• "Anna!" Daniel yelled as he chased after Anna as she ran out of his house. "Anna! Please stop, I can explain!" He yelled. Anna started to run faster towards her house, tears running from her eyes. A tear that flew off her check hit Daniel as he ran after her and made him stop. "Please!" He yelled one last time. She slowed to a stop and looked at her hand; the beautiful engagement ring sparkled in the street light. She took it off her finger and grasped it tightly in her fist. Daniel noticed Anna standing still and he took his chance and ran up to her. Anna's back stiffened when she started to hear Daniel's breathe as he ran to her. She turned to face him and he stopped dead in his tract, only a foot away. "Anna." He said. "Daniel." She said. Never before using his formal name, always calling him Danni Boi. "Please. Are you going to let me explain what was going on?" Anna closed her eyes, to try and hide her tears forming. Not wanting Daniel to know how much he hurt her. She cleared her throat with a cough and proceeded to say "Explain what? Explain how that... that girl had her top off, sitting on top of your crotch?" She said. Her voice went cold and uncaring. "On your bed no less." She added. "Anna, please. It wasn't as it looked. Kate just came over to get help on the homework she missed today. And then she sat next to me on my bed and I was not flirting or anything and she pulled off her top and I was trying to get her to put her top back on when she pushed me back onto my bed and then you came in." He explained and Anna nodded. "Ok. Sure. Whatever Daniel. Say whatever you want to say. Tell people what you want to think happened so they don't come to me telling me the d**n truth." She opened her eyes, and her voice cracked on the word 'truth'. "Anna. Please. I'm telling the truth." Daniel said walking closer to Anna with his hand out. Anna fiddled with the ring in her hand. Kate came walking by them, her house being the one they we're standing in front of. "Dan-Dan, why'd you run after her?" She said flirtatiously and winked at him. Daniel stopped moving towards Anna and yelled at Kate, "Kate, just go the f**k inside! Because of you my fiancée` is f***ing pissed as hell at me!" Kate looked stunned at Daniel. "Dan-Dan, you never told me you were," Kate started, putting an emphious on 'were'. "Engaged to Anna. In fact, you told no one." She said mishiously and then looked at Anna. Anna stared at Daniel. "What the eff Daniel. Screw effin' you!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and threw the ring at his head, hitting him dead in the forehead. "Well, now you don't need to tell effing anyone! Because we are no longer engaged or anything even remotely close to talking on civil terms! Kate, have the f***ing cheating, lying, b*****d." Anna said, turned around and ran passed a couple houses before reaching her own and ran upstairs into her room, locking her door and ignoring her mother's pleas to come out to the living room and explain what happened.

    "Gladly." Kate grinned after Anna ran home. "Dan-Dan, now, let's go into my room and get back to where were before we were rudely interpreted but that flat-chested little girl." She smiled and walked in front of him as he stared at the ring that landed in his hand after it was thrown. "Why did you even get engaged while you are in high school anyway?" She asked. "Because we love each other." Daniel said. "Dan-Dan I think you mean, 'loved'. She is not coming back to you. So, you and I are now dating." Kate grinned and took Daniel's free hand and pulled him inside her house, and into her room. Daniel followed Kate in a zombie-like state and put Anna's ring in his pocket.

    That was that last day I heard from Daniel Cook and Kate Miller, our senior year in high school. Well, it was until a few months ago, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to March 18th, 2009 and let me explain what happened that changed how I, Kate, and Daniel viewed our future lives.

