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    Friend Ships.....By juju149_13

    Chapter 1: Me...
    My day has just been great! I got to go to my fave restaurant! It was sooooooo FABULOUS! I was hanging out with my friends! I got to wear my favorite J.Crew hat!
    Can you believe that Missy (my ex-BFFL) spilled her Strawberry-Banana-Kiwi milkshake all over herself? Okay, so maybe I helped a bit. But it was hilarious! Tracy and I couldn't help ourselves to laughing. lol lol rofl
    If I were ever in Missy's shoes -well, I'd never want to BE in her shoes because an evil little rat! xp
    She spread a rumor about me- that was partway true- saying I was the one who forged Mrs.Toga's (I know right?) final grades on our Summer Final tests.And, that I was planning to do it again!!! So the instant I heard that rumor, I went straight up to Missy and slapped right in her face! I was about to beat her to a pulp. But as soon and my hand touched her face, the teachers were all over me. My face felt red hot. Cause that's what I was feeling! How dare she do that to me! I thought we were BFFL's! emo
    She broke her promise. I didn't. But, I mean, I guess it was pretty harsh to just walk up to her like that. She seemed like she was trying to tell me something. But I still don't care. She hurt my feelings. And no one, I mean no one, can hurt Lindsay Gregory's feelings. Maybe a few people, but still.

    Chapter 2:At the Ballpark.....

    “Woo! That's right you go Brian!” 4laugh
    I cheer for Brian as he was skidding across the ground for first base. He almost got caught. When he made it, he looked up at me and smiled. smile He pulled his hat down as if the sun were in his eyes.
    “Did you see that?” says Tracy. surprised
    “Omg. He just looked at you! Lindsay's got a BF! Lindsay's got a BF!”
    She starts poking me with her fingers.
    “Stop that!” She stops abruptly. But staring at as if she did something wrong.
    “I don't want to be angry and get lines all over my forehead before the big day!” I pull out my pocket mirror and start rolling some lip gloss over my lips. Dab it a little. And put everything away.
    Then Tracy says, “Lindsay. Don't into a Brianna. Worry lines can't come until you worry!”

    “Exactly! That's what I'm worried about! Getting lines on my forehead!”

    “Hi guys! Can we sit over here?” Says a really familiar voice. The one that was always cheery and happy but also nervous at the same time. Could it be? No! It can't be! It was-

    “Hi Missy. Um, if your friends need a seat, then sure! At least they aren't rumor spreaders, or evil, or liars, or cold and heartless little-”

    “What she means is...” I stop Tracy right there because I know what she was going to say. And Missy wouldn't have been able to take that in. Trust me. I've known her since like, forever. And she would not be able to handle Tracy the way I can. But why am I protecting her. I mean, we aren't friends anymore... So what's the point?

    “Come on Missy. Let's just go somewhere else confused . Obviously they don't want us sitting here. We don't want to create a huge scene.” Says one of Missy's new friends, Tanya. She was right. They didn't want to start a huge scene. Because she knows that I take things a little bit too far.

    “No. I wanna hear what she was about to say.”
    Excuse me? But did I just hear MISSY talk back to someone??? The last time I've ever heard Missy defend herself was like, in the 16th century! Which means never!
    My mouth just dropped. I felt like my jaw was about to fall off! I didn't feel any air coming through my nose so I must have just been frozen. Like ice. Everybody must've noticed what had happened because a woman in the seats in front of us turned around as if she was going shush us. But her eyes grew huge when she turned around and looked at us. Like the size of bowling balls! She hopped up out of her seat and started patting my back. Well, more like POUNDING my back....
    “Are you okay? Breathe! Breathe girl!”
    “OMG!! Lindsay!! Say something!” screams Tracy.
    I feel thousands of eyes on me. Even Brian's. The announcer spoke on his microphone saying:
    “Can somebody please call an ambulance! We've got a little girl over here and I think that she's not breathing!”
    “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”
    Things started fading to black slowly. I could hear Missy in the background in her super extreme “What-have-I-done-what-am-I-going-to-do” voice. Which means she is freaked out. Why aren't I breathing!?!?! What's Brian gonna think when I figure out what the heck is wrong with me!?? I bet he'll be all like: “Hey, there's the No Breather! Ha!Ha!Ha!” or whatever one of those corny names that boys always come with for someone. But I know his nickname for me wouldn't be corny. Not corny at all. *Sigh....

    Chapter 3: Umm...

    “Good morning Ms.Gregory. How are you today?” says a lady in green.
    I rub my eyes to get a closer look.
    “Umm, who are you? And why an I dressed in this horrible clothing? I mean, you could have at least done a little bit better. Like polka-dotted comforters. But yellow, 'cause I absolutely HEART the color yellow.”
    “So we've got another picky patient today huh? Don't worry, I deal your type all the time. I'm Jenine, and I will be your nurse for today. Is there anything that you need? A snack, 'comforters', better P.J.'s?”
    “What I want is the 411 on why I'm inside of this dull place. In other words the 'hospital'.” I was starting to get a little irritated.
    “You're in here because you had stopped breathing when you were at the baseball game.... You do remember being at the ball park right? I mean, because we don't need another patient with another case of amnesia....” says Jenine.
    “yeah, I remember that. OMG! What about my friends! I-I mean friend Tracy! Where is she? Is she alright? I gotta go!”
    I start pulling the covers off me and try to get out of bed. But Jenine stops me.
    “Hold your horses missy-”
    “Please don't call me that.”
    “Okay then hold your horses 'princess'.....” says Jenine.
    “Don't call me that either. Lindsay would be fine thank you.” I say.

    “Jenine, you are needed at station eleven. You've got a call. Jenine, station eleven please. It's urgent.” The telecom thingamajig started speaking.
    “Looks like you've got a call. I think you better go get it. Don't worry. I'll be waiting right here okay? Now you go and do your job.” She gives a funny-distrusting look. Like the one my mom gives me when I say she can go ahead and let me house sit when she's gone off one some important business trip. I'm thirteen. And Eloise can watch me (Eloise is my nanny that I've had since I was a baby. I don't think my mother trusted me then either. smile lol