• Chapter Two
    “Hey, you, get back here!” a voice yelled after Tylen as he ran with a sack of goodies in hand. Little kids watched the boy run down the brick road while the store keep was following close behind him. “Come back here, you!” The keep yelled again, growing more and more irritated. Tylen snickered as he took a sharp turn into a dark alley way, leaving the shop keep in the dust. Tylen pushed himself up against the brick wall as much as he could so he wasn’t seen. The shop keep ran right past the alley way, not even looking down it.
    As soon as the shop keep was a safe distance away, Tylen relaxed. He looked inside his sack to see quite a few items. Inside his cloth sack he had a few gold coins, a small vase, and a silky purple cloth. Tylen sighed as he closed the sack. He looked into the sky to see dark clouds loom over him. “Great, rain,” he mumbled as he lifted his hood over his head. He turned around to walk out of the alley when he was face to face with a figure in black.
    “Who are you?” Tylen asked, clutching his sack tight. “I don’t want your things.” The figure said in a deep voice. Tylen didn’t recognize the voice and became worried. “Who are you?” Tylen repeated. “You really don’t know?” The figure said, putting its hands on their hips. Tylen watched the figure come closer. “I think you know me very well.” The figure said, touching the brick wall. As soon as the figure touched it, it went to black.
    Tylen didn’t say a word; he just walked slowly away from the figure. His hood had fallen down to show his spiked brown hair that looked as if it defied gravity. He had sharp facial details, including a rigid jaw and a thin nose. He was so skinny he looked almost sickly. The figure let out a small chuckle. “W-what’s so funny?” Tylen stuttered. “You’re frightened!” The figure said in delight. The figure danced around the alley rapidly, causing Tylen to become confused.

    Before Tylen could say another word, the figure came up behind him and covered his mouth. “You cannot scream now, Tylen.” The figure laughed. Tylen watched the bricks continue to descend into darkness and realized his fate. He struggled against the figure’s dark hand. Eventually, he broke free. Tylen fell to the ground in a coughing fit. His vision was now growing dark. The figure cackled as it watched Tylen struggle on the ground. “This won’t be the last time you see me.” The figure said before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

    Hours passed before Tylen woke up again. He looked around to see he was still in the alley way, except for the bricks had returned to their normal color and dozens of people surrounded him. “Do you think he’s alive?” someone asked their friend. “Of course he’s alive, look, his eyes opened!” the other called. Tylen sat up quickly to see everyone watching him, now silently. He shook his head as he struggled to get onto his feet, only to fall to his knees again.

    “Out of my way!” a man’s voice called. Tylen murmured several curses to himself. He knew that was his father. Everyone separated to allow the man through. Tylen looked up to see a rugged man looking down at him. The man looked angry beyond belief. He had a scar that went across his forehead and down his right cheek. He took Tylen by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to his feet. “Time to go home.” The man said in a harsh tone. Tylen’s stomach dropped and he admitted defeat. He followed the man out of the alley way and back to a small cottage in town.

    Tylen knew he was in for it now. He had disobeyed his parents and he knew the consequences. He knew that pleading would do nothing, and therefore he stayed quiet. Tylen and his father walked up the dirt road in silence. Tylen could see their run down cottage in the distance. The roof shingles were flailing about in the wind while the window shutters were shaking in despair. The only thing about the house that looked even remotely sturdy was the door. As soon as they neared the house, Tylen’s father started talking.

    “I told you not to be out at night. A man said you took a sack from his store.” The man said without looking at Tylen. Tylen looked at his father. “It wasn’t his anyways! It was mine in the first place!” “That doesn’t mean you need to steal it back.” The man growled. Tylen put his gaze back onto the dirt road. “Look, I’m not trying to yell at you. You just need to be careful.” The man looked around him before whispering his next sentence. “You know her lackeys are around. They’ll kill you in an instant.” The man warned. Tylen nodded. “We need to stop them, dad.” Tylen admitted. The man nodded. “I know we do, but we can’t do it without Aven--” “Or Kaitlynn,” Tylen added quickly. The man nodded again. “Kal is informing her about us now. I just hope she believes him.” The man said. Tylen laughed. “What’s so funny?” “She’ll believe him. Whether she wants to believe it or not, she knows we need her.” “Tylen, you didn’t…right?” The man asked sternly, looking at his son. Tylen didn’t respond. “I told you to stop invading people’s dreams!” The man burst. “Dad, we need her!” Tylen roared. The man calmed and nodded as he walked into the house. “You’re right.” He admitted. “We do need her.”