    "Mrs. Westcott. You have a call on line three." My assistant/best friend Mindy said. "Thanks Mindy." I said as I walked from her desk to mine. I picked up my phone and hit line three. "Hello, you have Anna Westcott, C.E.O. of Everything Magazine." I said casually, after seven months of working my way up in this magazine I finally became C.E.O. "Anna? Is that you? My, when did you become A C.E.O.?" The women on the other line said. "Excuse me, who is this?" I asked. "This is Ashley Cook, Daniel's mother." My jaw dropped. Mindy looked at me concerned and picked up her phone and pressed line three, and then mute, to hear what was going on. "Hi Mrs. Cook." I said slowly. "It's been so long, do you know how long it took to track you down in New York City? There must've been a million names in that phonebook." Mrs. Cook laughed. "Um, I don't mean to sound rude Mrs. Cook, but why are you calling?" She laughed. "Oh right, well, I know you and Daniel don't talk anymore but I thought I should call you up and see if you would like to visit town to talk to him before March 18th.” I look around my desk for a calendar, not finding one I look up at Mindy, who is holding a notebook up with the day March 2nd. "Why?" I asked curiously. "Well, that's the day Danni and Kate are to be wedded." She said. "What!" My jaw dropped and I look over to find Mindy's did too. "Yes, they got engaged right out of high school. On the day you and Danni set up to be married is the day he proposed to her." Mrs. Cook said. We talked for about an hour after that, catching each other up on our lives. It seems Daniel always seems to piss Kate off any time he says anything even remotely related to me. It started to stop after they had a set date on the wedding, which they set March 1st, 2009. Yesterday. Daniel still thought about me two years after high school ended. "It's was good talking to you Mrs. Cook." I said as I saw that it was six o'clock, time for the office to close. "I have to go now; I'm getting off of work." I added. "Oh right, I forgot I called you while you were at work. So, I'll be expecting you to come before the 18th to stop Danni from marrying that unfaithful, spoiled brat?" Mrs. Cook asked. “Unfaithful? What?” I asked, confused. “Yes.” Mrs. Cook sighed. “Kate has cheated on Danni so many times, and of course, he knows too. Only he just keeps ignoring it because he’s not used to being single. I mean you two were together since, what, seventh grade?” I nodded and then realized she couldn’t see me so I said ‘Yes’. “Well, I’ll be seeing you soon then. No need to call me before you come, just call or something when you get to the airport here in California.” I look over at Mindy and she finished writing something else down and showed it to me, it said “Go.” So I finally said “Alright. I’ll buy some last minute tickets and come see by tomorrow or Sunday.” I said. Mrs. Cook said “Great! Call me when you buy the tickets so I can just wait at the airport for you.” I could hear the happiness in her voice. “Now, go home and get buying that plane ticket. Oh, and you should also bring your friend Mindy.” Mrs. Cook said. “Bye!” She said joyfully and hung up. I slowly put the phone on the hook and closed my eyes. I heard Mindy enter my office. “California here we come!” She yelled, I opened my eyes and stared at her. “I can’t believe were going back to Cali to help my ex-fiancée’s mom break up him and the girl we broke up over with.” I said and then laughed. “Well, might as well buy the tickets while were here at the office, at least then I can use dial back since she was nice enough to tell me her number.” I said sarcastically. Mindy laughed and walked over to me while I type in Travelocity.com and look up two tickets to LAX, the closet airport to my small little hometown.

    “Anna!” A quite, young looking woman yelled at me and Mindy as we walked over to the luggage thing that I forgot the name of. “Uh. Who are you?” I ask. “It’s me! Don’t you remember?” She asks in an oddly cheerful voice for it being way too early to be flying in from NYC. “Well, I obviously don’t remember you if I ask who you are.” I stated in a dry, tired voice. “It’s me, Kate.” She smiles. I look over at Mindy. “Wait. We thought Mrs. Cook was coming to pick as up.” Mindy said. “Oh, she was going to but I said I’d have to drive because it’s way too late for someone her age to drive a few hours out of her way to pick up two girls who shouldn’t be coming.” She grinned. I glare at her while she added, “This late.”
    ”Yeah, whatever b***h, opps. I meant, Kate.” Mindy said and yawned. “Let’s get our damn bags and go see our second mom again.” She said and picked up our bags and pushed pass Kate towards the doors out of the airport. “Mindy, hold on.” I called to her. She stopped at the door and looked over at me. “Kate needs to show us to the car.” I remind her. She looks away embarrassed. “Oh, right.” She mumbled.

    “I’ll show you to your rooms, and then you two can come back and get your bags out of the trunk.” Kate says as she slams her car door shut and stomps up to the very large house.