• "One day Soraia will bring the words"
    "Oh holy Soraia! Deliver the cries of Zerimith!" The horrid members of the cult replied to their Orieth.
    The wood of the benchs crumpled, and the stain glass cracked with disrepair.
    The cries of the angels harmonized at the depths of the dieing building. And the people, they stood inside, praying to Soraia, led by the crazed Orieth. Crazed religious leader led to crazed people, leading to a crazed, forgotten world.
    After the Apocolyptic event of Gods resemblance, humanity lost all hope. In god, in jesus, and in any other religion their humble minds once knew.
    Their voices sang in a melody of sadness, praying to the one religion they could turn to. Oriethia.
    The let down of god led to horrifying amounts of confused people murdering themselves.
    The leftovers of humanity, now referred too as Orins, formed into groups of cults called the Oriethia. A religion, forgotten millenniums upon millenniums of years ago, at the peak of the spark of intelligence.
    Soraia was portrayed to be a huge, extraterrestrial creature. She had an invincible shell, And many tentacles coming out of her body. Her face resembled that of a spiders, with huge fangs. On her back, two dragon-like wings lay. Worshiped by many insane cults in the past, she would move from planet to planet, Linking her tentacles to their cores and sucking them dry. Leaving a wasteland of bones, sticks and gorges.
    But, deep inside she was but a miserable creature, her rage powered only by the hope of being happy. Taking out her anger on nature, she had devoured 1000s of planetary bodies, leaving empty blanks of nothingness.
    No human has seen her, but out of many insane humans and intellectual ones, her image was confirmed.
    During the resemblance of god event, God or, "Yaweh" Had portrayed himself as a human being. Living in humanity in secret, he noticed of how his beautiful earth had been torn apart by these pyschotic humans, his hope for the progress of humanity was dropped. Intercepting all light waves, all radio waves, God broadcasted himself through human technology. His horrifying words echoed throughout the world, heard by every person.
    "You have destroyed my once beautiful eden. You have devoured this once intoxicating land, And so now it shall devour you. You will rot on this soon to be barren wasteland, and you will die slow, and painful deaths, Without my guidance, Nor my miracles to keep you safe. Then, the TVs simply flashed static, and he was gone. Disappearing from earth, for an eternity.
    As the rain stopped coming, nor hail, nor snow, Earth dried up and died. The atmosphere was hidden in black dust clouds, and the sand stood without movement. The atmosphere lost its luster, and earth was even more polluted then it was before, the air almost impossible to breath, only the strong survived.
    The oriethia culture consisted of an Orieth, a religious leader so to speak. And then, the insane humans to follow him, of course.
    Soraia was said to hail from a land by the name of Zerimith.
    Zerimith was a planet, located in the dimensional cut between Normal space and imaginary space. It is actually a quite baffling enigma how any life can survive in this strange dimension. But, Soraia was made of a matter undiscovered in science, Different from any matter or energy known to humanity.
    In the current time, a beautiful call could be heard waving its way across the galaxy, the call of Soraia. It sounded something like a choir of one hundred thousand beings, harmonizing to create a powerful yet lovely voice which echoed through the riffs and cuts between space and time. Humanity was extremely excited at this time, because the Orieth's confirmed that Soraia was now in the Andromeda galaxy, making her way towards the milky way.
    This caused the Orins to pray constantly, day after day, week after week, year after year, they prayed and waited for their guest.
    But, deep in the shadows hid a rebellion, waiting until the time came. They would restore what humanity once was, and renew earth.
    But, this couldn't be done with the power of 60 people. They needed a stronger power source, one located in Zerimith. The Andromodous Secromotous, a huge circle of energy made of the energy in the universe that had collected and compacted into Zerimith.
    The A . S, could power over ten million empires, for almost 40 Eons.
    And so, the rebellion began their project to renew humanity, The A . S project.