• Chapter 4:
    The Blue Collar
    I walked inside following Wayne, Torrey and Jake, Matt went into his room. I wanted to thank him for helping me back up but he isn't there. “The Jacket is gone, he left and he isn't traceable.” I look at Wayne, “But, How is that possible? It's just a jacket.”
    “There is an enchantment within the fabric,” He explained. I look down at the floor, “Don't worry he will be back. So what did you see that frightened you while you were looking at Matt?” He asked.
    “I saw death, destruction, mayhem, and chaos. The only thing that makes no sense is how Matt is so nice and patient, with no regrets about what he does. Until that power is released.”
    “I really don't know the answer to that. Matt won't kill in his normal state, but when he gets slightly angry. The curse is release into the body, like a drug that won't stop until the body is too tired to carry on. But as you seen Matt isn't the easiest person to piss off.” He explained. “Yeah I noticed,” I paused for a second.
    “So when will he be back?” Wayne shrugs, and I crouched a bit.
    “That's the question isn't it?”
    “I really don't know what to do now. I just stayed because of Matt, what do I do now stay or go?” I asked and followed Wayne. He turned on the water to the sink and started doing dishes, “Well that's really up to you honestly. Do you feel wanted or are you unsure because Matt is gone for a little while?” I stood there and thought. Mom only made me train, Dad worked on his skills, Bree she helped me with the curse mark but all three did love me. I grabbed a towel and dried the dishes, so I feel a little helpful. I was thinking really deeply and looked at Torrey and Jake fight a bit, but they were laughing. I sighed a bit and stared off a bit deep in thought, “Where do the dishes go?” I asked. He pointed to a cupboard and I put the dishes, I looked at the clock 5:08. I walked to the door, “I'll be back.” Wayne nodded, and I smiled a little and walked out of the gate and looked around while walking just thinking about Matt. My heart ached and I just wanted to scream that I love Matt, but I couldn't I remembered something I had to do and summoned Moonlight, I got on him and whispered something into his ear and he started running. We reached to a cemetery and I got off Moonlight's back and walked to a grave, and sat down. I stared at the grave stone and closed my eyes, and meditated.
    I mediated for an hour, and decided to go back to the house. I got on Moonlight and lightly kicked his side and he ran fast to Matt's house, a tear ran down my face as he was running and he stop and I entered the house and dodged Jake's and Torrey's fight and entered Matt's room and sat on his bed. I felt his energy that he's coming, I walked out of his room and Matt opened the door and went straight into his room; I want to talk to him about earlier. “Don't. He will open up when he feel it is time.” Wayne told me, I wanted to see him badly, “I'm going to see him. But not cause of that reason.” I said and I walked into his room. He turned around, I looked at him worried, he softly grabbed my hand and right then and there I know something is wrong. I can feel it, I get closer to him and softly whispered, “What's wrong?” he didn't answer and he is just staring into my eyes, he opened his mouth,
    “Nothing, I'm fine.” I know that's just bullshit and he's lying. I look into his eyes, sad sorrow and disappointed, “Hey, it's alright, it won't happen again.” I told him I held his hand and sat on the bed. I lightly pull him to the bed, and relaxed as I lay on him. I wanted him to feel that he's not alone and only loved, but it didn't work. I feel that he's still alone; he wraps his arms around me and whispers, “I will be fine.” I looked at him as he stares at the ceiling. I wonder what was he thinking, I moved up and lay on his side, “What's on your mind?” I asked as he looked into my eyes, his blue eyes that are beautiful and wonderful, he kissed me and soon after we started making out. He moved and kisses my neck, and he has his hands on my back, my hands curls up and we kiss. My hands move to his chest and pull him and he's on top and I wrap my legs around waist. He stops and I look at him, “Ok and what is that for?” he asked. I smiled, and grab his shirt and kiss him again. He wraps my arms around me and I felt his hands on my bare skin and knew my shirt was lifted while we were moving. We stop kissing and we're staring at each others eyes. I quickly glanced at the clock and sat up. “We have been at this for about five hours!”
