• My...my body....I can't feel my arms....or my legs...or anything else
    "You're in good hands now, big guy."
    Who's hands? Who's hands am I in? All the voices buzzing all around me...where am I? Who am I?
    "His heart rate's dropping! Get him to ER, Stat!"
    ER? Am I hurt? I can't feel anything...I'm numb....
    "We're losing him!"
    Too late. I'm already lost...can't anyone answer my questions?
    "Does this guy have a name?"
    "None that I could find. No one could identify him."
    Identify me? Give me a break. I'm not dead...yet. I'm starting to regain feeling in my arms. I wish I wasn't. They hurt terribley.
    "No, he's coming to! We need anesthesia! Now!"
    Nooooooo....no more sleep....I'm sick of dreaming.
    "Grrraaagh!" that's the only sound I was able to make. The pain...it was unbearable.
    "Does anyone know who this guy belongs to?"
    "Not yet, doctor. We're still looking into it."
    Pleeeeeasee...I change my mind...I want to go back to sleep.
    "We may have to end it here, doctor. That car hit him pretty hard."
    Car...I remember now...the headlights...I was going after my ball...
    "There's no chance for him. We have to put him to sleep."
    Sleep. Thank goodness...I'm tired of this-OUCH!
    The needle stuck me out of nowhere, gliding underneath my fur and skin. My tail stops wagging, and I drift off into a comfortable white light. The pain's ceasing. I can Finally rest.
    "I hate putting such good dogs to death. Damn reckless drivers."