• A lot of people think that death cannot be avoided. It all depends on how you look at death. It can be horrific, or even sometimes Silent. In this case its silent. The story I am about to tell you is about the encounter me and my squad had with the horrific yet silent murders in San Diego California.

    It was Saturday and my squad and I were riding in our S.W.A.T. van driving toward the destination. "Ok people, this man has been charged with the horrific murders of the citizens of San Diego." General Francis told us. We arrived outside the house. Thoughts swirled through my head on what might happen. "Lets move in!" We all piled out of the van me following out last. We all had M4A1's which is a powerful military assault rifle. We took position around the door. I took a deep breath, I was ready for anything. We knocked down the door and proceeded inside the house.

    I licked my lips. "Oh my god, this isn't your average house, he's added rooms to the house." I said to the squad. We looked around the house for anything. A large blanket was placed over a desk. I removed the blanket and it was a computer. On the computer was a live video from a surveillance camera. "General! Come have a look at this." I said. "What is it?" "I dont know." I saw several people on the computer screen. "Guys...the camera is looking at us." I said. A loud crash was heard. "What was that?" A squad member named Kevin asked. We all raised our guns at a door. The crash happened again.

    To be continued...