• The Real Dish on Magic

    They say magic doesn’t exist. But, if you think about it, how couldn’t it? It could be all around us! Ghosts could really be stalking us in the shadows. Zombies could be creeping around every graveyard. Werewolves could be following the moon right now, as this is being read. The eerie feeling you get in the dark, all alone? The feeling you get that you’re being watched? Well, that simply is because you are being watched! Yes, yes you are being watched! Haha, isn’t that an amazing concept? Some other type of, shall we say, life form could be watching you, at this very moment!
    Don’t worry, the being does not judge. No, it does not at all. It is there to protect you. Yes, that’s right; you’re probably thinking this is all craziness, correct? Wrong. No, these beings are what some people call guardian angels. They come and protect you from the dangers of magic when you are most susceptible to it; at night. Yes, at night, you are the most vulnerable to dark magic. And, if you do not know the ways of light magic, a being called a Scout is sent to you. They look different to everyone. Some are visible, and some are not. Some take the shape of an elderly man, and some take the shape of a cat. You will know, however, but the color of their fur or the color of their clothes. The lighter, the more control over light magic they possess. The darker, however, shows how much of the dark magic they control.
    Your Scout will aid you until you learn magic well enough to defend yourself. You yourself may not think you are ready, but do not doubt your Scout. They will only set you out into the magic world when they think the time is right. Now, you’re probably full of questions, right? Ah, I assumed as much. But, I can only answer a few for now.
    For one, not every person on the planet holds magic powers. In fact, only two thousand per year are born with the magic powers. They can be learned, but not nearly as easily as if you were born with magic running in your blood. Usually the powers make you sick. It stirs in your blood, not doing anything, just neutral magic sitting in your blood. It starts to attack you, wanting you to use it. It doesn’t realize the harm it is causing and starts spreading rare diseases, such as River’s Disease. Don’t worry; you’ll learn more about that later.
    Soon, you will dive into the story of young Kaitlynn Knowles. You will learn all about her, her disease, and her future. You’ll learn a little bit about her past, but all of that doesn’t matter anymore. She’s about to discover many new things that’ll seem strange and foreign to her. Unfortunately for her, she’s going to have to embrace those strange and foreign things and learn many, many unfortunate events and battles. Here, dive into her story. It is one you will never forget.