• lunar's first plight
    listen well and i shall tell you the story of how i came to be. i can't remember what i looked like, but i can rember one thing- i was 14 yeasrs old. i was walking home one day, because i missed the bus.i got home and kicked off my shoes. i looked around and didn't see mom ar dad. i looked out he window at the woods nearby. "oddly enough" i said to myself-" we built our house next to a woods- and when you look away from it its a bustling city- but there is a huge patch of land that no-one wants." i was sitting an the couch thinking about why my parents aren't home- they are always home before 5:30. well i was kind of happy they werent here, because if they knew i mssed the bus, they would freak out. *beedle beedle beedle beep!* the phone rang. i got up, walked over to the phone. the caller I.D. said somthing about a hospital. i picked it up in the middle of a * beedle be-* "hello?" "hello. i'm from the nearby hospital" the man said. " i don't know how to tell you, but umm..." there was a long pause before he spoke again. " your name?" i told him my name- i cannot remember it as I- you'll see later. " well- i don't know how to say it but- your parents are dead." i instantly screamed into the phone-" what!?! how!?!" "well..." he began: "they were killed in an car accident. one had a piace of the car shoved into her heart- the other's seat belt was torn by a chunk of metal- he was flung out of the car- both died instantly. i am truly sor-" i hung up right then and there. i ran outside. then, i just ran. i ran into the woods and didn't stop until i tripped on a root i face planted into the dirt, bleeding, lonely, confused and lost.
    blood streamed down my face: but though it all i noticed something- there was somthing buared where i scraped up the dirt. there was a gentle glow near the spot. i dug with my hands, fast overwhelming curiosty filled me, my pain was distant, hardly existant. i uncovered a red and yellow glowing stone. the red suddenly flooded out of it. i jumped up hitting my head on a branch.

    "Unhh..." i said as i awoke. i felt strangely different. i felt alright, but everything seemed taller. i walked to a nearby pond, as i was thirsty. as i walked up to the water, it was strangly close to me. i thought it was just my mind playing trciks on me due to the bump. i walked up to the water looked down and-
    AaAaHhH!! is what i tried to scream, but it came out- "rakk-srakk!!" as I caught my breth, i toldmyself thst it wasn't true. i slammed my head against a tree. "rakk!!" i scremed in pain. ow...ow..ow.. i thoght to my self for some time. ok, not a dream. so i'm a hawk now... i dont look normal though. my wings have green coluring on the underside of my wings yellow on the top, of them, my back feathers were yellow,my chest yellow, my tail feathers bright green, my eyes bright red. i decided to try to fly. i took off in flight, confused and dased,but with this form i seemed to have a hawks instingts too. man flying was fun at first, but i leanred the dangers soon enough. "scracck!!" whoh!! i thought as i looked over, i saw a huge bird. (later i found it was a golden egele.) well, it had just attempted to gore me, apperntly, i also was a *bit* stroger than a avrage hawk, because i dived and raked its back with my talons, and sent it hearling twards the ground. i smerked inwardly, as i can't change my face.my strange blood red eyes could foucus down to the ground. i noticed a glowing back where i started. i swooped over there relativily quick. the trees were on fire, there was a moter cycly tipped over on a person, bleeding horribly.
    i flew down and he yelled at me. it's amsing the things youll say when your are in pain.- "you buzzard! get away im not" he flinced in pain-" dead yet!" i walked up and saw his wounds, and put my wing on them. the green on my wings glowed. i flinched, i was confused, but i contiued, the guy freaked out and grabbed at me. i kept steady on, and in about 15 seconds hid wound was healed, and peaceces on meatal removed without my interference. i did the same to the other wounds (he calmed down after what i did to the first one.) but he coldent get the morcycle off. i walked up and pushed on it. we got if off eventually. he looked at me expecting, most likely, for me to say something. i shighed inwardly, and noticed an peice of paper uneathed by the motercycle. it was mamed so i could only read a bit. "in coctact with the stone it wi-l ch-ange --- form to mat-ch ess----. when you are affected by it you can use form of telekinsis but only with pepole with minds open to the abnormal. due to this we ha----" i can't read any more.... it is charred. time to try this telekinsis thing. <hello?&gt; he jumped back in amasement. "was that you?" he stammered, pointing at, me.< yes.> i said nodding my head. "i must be insane!" <well if you are so am i, because lest i knew, insane peapole can't tell they are insane.> " well , thats all well and good, but what is going on??" <you first.> he sighed. "well it all started when i decided to steal a motercycle. i stole it, drove home, and told mom that i bought it. i strolled in, but the licence plate was wrong. mom told me to retun it i would have, but.... some peapole with guns shat at me hitting my mom. my dad had alrady died of cancer. i jumped on the motercycle, and drove with an extereme will to live. thinking i can greve later. i rode right into the woods and crashed. they tought i would surely die. would have if you havent came along. now yours." i told him evrything.- <and that stone is how it all began,> i finished, pointing with my wing to the yellow stone. what this he said, bending to pick it up. "looks harmless" <no! don't!!> too late. "why? you said that-"the yellow slowly left the stone. "uh...." < i don't know what will happen now.> his skin began changing to a pale gray. it became harder, his face streched foreward his legs jointed diffrently,his arms now ended in claws. he still had all of the other human features though. it was enuogh to make someone regergetate. i was happy that i was K.O.ed now. i had had enough. i looked away until i thought it would be over. i looked back seeing him as a 4 foot raptor, wit gray fur. <arrg!!> he screamed in my head, totaly out of fear. <i do apolgize.> i began, but he cut me off. <you saved my life, and your apologizeing? really,lighten up, it's my own fult any way. you tried to warn me but i didn't hear in time. no problem. now, learn this- i'm fine. i'm alive. now, lets chase somthing.> instincts! of course! <wait!>i called. <not only do you have that form, but raptors instincts. be careful what you do, as it might become your death one day.> he reponded: <true. i should be careful. bu->
    it got him. a deer was nearby, and he ran and grabbed it. he ripped the poor creatures meat apart before he cme to his senses. reaction: <ahhhh!!!> he screamed in terror. he staggered back. <calm down.> i wisperd in his head < one creature, thats all. plus we must eat anyway.> <yea.. i guess...> he said. we both ate. this isn't the worst situarion right? at least were not cockroaches......
    somewhere along the way we met shara, and gave her a strange staff we found, with a strange effect...
    prevew of the next one!

    it started 3 years ago. (flashback time!)I was 10 years old and I sneaked out one night.why? that is unimportant. well after i wandered for a bit i was kidnapped. my kidnappers were geneticists, and did unthinkable things to me. they mutated me and changed me to what i am now. oh, yeah, what i look like. take a tall 13 year old. cover him in down feathers except his head, wing feathers for hair. furthermore, i have wings made of vines and thorns. he can't fly though. yeah, i bet your wondering "he"?!? say hi to the people deric. <hello> you see deric was mutated too. unlike me, his memory was not tainted, so he can remember his name. he was mutated so much they could not mutate him any more so... <they hooked me on his back linking me to his mind and...> turning my blood to poison. so,i live off of carbon dioxide and other toxic air. one drop of my blood will kill a person in a day.