    “Nice to know, so then what do you want to do.” Matt asked sarcastic. I shoved him and get on him grabbing he blanket and covers us up. “s**t, s**t, s**t!! I should have been asleep hours ago.” I thought and I closed my eyes, listening to his heart beat feeling his hands rubbing my back. I fell asleep 25 minutes later, and through the night his face is in my head. I smiled in my sleep. I woke up at 7:34, and took one of Matt's tops, put it on, and walked out of the room and Torrey saw me. “So, did you and Matt did it?”
    “What were you two doing?”
    “We were doing none-a...None of your business!!” I yelled at him.
    “Oh so you were doing it!”
    “WHAT!?” that time I wanted to punch Torrey so hard through the wall.
    “Hey Beautiful and Fatty where's Jake?” Matt asked and I shrugged.
    “He had to go home this morning you know how his mom is.” Torrey said, Matt gave him a thumb up. I saw Wayne walking and asked Matt, “You ready?”
    “I just woke up,” I looked at Matt and tilted my head.
    “Ok what's first?”
    “Wait you're going to train?! I have to see this.” Torrey says clapping his hands. I crossed my arms and looked at Matt. “Ok, do what we did earlier this morning.” Wayne said to Matt, and he closed his eyes. Nothing happens. “Ok stop. What's different between from now and this morning?” Wayne asked.
    “Actually there is a lot that is different.” Matt was being serious. I looked at Wayne and he signals his head and I followed him into the house.
    “Remember when you saw Matt's eyes and he controlled it?”
    “Yeah,” I nodded.
    “Well, Right now he needs to increases his power and you are the only one who can control it,” he explained. I nodded to him to explain. “When he tries to control it, go behind him and give him a little pet talk so he can control his inner power.”
    “Ok. I’ll do that.” I nodded and clapped my hands and we walk back outside. I stood there watching Matt, and smiled.
    “Ok Matt, try again,” Wayne told Matt. He closes his eyes and he was struggling I can tell. “Ok Michelle, you give it a try.” I nodded and walk behind him and knelled down wrapping my arms around his neck from behind softly whispering in his ear, “Just focus. Forget about everything and focus” I felt a strong power on my skin and saw a rock lift from the ground. “Michelle you might want to move!” I heard Wayne yell. “Yes Matt, I’m on you, now focus your control, I’m not leaving.” I saw Wayne try to get me off of him, “I’m fine I can’t get hurt in here!” I yelled at him. I feel Matt’s power through my body and he can feel mine, like our powers can combined I move in front of him, holding him down while looking at his wolf like eyes. We were staring into each others eyes and I wasn’t afraid at all, only makes him interested trying to get up. My power can’t hold him down and I fall back and saw Wayne and Torrey being held by Matt’s hands. I know one thing to do, “Bad boy put them down!!” I yelled at him. He looked at me and with no fear I took a deep breath, “Come on wolf, and put them down,” I said calmly and he put them down. “Good boy.” I rub his head and he sat down on the little patch of grass.
    “How did you do that?” Torrey asked. I looked at him and smiled.
    “He is a dog in a sense and he didn’t have a master or anyone willing to take command senses a wolf without a leader.” I explained. I smiled and got an idea. “I’m going to leave for a little bit and I will take him with me.” Wayne nodded as usual, and I walk over to him and grab his hand and we left the house. I heard a few people yell at him and threat to shoot him. My anger grew and I knew this isn’t good I heard a gun shot his arm started bleeding I jumped up and punched the a*****e in the face breaking his nose, “DON’T YOU EVER KILL MY BOYFRIEND!!!!” I yelled at him and took Matt’s hand and we went to a small convenient store. “Stay right here on the side of the building I’ll be right back.” I ran inside and looked at the pet’s section and saw a blue collar. I grabbed it and went to the clerk.
    “Is that all for today?” He asked me.
    “Yeah,” I reached and grabbed my wallet and took out a few bills.
    “$3.52” He said and I gave him $4 and he gave me changed and I put the change in my wallet and grabbed the collar putting it in the bag. I walk out and saw twenty children throwing stuff I ran to Matt with my hands glowing red. “HEY BRATS!! YOU BETTER STOP OR I’LL KILL YOUR PARENTS AND THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY IF YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!” I yelled at them and they run away. My hands stop glowing and I sat next him looking at him wondering about him. A shard of glass cut my face, Matt grails at the lady that hit him with a glass bottle, “What are you going do bite me?” that woman yelled at him. I stood up and saw the blood lust in his eyes, “Stop!! Put her down!!” I yelled at him, he released her and she crawls away in fear. I signaled him to walk with me. He followed me and we went back to his house. “Wow what happened to him?” Wayne asked.