    Later that night, when everyone in the house was sleeping, Tylen woke with a fright. He looked out the window and threw a coat on and yet again left the house. This time, not into town, no this time he wandered into the garden on his property. He quickly walked over to an oak tree that had a reasonably sized hole in it. He reached in and pulled something that made a loud noise at first, but settled down and started to move part of the ground. There showed several steps down and underneath the earth. Tylen quickly leaped down the stairs, as not to get caught by Her Majesty’s royal army.

    Once down in the room beneath the great tree, he smiled at what he saw. Books upon books on shelves wrapped the entire room. Desks were scattered all along the floor. On one wall a map with markings all over it hung gallantly. Tylen made his way over to the master desk, the one with all the drawers. As soon as he got to it, he yanked open all of the drawers until he found what he was looking for; portfolios. Tylen flipped through and abundance of papers before he got to the ones he wanted.

    There he sat reading all about his long lost sister and brother. Apparently, after the three were born, their parents were killed in a deadly war with the Queen. The Queen took them with her, but managed to lose them in a busy town. That’s where Tylen’s father came in. He found Tylen in the blacksmith one night. Tylen had been screaming nonstop and was shivering on the cold floor. Later, another family found Kaitlynn and brought her to the mortal world. There were no documents on to where Aven went to. There were no documents of death, however, which gave Tylen some hope.

    As Tylen put the papers back, he froze as he stumbled upon something. Inside the desk was a letter from the Queen’s Army. It was labeled the day before. Tylen took out the paper and began to read it:

    “Dear Mr. Sholow,
    We are sorry to inform you that your son has broken many laws in the past few months. The Queen has decided it is time to take action. On the sixteenth of March, your son will be taken into our jail, located on the castle’s property. Should you not allow him to come with us or try to hide him, you will be punished as well. We will find your son, he cannot hide from us. Do not doubt us, Mr. Sholow. You cannot win this battle.
    We will see you soon,
    The Queen’s Army”

    Tylen folded the letter and shoved it back in the drawer. He put his head in his hands. “They’re after me.” He whispered to himself. He shook his head and screamed. He got up and kicked a chair that was gathered around the wall by the map. He fell to the floor and thought. “The sixteenth…that’s in only two days, I have to find Kaitlynn.” Tylen groaned. He got up and ran outside. He needed to get back into the house before his father woke up. Tylen jogged down the pathway and crawled into the window that led to his room. He went to run out of his room when he was met by his father.

    “We need to talk,” The man said sternly. Tylen nodded in agreement. “Tell me about it! When were you going to tell me I’m being arrested?!” Tylen yelled harshly. The man shook his head. “Let me explain…” The man tried to reason. “No! There is no way you’re getting out of this one! I’m being arrested and you have done nothing to save me!” Tylen screamed as he flailed his arms about to show dramatization. His father grabbed Tylen’s shoulders. “What do ya want me to do?! Do ya want me ta fight them off ya or somethin’? Do ya wan’ me ta just go erratic on ‘em? I can’t do that Tylen!” Tylen knew his father was mad. Whenever he was, his voice would slip into the more country side of the man.

    “Dad, why didn’t you just tell me?” Tylen was too angry and tried to be rational. His father didn’t say a word. “You don’t think I can find her!” Tylen screamed at his father as he pushed him. “What are ya talkin’ ‘bout?” Tylen’s father questioned, his anger growing with each word. “You don’t think I can find Kaitlynn! You think you’ll just be rid of me. Well you know what? I’ll just leave!” Tylen exclaimed as he slammed his door in his father’s face. Tylen ran to his closet and started to throw things into a dark duffle bag. He threw as much clothes as he could fit into the bag, but left enough room to put other things, such as his wand, his money sack, and a small book.

    Tylen’s father didn’t bother with the door. Instead, he barreled through it, knocking it off the hinges. “Look here, young man, if you don’t stop this instant…” “What’re you gonna do?” Tylen yelled, interrupting his father’s scold. Tylen’s father took ahold of Tylen’s neck. His grip slowly grew tighter. “Stop…Old man! You’re…Beyond insane!” Tylen gasped as he tried to pry his father’s hands off. After about fifteen seconds of struggle, Tylen broke free and kicked his father in the shin. The man winced in pain and grabbed Tylen by the foot before he could reach his bag again.

