• Let me tell you a story in the form of a dream, a peaceful sleep that doesn’t end. A small family loving one another, sharing times of merriment and joy. A young child’s smile shining in the moonlight of the day as his life slowly turns around the spindle of fate. Suddenly, a crash and a cry of death. “Mommy? What are you doing?” The boy asked as his mother stopped completely, even her breathing stalled. The boy ran up to his mother, seeing the blood that was splattered across the front of her clothing. “Mommy? Why are you bleeding?” He asked as he began to shake her, trying to get the attention of her dilated pupils.

    “Run….” A whispered echoed throughout the house, throughout the boy’s mind. A shadow of a movement crossed the room, a monster’s fall. The boy fell to his knees, sitting scared in the blood of his mother’s last few moments of life. He sat, stock-still as a small dark spot appeared in the middle of his pants as he wet himself. The man, The Shadow, The Demon, standing before him, blood dripping from the tips of his katana, a devilish grin on his face. “Dissect!” He yelled out as he spun around on his heels, slashing across as his laughter filled the room.

    “I thought I told you to run kid.” The voice came again, sounding louder in the boy’s ears. There was a flash of light, blinding the boy for a quick second. As the spots faded from his eyes, he saw a tall man standing before him, his hair white as the blinding light that assaulted his eyes a moment. “You okay kid?” He asked as he took the still burning cigarette out of his mouth, the other man from earlier on top of his mother’s dead body. “What is wrong, cat got your tongue?” He asked as he turned around to fully face the boy, his striking green eyes piercing deep within the boy.

    “What are you...?” The boy asked as he stared in awe at the man, the bright glow fading from around him. “Me?” The tall man asked as the boy nodded quickly, standing up in the blood. “I am the one that wants to protect you.” He said as a small appeared on his rough, unshaven face. “Protect me? Why would you want to do that?” The boy asked as he moved closer to the man, feeling a strong sense of warmth radiating from him. “Because, you’re special, you are meat from great things Jinn.” The man said as he put his hand on top of the boys head. “How did you know my name?” He said as he laughed at the man. “Because, haven’t you figure it out yet?” He said as the glowing aura began to surround him again, the boy shaking his head. “Aw well you figure it out later, I am sure of that.” He said as his body began to fade, becoming a white light again.

    Jinn moved close to the light, cradling it in his hands, smiling at its warmth. Home, the boy thought to himself as he as he pressed the glowing orb closer to his chest. Jinn opened his eyes as his mind was rocketed away from his body, passing through the memories of the older man’s. A large grin passed over his face as the moment passed, his muscles tighter than they have ever been, his mind clear as his once brown eyes drained into a dark steel gray. “Oh, I think I am going to love this.” Jinn said as he closed his eyes slowly, a white aura spreading out from his back. Jinn hissed as a large pair of pure white wings spread out of his back, gasps in moan falling out of his mouth. “Damn! I hate that the most…..” He complained as he flexed the wings, getting the stiffness out of them. “Jinn quickly flipped his hair out of his eyes, its dark tint slowly fading to white. “I am sorry young one, but I need to get back to the fray.” He mouth as he took a box of cigarettes out of his pocket, light up one of the cancerous stick a moment later. Jinn smiled as he walked out of the home, the skies darkening above him as thunder threatened the horizon. “Such a lovely day in the neighborhood.” He said as the light spread back over his body, changing his appearance into that out a young adult.

    “Yo Jinn, your late, we have been waiting here forever.” A dark haired male said as he leaned up against the wall of a towering skyscraper. “I know Broken, I know. It took me a minute to change the memories of this child. You wouldn’t believe the will in this kid.” He said as he walked up to his Broken, pumping his forearm against his brother’s. ”Don’t worry about it. Let’s just hurry up before L kills them all, I am feeling rather hungry tonight.” The pale male said as he flashed his pearl white fangs. Jinn smiled at this, flapping his wings in the air. “Alright then, let’s go slowpoke!” He yelled as he began to soar high in the air, fly towards the center of the dark city.