• Jez had managed to get the rope off from around her wrists. Her hands felt raw and they stung as the blood flowed back into them. She held her breath and prayed her kidnappers had left the house for now. She couldn’t hear anything so she worked on the rope around her feet. Within a few minutes she was able to walk, well limp. She limped to the door and pressed her ear against it. After what seemed like forever she slowly, very slowly opened the door a crack.

    She stuck out her head to check if the basement was empty. She cursed herself. There sleeping on the floor was one of the thugs who took her. She quickly but quietly closed the door and locked it. Jez began to try and think of an idea on how to get past the big sleeping man. She knew she couldn’t go out unarmed, on the chance the guy woke up. She looked around the tiny bedroom she had been stuck in for almost a month. It was bare. There was a chair, a candlestick; with out a candle, and some other little things. Realizing the candlestick was the best weapon there; she grabbed it and clutched it in her hands until her knuckles turned white.

    Jez began to devise a plan. She knew that the basement door led to the house. And god only knows what lies up there. If she managed to get past the man with out waking him, she could try and get out of the house as soon as she could. Yes, that was the best she could hope for.

    Suddenly she felt a pain shoot up in her leg. She turned around to see the man had come to check on her. She looked at him, shocked, as she saw the blood trickle from her cafe. He had cut her. She had a huge gash maybe 7 inches long running from her mid cafe to her knee. Her eyes started to water as the nerves in her legs told her brain that she was in pain. “What, do you think your doing up sweetie” the man asked in mock sweetness. You could clearly hear the malice in his voice.

    Jez hesitated for a split second, a new plan forming in her head. She grabbed the candlestick with both hands and began swinging it like a baseball bat. “Get away from me!” Jez yelled at the top of her lungs. She opted for knocking him out, so she had to make contact with his temple. That would be hard though because he kept backing up after every swing she took.

    “I don’t think so little girl!” the man lunged for Jez and knocked her to the ground with him landing on top of her. She started kicking her legs and screaming as loud as she could. As he held her down he punched and slapped her, trying to get her to stop. She swung the butt of the candlestick and miraculously it hit its target with a loud thud. The guy’s grip on her waist loosened as he became unconscious.

    She didn’t waste any time and she shimmied out from underneath the man. She pried the knife from his grip and ran to the door. Jez needed to leave the candlestick in order to get out more efficiently. She pressed herself against the wall on the other side of the door. She couldn’t hear anything so she dashed up the stairs and stopped.

    “Damn” she said. She could hear a car rolling into the yard. It won’t be long before the find out her escaped. She held her breath as the 2 men and one woman enter the house,

    “Well what are we going to do? That brat has been down there a few days short of a month! I want her delivered, I want my money, then I want to get the hell out of here.” The woman said in a nasty tone.

    “What? Do you think we like baby sitting her? Who is this guy anyways? What would he want with a teenage girl?” a man said. Jez just blinked. She was being captured to be delivered? This didn’t make any sense. As she heard their feet shuffle towards the door she ran down the basement stairs and hid in the bathroom. She is banking on the fact that they might all walk into her “room” and she could lock them in there before they saw her.

    She started to shake when they descended into her hell. Thankfully the man that was rendered unconscious was in the shadows, unseen. “That man is so stupid. He just left her here. Probably went to go eat. Again” the woman snorted. Man what a b***h, Jez thought. She peered from the slightly ajar bathroom door. She could see the men shaking their heads at there stupid friend. Jez held her breath as the woman reached for the door handle. It seemed like Jez was watching a slow motion scene in a horror movie. Well, she might as well be.

    Jezabella’s eyes closed shut as the door opened. “The little b***h is gone! When did this happen?” yelled the one man. Now was her chance. She ran over to the door and slammed it on their shocked faces. She had to press herself against the door to have enough weight to keep it shut. The men were trying to barge it open. It seems god was in her favor for she got the door locked.

    She didn’t hesitate; she dashed up the stairs with the knife still in hand. She ran through the rooms of this unfamiliar home. She started to panic. Where is she? How is she going to get out of here? Then she struck a cord of genius. She had a driver’s license! She ran out the house leaving the door open. Her muscles were starting to make notice of the abuse she suffered, but her adrenaline was too high to stop her. Now standing in the driveway, she sees a truck and a mini van. Hoping the keys were in the ignition, she ran to the mini van.

    Luckily they were. She started the van just as she heard the muffled shouting from the back and the screaming from the kidnappers as they emerged from the house. She didn’t have time to worry about whatever is in the back so she put the car in reverse and high tailed it out of there. Smartly she rammed into the truck and knocked it off and over to its side so she couldn’t be followed.

    First things first, she had to drive for at least an hour to make sure she is safe. Though Jezabella’s doubted she’ll ever be safe. As she drove she began to relieve how she had gotten into this situation.

    She was walking home from a party. She was pretty upset. Adam, her boyfriend, didn’t want to hang out that night. So she went to a party to drink her unsettles away. It was dark, she was drunk, and she needed to get home. So naturally when this car pulled over she ran up to in, well stumbled. The passenger window opened to reveal a beautiful woman. She had thick orange hair, big eyes and an expression that said “I care”.

    “Well hello there, what your name honey?” the woman asked. “Jezabella” she had answered. She saw the woman dart a look at the man in the driver side. “oh well you need a ride home?" and Jez had accepted. And look where it got her. She slowly came out of her reverie. She shook her self. Jez assessed that she has been driving for about 2 hours. She needed to pull over and find out what is in the back.

    It was dark out on the high way, and she was afraid to look in the back. But she swallowed her fear and opened the trunk. Her moth fell open in horror. It was a boy. He didn’t look dead but Jez wasn’t sure. She quickly raced to find his pulse. She thanked god when she found it.