• "The Way it Began"

    Our story begins on a snowy 25th of December 1995. Jeff and Marty McFly, ages 5 and 14, along with there adopted brother, Warren Peace, age 12, are busy opening the piles of gift they have received this Christmas morning. As Marty finished level 4 on his new ProStation game, Zombies 2 the Rise, he began to sort his Pocket Monster cards in there respective pouches. And while Jeff was smashing his Lego buildings with his new Dino set, Warren was busy making a cage match with a few of his favorite wrestlers. The boys were having so much fun that they almost didnt here the knocking at the door. And as the boys arose to answer the knock, each of them were anticipating father standing there head to toe in more toys. But as soon as the anticipation came, it just as quickly fell. For the one who had knocked was not there father. What stood in front of them was instead a tall dark figure dressed in a black suit topped with a large black top hat and a heavy black overcoat. The only the thing on the individual that was not black was the white scarf covering the face which made it hard for the boys to figure out whether it was man or woman or neither. And for nearly 5 minutes the boys stood there motionless and speechless. Marty, being the bravest, finally muttered something. Who are you? The figure took a minute but did answer with That is not important right now dear, which revealed she was a woman. But I will tell you that and of my being here 15 years time. But I must know, are you boys Jeff, Marty and Warren.Marty feeling a bit strange to how she knows there names replies with Yes, but how-- It is not important. The woman explains. She then grabs a box from somewhere and hands it to the boys.Please take this. There rings. The red one is for Marty, green for Jeff and Warren gets the black one. I am sorry but I must go. 15 years in the future and this will come clear. She then reveals her white ring which glows an immense glow so bright the boys become blinded.

    They wake up in bed the next morning thinking it was a dream. But on the right hands lay the ring that was brought to them the night before.