    “Pricks, on the way to a store and back, just cause of what he looks like.” I said looking at Wayne.
    “Yeah thought that’s would happen. Any casualties?” He asked
    “Just one, but not deaths just scared shitless.” I said and pulled out the dog collar out of the bag from the store.
    “Who’s that for?” He asked.
    “Matt. Now where he go?” I looked around.
    “I have no idea where he is, you should know he used to have one.” He tells me.
    “What happened to it?” I asked.
    “It got destroyed with Matt was fighting for his brother’s survival.” He told me.
    “When was this?”
    “Matt was about nine, and Torrey was seven ever hear of the power that only lasted a year?” He asked my eyes widen.
    “Yeah, I lost my grandfather to that war,”
    “Matt lost his self respect in that war,” he said.
    “How is that?”
    “You know that great power that they were talking about for three years that helped win the war?” I tried to remember and nodded,
    “Yeah I heard about that.”
    “That was Matt’s rage and anger he won’t remember the war cause I got it locked away a year after the war to control that power in one day he had killed millions of warrior on both sides just for his brother to live and I can still see that fighter every time Matt is getting beat in a fight, no will to fight or kill then that beast inside comes out and takes a toll on his body cause for that war,” Wayne explained, he slams his fist on the counter tears running down. I didn’t know it was him but, my grandfather died before Matt’s rage, he was killed by a warrior, I looked a Torrey walk in, “You ok Dad?” he asked.
    “Yeah,” He said softly.
    “Telling you about that war?” Torrey asked me as I looked at him.
    “Yeah, why did they let you fight?”
    “They didn’t let us, they made us cause how strong me and Matt are, you see what I can do Matt’s abilities surpass mine by a thousand times over just there locked away of how strong his anger is. You are the first person that he has looked at that showed you’re not afraid of him and now you’re the one he’ll die for in the end.” He explained.
    “So if he will die for me then why didn’t Matt kill you back then?” I asked being curious.
    “Because family was more important to him now then Matt turns into that beast he loses himself and then you have to wait for the body to get tired.” Wayne explained.
    “So what happened for him to have to save you?” I asked Torrey.
    “I was exhausted and covering Matt. Back then our team work was unbeatable but when I couldn’t fight anymore and I was sure I was going to die Matt got stabbed in the left long and then looked at me he turned the beast was released the wolf eyes the teeth and claws his moments were seconds and even with a sword in his chest going through the blood lust was undeniable in the end many had died but our family had lost one of its own to the lust of war. We lost many after the war now our family is strong but with very little member still living,” Torrey told me. “If you ever wonder why Matt always wears a shirt then that’s why, the scar in his chest he asks about it one too many times I tell him he survived getting hit by a car.” He said.
    “So when was the last time he killed?” I asked.
    “Remember the necromancer?” Wayne asked. I nodded yes and looked at Wayne.
    “He isn’t living anymore.”
    “What happened to him?”
    “One of Matt’s inner abilities is to let you what he sees.”
    “You mean what puts fear into the body seeing mayhem and chaos?”
    “So he did look in your eyes in that form and you over came it you most have a strong will.” He says, I look away clenching my fist.
    “No. When I look in those blue eyes, I see suffering a loss of knowledge like pushing is all he has left and loneliness.” I told him. Wayne nodded and I walk into Matt’s room and sat down looking at him then lay down by him. “That form really does take a lot of you.” I said hoping he’s asleep. “Yes, but I have always had a quick recovery time.” He whispers to me. “You’re still awake?” I asked still whispering.
    “Yep and Guess what?” he asked.
    “What?” I looked at him; he moves me so I’m on top of him and he kisses me. I smile and kiss him back, we make out for a bit and I relax on him, “I will always have the energy for you.” He said and he fell asleep. I reached over and grabbed the collar and put it on him while he sleeps. I rest my head on his shoulder just smiling and eventually I fell asleep.