughts that was streaming in my mind when I was running.
    I was running in a tight and dark alley, and at the end of it I saw red…and it was shining. Everything is happening all over again.
    On the cold street floor, blood was spilled and a body is found next to it. While beside it was a woman, crying; with blood on her hands. Could it be possible that like me, she survived the attack? If she did, I have to help her.
    I stared at her, with wide blue eyes, as I moved towards the place where she is sitting. But then, “Fuka don’t,” with those words, I quickly remembered that I was in here with someone.
    “Fuka get away from her now!”
    But his pleas we’re wasted on me as I walked unto the woman in front of me. “Are you all right? What happened here?” those we’re my last words when I found myself staring into blood shut eyes again; eyes filled with hunger and an urge to kill.