• I woke,strapped down,face up in a blinding light,and wires and tubes hooked up to my skin.
    Althought I couldn't turn my head I knew where I was.A place I call home,or my personal
    Hell.I was born here,but it wasn't where I wanted to be,"The lab" that wasn't
    its real name,but it's all I knew it by.I treid to shake away from the light,but
    all that left was my strength.So I laid there,the blinding light blocking my veiw,waiting
    for whatever experiment to commence.

    The light stayed strong the entire hour of waiting,not flickering its gaze once.
    After awhile longer;the enemy was no longer the ones who locked me up.
    The enemy was the light,and i'm sure at the time if I could get out;it would be the first to go.
    That is until they began experminting.

    While I stare up at the light the "test" began.It was sudden,so sudden I tried to
    force myself away.Only causing the needles to dig deeper into my skin.I slowly turned my head
    to see what had caused my sudden shock.The tubes were now filled with a strange blue
    liquid,and from what I felt it was running straight into my veins.About a minute into
    being filled with the strange liquid;it stoped.A very sudden stop followed by the needles
    and wires detaching and falling off my skin.There was a moment of silence and I took
    advangtage of the calm before storm atmosphere.I braced my self:tensing my muscles,
    gritting my teeth and getting ready for any other possibility.I was still for another
    moment,listening to my own insides.The liquid slowly ran through my veins,a lot slower
    than my blood.It headed towards my heart.I felt the veins on
    my arms bulge as the liquid ran through my veins.It made its way to my heart. I braced and prepared for anything;had no idea what was about to happen.

    It passed through my heart and quickly began shooting throughout my body.
    The veins on my right arm bulging and turning blue.The sudden swell ended
    at my right shoulder,but went down my whole right arm.It didn't hurt until my arm grew
    bigger.The clamps would not expand as my arm did and it forced an excruciating
    pain through my body.The pain grew,as did my arm,and soon the clamp popped loudly.
    I found my arm two times the size of what it normaly was,not to mention
    my veins,now as hard as steel,bulging out of my arm.
    My arm was free from the pain,but I found as I tried to lift my arm.The blood
    wayed it down heavily.I lifted it about an inch,but it fell with a "clang" against the metal.
    The alarms began going off,and I felt it was my chance to escape.Once again I tried
    to lift my arm.My blood began to run even faster.
    Suddenly it grew light and I lifted it with ease.Men in lab coats entered
    with needles.The sudden rush of blood sent me nuts,and I swung my free arm around
    crazily.All I could think about was getting rid of the men trying to sedate me,
    and although I didn't fail;my arm hit a needle made it's way around my mutated veins
    straight to the ones that remained unchanged.I broke my bonds ,but found myself
    on the ground;sleeping.I didn't feel it coming on or even expected it.

    I woke up not to long after all that had happened.The blood had stopped rushing,
    and my arm was back to normal.Though not exactly normal.For now
    Blue veins bulged out my skin.They weren't huge,but they were definatly noticeable.
    Once again I felt the sharp pain of a needle percieing my skin,and without
    struggle I was out cold.In my sleep I found myself forcing trying to forget him.
    To forget Sam,"I have to leave him,and erase all memories and thoughts of him."