• "Really, Scarlett," my aunt droned. "If you screw this up one more time, I swear to Elethiya I will send you to the convent."
    "Yes ma'am." I sighed. Another prep school, another chance to "start fresh", as my aunt Kestrel would say. This is the third boarding school I've been to this year. Honestly, being a vamp/'shifter hybrid isn't hard. The hard part is the fact that I'm the only hybrid in the entire immortal race.
    "Sorry, what?"
    "Here's your schedule and your grounds map. Go to the office first, and don't be late, got it?"
    "Yeah, got it. And you shouldn't scream so much, you're gonna pop a lung one of these days," I smirked, knowing now that she was totally pissed off. "See ya."
    I leapt out of the truck, and waved good bye as she sped off. I turned towards the intimidating building, and stood in awe. It was huge. Great, my first day and I'm gonna get lost. Brilliant. I thought. I looked at the rest of campus. Empty. Great... I walked up to the door and opened it. And right then I knew that I would absolutely love this school.

    "Hello, you must be Scarlett Montgomery. I'm your new colleague, Skyler." The guy said. He was gorgeous, with casual silver hair and amazing, glassy blue eyes. Drop-dead gorgeous, and faint scars on his lips were evidence that he had fangs. Vampire. His skin was creamy pale, and he was well built. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt and a pair of old jeans. His black Converse were worn so the point that you could hardly tell that they used to be blue. "I'm also your roommate," he said. A heavenly symphony started playing in my head. Everything went hazy around the edges and all I could see was him. "And one more thing?"
    "Yes?" I said dreamily.
    "Are you a homophobe?" he asked.
    "Of course not.?" I asked, more aware but still dreamily.
    "I'm gay." The symphony cut off just then. NOOOOO!! NOT MY HAPPY!!
    "Oh. Well ok. Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked glumly. Dammit. Totally S.O.L. there.
    "No, but there's a guy I like, but he's taken..." he replied, just as glumly as I had. "He's the most popular guy at school, and bi. So I compete against guys and girls. It sucks." he babbled.
    "Ok, let me get this straight, you're bi, you're my new roomie, and you're a vampire. Am I missing anything?"
    "No, but the sun is killing my eyes. I just woke up. We have night courses, so you showed up during my nappy-bye time. Let's head up to the dorm."
    "Nappy-bye time? Really? Ok, sure. I could use a good shower, anyway."
    "That's the spirit! C'mon before the counselor realizes that I'm not in my dorm." he said while looking across the campus.
    "Alright." I said as I followed him through the massive oak doors. Little did I know that that was the last time I would see the sun for a while.