    The man pulled and tugged on his foot, causing Tylen to slide across the floor. Tylen shook his foot, trying to pry loose. He also tried to kick his father with his free foot, but to no avail. The man dragged Tylen out of the room and into the living room and kitchen area. He grabbed rope that was sitting on the counter and started to tie Tylen’s feet together. Tylen started to scream, hoping his father would try to hush him. No luck. The man continued to tie Tylen’s feet as if it were totally normal. As soon as the man was done tying his son’s feet, he went for his hands. Tylen showed his wrists to his father, admitting defeat. That was, until he head-butted his father when he came close. The man tumbled down onto the wood floor in a cold sleep.

    Tylen just sat there for a few minutes, his head throbbing in pain. “I just knocked out my own dad.” Tylen whispered to himself. He then remembered the strangulation that occurred in the previous room and all guilt fled from his body. He sat up and untied his feet. He quickly made his way to his room, not sure how long he’d have before his father woke up, and grabbed his back. He high-tailed it out of the house and started to walk down the path to the road.

    Tylen rubbed his head as he kicked rocks down the narrow dirt road. He looked around him to see a shabby shed a couple of yards away. “‘Wonder what’s in there.” Tylen said as he ventured over to the rusty slab. As he neared, he realized the shack was much smaller than he originally had thought. He heard a dull humming noise coming from inside. He opened the creaky door just slightly to see a light inside the room. Before he could open the door more, he heard something rustling behind him.

    Tylen looked all around him, but saw no one. Afraid that the Queen’s Army could be after him earlier than they had said, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for the crude army, he quickly hid in the shed. Once inside, he realized he had not picked the safest shelter. He looked around to see sharp weapons everywhere, anything from daggers to swords. He examined each blade and observed that one of them had a fresh blood stain on it. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his short hair. “You’re working yourself up, it’s nothing.” He tried to assure himself.

    The rattle from the door didn’t help Tylen at all. Someone—or worse, something, was rapping at the door. Tylen’s idea of an animal was confirmed when a low, angry growl was heard. He had assumed it was a stray dog until the being threw itself at the shed, causing a gigantic dent to form. Tylen was shaking furiously now as he was looking all around the shed for a way to hide. He fell to the ground and started to feel the bottom of the shed. To his luck, he found a door just big enough for him to get through. He swung it opened and jumped down the hole just before the being had crushed the front part of the shed.
    “That thing is going to get in,” Tylen whispered to himself as he ran down a pitch black corridor. He had no idea where he was going, but it had to lead somewhere. He kept running, not knowing if there were any turns in front of him, any traps, or even people. He kept running, afraid the beast behind him would soon be on his tail. No matter how much his chest burned or how much his muscles ached, he would not stop. His heart was screaming and his lungs were crying by the time Tylen decided it was time for a break.
    He looked down from where he came and noticed the light had gone out. The door must’ve been closed. Tylen also now noticed the humming had gotten louder as he was running. It sounded like that whatever was humming was right next to him. Tylen started to feel around the ground and felt something wet and cold. He felt in all directions to see how big the object was. It was small, but it was something alive. Once he heard a small hiss, he took his hand back. “My apologies,” he whispered to the reptile. Tylen got back up to his feet and continued to walk around the corridor, following the humming noise.
    The humming noise soon turned into a slow, melodic beat. Tylen’s heart raced as he quickened his pace. The beat soon turned into music and then, soon, the music had words dancing in time with the beat. Tylen was almost in a sprint as he ran into a wall. He fell onto his back from the force of the collision. Tylen jumped up again, out of breath and confused. He felt the wall in front of him in search for a door. What he heard next made him stop looking and fear for his life.

    “The boy will be taken tomorrow night, your Majesty.” A muffled voice pleaded. “That’s not good enough! He should have been there tonight! What if he has already found his sister and brother?” another voiced scorned. Tylen heard a few scatters across the floor. “You’re Majesty, please excuse these foolish men. We last saw the boy was at the shed…” The voice was cut off with a cruel scream. “The shed, are you mad?! Why didn’t you follow the twit?” The woman scorned yet again. Tylen had concluded that the woman voice was the Queen. “We had our biggest beast try to knock down the shack…” He was cut off yet again. “Why didn’t you just open the blasted door? Is your job too hard for you? You, you…Uhg,” The woman muffled. There was a long pause, and steps came closer to the wall. Tylen spun around to leave, only to be met face to face with a man. “Turn around.” The man ordered. Tylen spun around again to see a small girl looking at him. “Quick, this way,” The girl whispered as she took Tylen’s hand.