• Day 1, move out
    I walked to the shuttleport and tought Kane, savior of Human Kind. Then I got my rifle and walked into the shuttle, I sat on the seat and started to mess with my weapon. "Scope here, this thing here, whatever this is over here. Aha here we go, first ever machine gun/Sniper." But then it dropped as We went off to the human war base, in the sky. It was a place called Eagle Command Fortress. I picked up my new rifle and decide to name my creation. I called it a Scorpian Rifle, why i named it, I have no clue. I almost fell out of my seat as the pilot said "Passengers please Put on your Exo-Suits and hope you live. An Exo-Suit was an armor that could filter out any gas, withstand the most intense heat in the world and you get the point, it can do alot of things. I looked out the window to see our wing was blown off. Anything the we had the vampires had, that included fighter planes. I opened the escape hatch and walked out onto the shuttle roof. "Ooh Rah maggotsacks." I said as i fired my Scorpian Rifle at the Vamp fighters. Everyone inside was telling me to get ack inside, but it was too late. The Shuttle had crashed into the ground and i blacked out. I woke up to find a girl, A vamp. I breathed heavly as I slowly reached for my knife. She saw me and said, "Hey! Im not the enemy, I hate this war and i want to stop it." I stopped for a second and thought I hate this war as much as she does, maybe we can work something out. She ran to the woods and i followed as fast as i could. But i realized something, I was falling in love with a Vamp.